Christmas tree…

It’s that time of year again and with Christmas in around a fortnight away, the Sibu Town Square…

Sibu Town Square

…has all the Christmas trees, big and small…

The main tree & the little ones

…with artificial snow…


…and presents…


…and reindeers and sleigh…

Reindeers & sleigh

…that probably would light up at night and look a whole lot more beautiful and enchanting than in broad daylight during the daytime.

The official “lighting-up” was on last Friday night, the 9th of December along with the opening of the annual Food & Cultural Fair right across the road…and the annual Christmas Procession in the town centre was held the following night.

There is the annual Christmas tree decoration competition whereby those taking part have to use recycled materials for their trees…

Christmas Trees, Sibu Town Square 2016 1

…supposedly and some can be really creative and very pretty, I must say…

Christmas Trees, Sibu Town Square 2016 2

…but one of the two that I like the most would be this one…

Nativity Christmas tree from SMK Kpg Nangka

…which depicts the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

This is the view from the grandstand/stage of the main tree in the town square with all the canopies for the Food & Cultural Fair, plus the ferris wheel, in the background, across the road…

Main Christmas tree

I guess this is not as grand as in some other places especially when compared to those western countries overseas but we are indeed most thankful to those concerned for their genuine and sincere, non-commercialised effort to fill our hearts with the Christmas spirit this time every year. Joy to the world!

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20 thoughts on “Christmas tree…”

  1. Beautiful decorations and lovely colours! Thank you so much for sharing. I love Christmas. πŸ™‚

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so much love and joy in the air.

  2. Love the use of recycled materials for the Christmas trees.

    I wonder about some of them though – I am sure they bought those colourful umbrellas brand new. 😦

  3. Beautiful Christmas tree using recycle items. Some people are very creative at these things. Salute them. Guess when all the reindeers & sleigh are light out during the night, it sure looks like wonderland.

    Yes, I saw some photos in the Chinese newspapers. The presents especially look really nice, when lit at night.

  4. Christmas.. isn’t christmas.. till it happens in your heart…. πŸ™‚

    All these things going on all around us sure fill our hearts with joy and lots of love, true to the Christmas spirit.

  5. The decorations is so beautiful, love it…

    Yes, nice eh? One year, they had candles all over the grass, very nice when lit but will have to go and see at night. We hardly ever go out at night – there is usually quite a crowd and so very hot. No, thank you.

  6. That’s quite a lot of Christmas trees in one area. You should come by KL one of the Christmas, nowadays the Christmas decor is pretty nice over here. πŸ™‚

    Been there, done that…but that was some years ago. Long ago, we used to spend every Christmas in Singapore every year, the lights along Orchard Road were stunning. Can’t afford to do that anymore, not with our miserable currency. 😦

  7. I think the artificial snow is so funny! In Australia, we just go with the hot weather and Santa wears flip-flops, shorts and sunglasses. πŸ™‚

    Like the Air New Zealand thing on youtube – they got Ronan Keating to sing the new lyrics to Winter Wonderland, renamed Summer Wonderland. No snow for you all Down Under either, same as here. Anyway, a White Christmas only looks nice on Christmas cards. Brrrrrr!!!!!

  8. Wow! So many small Christmas trees. Very nice! I like that they have a competition to make Christmas trees using recycled materials. Which tree won? I like that tree that depicts the true meaning of CHRIST mas too.

    Results not known yet. I think it will only be announced after Christmas…or maybe on the night of New Year’s Eve when they will usually have the countdown at this same venue.

  9. Very nice display. We have a display in the city itself, but I never get down there – too much of a hassle, especially with the parking.

    Normally I wouldn’t bother either, especially in our hot tropical weather. It so happened that we were driving past that morning and it was not so hot, a little cloudy, so we decided to stop and walk around a bit.

  10. Those Christmas trees are rather pretty. I like green one with jagged edges. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Soon it will be Chinese New Year.

    That’s about all we can hope to get for Christmas here in Sibu, other than the going to church when the day comes along and some Christian families may hold open houses. Here, the people are more into Chinese New Year so even right now, you can see red lanterns, Chinese New Year decorations in many shops and they’re playing those ear-splitting Chinese New Year songs already! 😦

  11. Creative Christmas trees… Need a lot of efforts to bring them “alive!”

    …and a lot of money too, I’m sure. Good of the authorities to fork out some for the auspicious occasion.

  12. Ooo that’s a pretty nice set-up … simple but very tasteful! I can imagine many visitors taking photos amid the trees and reindeer πŸ˜‰

    Yes, even in the daytime when we were there, people of all races and religion – truly the 1Malaysia spirit.

  13. Oh wow..that’s nice to see so many Xmas tree displayed in outdoor area. I think the only place I saw a big Xmas tree displayed outside is at KLCC and Pavillion. Wishing you and your family to have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Ho! Ho!Ho!

    Same to you and all your loved ones.

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