Doing what she likes…

My girl likes the chap fan (mixed rice) here but they do not have it on Saturdays and Sundays so we would not be able to go for it when she comes home on weekends. We were here once on a public holiday and they did not have it either and the lady was saying something about the school holidays coming up at the time so I had the understanding that they would not be having it when schools were having their breaks as well.

Anyway, the other day, we just decided to go and have a look and to our delight, yes, they had chap fan and everything was ready on the counter so we stopped by there for lunch.

I love this old school bell…

101 old school bell

…there and even though it isn’t even Christmas yet, the Chinese New Year decorations are up…

101 CNY decorations

…already. Sibu, being a predominantly Chinese town, the emphasis here is more on this Chinese festival and not so much on Christmas. You can see all the red lanterns and Chinese New Year decorations at all the shops in town and they have started playing the ear-splitting songs. Thankfully, they did not do that here while we were there.

Next year is the Year of the Rooster and I do hope this is not an indication of the somewhat bleak days ahead with our economy in such a bad shape…

Poor rooster

The poor bird is so thin, stripped bare and being strangled by the noose round its neck. With the ever dwindling value of our miserable ringgit, people being retrenched left, right and centre and those who cannot even find a decent job upon graduation, perhaps it would be a good idea to be more prudent and celebrate moderately…starting with doing away with all those fireworks and firecrackers that are so expensive they will burn holes in your pockets so big that you will not have any left.

The chap fan here is priced at RM6.80 for two meat and three vegetables plus a complimentary soup and free flow of orange cordial or Chinese tea. This was what my girl and the mum picked…

Ladies' choices

– fried chicken drumstick, steamed tofu with sliced pork, fried cangkuk manis and bayam and omelette (which for some reason here, falls into the vegetable category).

I picked the cangkuk manis and the omelette

My picks

…too but I also had the salted vegetables, the Japanese bean curd with minced pork and the steamed fish fillet with fermented beans.

The steamed minced pork…

101 steamed minced pork

…looked good but at one time, my missus cooked it ever so often and so much at a time that we had to eat that same thing for days so of course, I gave it a pass…and I did not quite care for the claypot soy sauce chicken…

101 soy sauce chicken

…either. I would surely have dived straight in had it been pork leg or pork belly.

Business looked quite good – there were quite a number of people starting to come as lunch hour drew near. They start at 11.30 a.m. and when we got there around that time, everything was ready .

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10 thoughts on “Doing what she likes…”

  1. That’s a lot in Mel & your missus chap fan. All looks good. For me, I would choose the steamed minced meat, cangkuk manis, salted vegetables & Japanese tofu. Oh no, the poor rooster, hahaha…..

    Yes, that would be two meat and three veg, a lot actually but they do not give other options, take it or leave it.

  2. Expecting bad economy next year. So I guess that poor rooster says it all. ^^

    Wow! You guys took a lot for chap fan. But if everything is good, I also having hard time deciding what to take. I usually take 2 meats + 1 veggie or just one each. Now my usual chap fan place charges RM3.50 for 1 meat + 1veggie starting this month instead of RM3.

    I prefer the Malay nasi campur stalls, not so keen on the Chinese ones except this one and maybe a couple of other places. The rest, just one look…and I would walk away, they do not look very appetising…but they are all cheaper than here, this place is a little “classier”.

    Now, they are going to tax religious bodies except their own for all donations and contributions. That ceratinly speaks volumes! The country is so very poor…or they are stooping so low as to rob the poor to give to the rich. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Squeeze the chicken and it will scream horribly LOL!

    Yes, I know. My friend from Singapore bought one at a souvenir shop here to take back for his dog to play with.

  4. Surprisingly although the economy is bad, ppl still like burning their money away with those fireworks… hear them all the time even though there’s no major celebration ongoing.

    Probably a good day and lots of people getting married. Happens here too, north, south, east, west, fire crackers one after another. I do not mind it in small doses – to preserve the tradition…but at appropriate time and days, and not when it goes on all day, driving everyone in the neighbourhood up the wall. They should, at least, be considerate of others. How can it possibly bring any good luck when everyone around you is cursing and swearing at you till kingdom come?

  5. That rooster looks like a squeaky toy my dog used to have, haha.

    Yes, my friend from Singapore bought one here for his dog, RM10.00. That would be around SGD3.00, must have seemed so cheap to him.

  6. Sometimes, when i eat mixed rice, too many choices to choose from, hard to choose what i want…

    Happens to me too sometimes and I would end up picking everything and paying a lot for my platter. Sometimes it is so hard to resist! Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. That seems like a very fair portion for rm6.80 – hopefully they’ll continue to thrive in 2017 and beyond. I just had a cheese sandwich and it cost rm8.90, hehe

    A post on that coming up – paying more or less for what we eat, it is up to us to choose and choose wisely. A cheese sandwich for RM8.90? Good grief!!! Could have bought bread and cheees and make yoru own to bring to work…but oh ya!!! You don’t cook! Never mind, you’re rich. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. “Ear splitting songs” hah..hah.. yes those “tong tong chiang” songs can be a bit annoying 😀 That rooster does not look good at all. Hope it is not a reflection of what next year is like.

    Yes, and they play it so very loudly that it gives me a headache and I would rush out of the place right away – they do not know how much business they lose doing that. Are they deaf or what? And I cannot imagine the workers working from 9 to 9, having to listen to all that din all day long.

    Yes, hopefully the rooster year ahead is not going to be this miserable.

  9. Best to eat chap farn as soon as the dishes comes out… Few days ago, I took rice as early as 10.30am.. everything was cooked and I was the first few customers to order… three types of dishes.. okra, leeks and steamed eggs plus rice and soup cost RM3.50… *cutting down meat if possible* hahahaa..

    Why must you cut down on meat? By all means, cut down if you have been eating too much all this while, everything in moderation. You need the protein, calcium, potassium and all. Read the latest health and nutrition journals on this – some people have very out-dated ideas, even some doctors, unfortunately. Remember, what is fresh and natural is best…so you will have to cut down on what is imported and frozen and everything canned, processed and preserved – bye bye sausages, ham and bacon. Hehehehehe!!!!!

    Yes, best to go when the dishes are freshly out from the kitchen – some places have hot boiling water below in the counter to keep everything warm so it is not too bad. I would like to see the food covered too or kept in cabinets with sliding mosquito-netting doors – if it is all left there exposed, I would just go elsewhere or eat something else.

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