Wouldn’t be a Merry Christmas…

It’s exactly a week till Christmas so how are your preparations going? We are not planning anything grand other than going to church for the service and maybe, a simple dinner among ourselves – no open house, nothing.

I love watching those Christmas adverts but this year, there is none that I particularly like unlike this very touching one last year…

As for the Christmas songs, I don’t think there are any new ones that I like, not since this one in 2012, the year when we went to New Zealand…and this one too.

I like this cover though…

I have the original on a cassette tape with an assortment of Christmas songs but it has never been my favourite – this rendition is much nicer.

Yes, the sentimental old fool that I am, I do prefer sad Christmas songs like this old favourite of mine…and then, I stumbled upon this one…

Wow!!! That’s really very beautiful, I thought.

I went and googled to find out who she was and found this: “I had this dream since I was a child to make Christmas music,” says the New York-born Chan, who left her high-power job as director of integrated marketing at Conde Nast/Self magazine in April of 2012 to pursue that passion. That was quite sometime ago but the above video clip was released last year and the one this year…

…is very very nice too.

What about you? What are your favourite Christmas songs?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Wouldn’t be a Merry Christmas…”

  1. I still listen to Boney M every year. I grew up listening to them hence it gives me comfort to keep listening to them annually cum Christmas

    Boney M!!! I was already dancing away when they came into the scene. You treat me like a fool…what about Daddy Cool! Gee! I’m so old. 😀

  2. I like Silent Night the best!

    Christmas carols/hymn, I prefer O Holy Night. I remember attending the midnight mass at St John’s in KL, 1973, they had the nativity scene, all lights switched off except foe some light blue spotlights and the choir sang this hymn…and it was so so so very beautiful!

  3. Nice video choices, and the first one touched me the most…even though I have already seen it. It is just one of those treasures. 🙂

    Last year’s, Christmas 2015. I did not see any that is as nice this year.

  4. None in particular but love to listen to those few old Christmas songs that has been playing years after years.

    I do have some favourites, the regular favourites. I did do a post on Facebook on whose rendition I like best.

  5. I have a collection of Christmas songs in mp3 format and this totals 270 songs. My favourite is a country and western version, perhaps not entirely in the spirit of Christmas, “Blue Christmas”, of which I have collected 10 versions. Other than that my collection is mainly 50s and 60s music.

    Blue Christmas? All this while, I quite like Jim Reeves’ over that favourite Elvis version…but I came across this one not too long ago and I loved it all the more!!!

  6. No plans for me too… so far.. nothing. Just have to serve worship on Christmas day in church at 10am.. No turkey, no frills and fancies.. hope something will turn up on that special day! 🙂

    Hopefully. Children will be home for Christmas, I’m sure, two of them, at least?

  7. Usually will go Orchard Road on Christmas Day, but don’t think so this year… Friend mention about booking chalet or whatever for her family members and colleagues and ask to go, but now no news from friend, wait and see how…

    Chalet, where? So nice. Holiday on Monday? Christmas Day is on Sunday.

  8. Elizabeth is good. Wish her luck in pursuing her dream.

    Always love Boney M’s Christmas songs compilation. No particular favourite but I think “Feliz Navidad” always make me joyful, lively and feel like dancing to the beat. Hehehe.

    Not much a celebration for me either. Going to church in the morning and attending a dinner in the evening that day.

    You too!!! Boney M!!! Ok, I do enjoy Felix Navidad too. I love it in the Big Bird ice skating video clip…but that’s Jose Feliciano, I think…not Boney M. Here’s the link, your little boy would enjoy it.

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