Whole lot better…

We went back to this place for lunch that day and I had the kopi-o-peng kao kao kao

Dragon kopi-o-peng kao kao kao

– iced coffee, black and extra strong and it came out looking quite like what we would usually get here and was nicer than when I had it before.

We ordered their fried bitter gourd with salted egg (RM10.00)…

Dragon fried bitter gourd with salted egg

…and yes, we loved it. There was this very strong wok hei fragrance and the sprinkling of the fried bits of garlic and shallots on top sure made it taste a lot nicer.

I wanted to order three but my girl asked for four of their chicken satay (RM12.00)…

Dragon chicken satay

…and true enough, those sticks were so huge that one would be more than enough for each person, no prize for guessing who had to finish off the last stick. Hehehehehe!!!!

The steamed lajong that we had here before was very nice so we asked for that again (RM32.00)…

Dragon steamed lajong

…and yes, it was really good, definitely a whole lot better than what we were served at that very expensive dinner here by a mile and also a cut above the tapah that we had here (RM35.00) that we did not quite enjoy.

When I went to settle the bill, the lady asked if the coffee was all right and of course, I told her it was good and asked if they got the coffee powder from that place two doors away and she said no, they got theirs from here too – no wonder it was nice!

We sure enjoyed the lunch and yes, we definitely would want to come back again…if only it is easier to find a parking space around that part of town.