Wait no more…

I had not been to a movie since December, 2014 and before that, the previous one was in June 2012 but I had been waiting for this one…

…all this time ever since I first saw the trailer early in the year. It was scheduled to open at Christmas and I thought, “Oh dear!!! That is going to be a really long wait!”

Then, I saw in the promo on satellite TV that it would premiere nationwide in Malaysia on the 8th of December…and yes, that’s right!!! I went to see it on that very day itself, the 2 o’clock matinee at the trioplex (thus named as there are three halls showing three movies simultaneously) to the left…

Jalan Kampung Nyabor Sibu

I couldn’t wait another day!

My girl went to get the tickets for us and came back with three RM10.00 ones. Oh? They had a special concession for the 10.00 a.m. show but for other shows in the day, it would be RM12.00 for adults and RM10.00 for children. More on this later!

In the meantime, I went around taking photographs of the pictures in the wall…

Movie audience

…including this one of popcorn…


…though I did not see any popcorn booth that one would see at cinemas elsewhere, just a stall selling all kinds of snacks and tidbits.

I loved the display they had for the movie…


…with these cute pokes at well-known stars like Seal


…or Rihanna


…or Maroon 5

Maroon 5


Going back to the tickets, we were about to enter the hall when the usher directed us back to the ticketing booth and passed them to the young and handsome boy there…without any explanation. Of course I knew the reason for it so as the boy re-issued new tickets for us, I commented, “Itu untuk budak kecik saja, ya?” (That’s for little children only) and he replied, “Ya!” and I added, “Kami kecik pun bah!” (We are also small) That little joke sure tickled his funny bone and he laughed out loud. I guess that was a welcome relief for him in his dreary mundane job day in and day out, nothing much to smile or laugh about.

As for the movie, from the opening scene with Jennifer Hudson as the young Nana Noodleman singing one of my all-time Beatles favourites, I knew I was going to enjoy it. It was like a pop quiz, “60 pops in 60 minutes” – the songs came fast and furious, some so short that even before I could guess the title, they had moved on to the next one. Well, if you are so into songs…

…like me, you would enjoy the movie to the max. The soundtrack includes some really old oldies ranging from Frankie’s “The girl from Ipanema” and “My Way” to the newer ones from the likes of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

There are a lot of subtle messages pertaining to wife and husband/family, father and son, boy and girl relationship…and some very lovely and meaningful  quotations as well. I felt the finale was a let down though as the song they picked is not one of my favourites but on the whole, I would say it was very entertaining and I sure enjoyed myself…not quite the same way as how I enjoyed the classics like this one or this one but yes, I had a great time!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Wait no more…”

  1. When I read your post, I can feel your gleefulness at having watched this movie – like a little boy. I must go and watch it then as I like to listen to songs and would like to have a go at this pop quiz!

    If you’re into songs especially, you would enjoy the movie a lot more.

  2. What a fun post! And I love a good Christmas movie…and popcorn, too! 🙂

    Glad it is screened here, many good movies don’t. They prefer horror, action, sci-fi flicks here – I am not into those.

  3. It has been donkey years since I last stepped into cinema. I am more into English oldies songs & those modern ones would get my head spinning. I would love to watch any type of cartoon movies. People say…chiak lau pi say kia.. Re-issued tickets??..so you have to top up. Glad you have a great time.

    Yes, have to, of course. We were early so the boy probably absentmindedly went on issuing the tickets for the earlier show at 10 a.m., RM10 for all seats. It was all right, everybody makes mistakes.

    I’m not into the really old oldies though I may have a few evergreen favourites – the same with the new songs. There are some very nice ones – not all will make my head spin…but usually, those are the songs they would play on the radio – I guess the younger listeners would very much prefer those. That is why I hardly ever turn on the radio anymore, head will go spinning like yours.

  4. Now you make me want to go for a movie. This movie is good?? Plan to catch a movie but not sure this one or Moana.

    My girl doesn’t want to go and watch Moana, she said would remind her of New Zealand – she misses that place so much. This one is very entertaining, lots of cute animals and songs are very familiar.

  5. Over here, there is concession rate for above 55, but only from Monday to Friday, before 5pm or 6pm show, over there, no such concession?

    No such thing here. They are not very kind to old people in Malaysia – like the dinners at hotels and restaurants, they give discounts to children but not old people…even though we do not eat so much anymore and many do not have many teeth left. Not worth going at all, paying the full price. 😦

  6. It’s been a while since I have been to the movies. I did not know about Sing till I read it here. I clicked the trailer and wow! No wonder you were so excited, it looks like a very fun movie. Yes, I want to watch this movie too 🙂

    It sure was fun to watch and if you are so into music and songs like me, that would be an added bonus.

  7. I don’t go to cinemas because I’m a bit hard of hearing and find it difficult to comprehend the dialogue sometimes. At home, I watch tv with the subtitles for the hearing impaired switched on. Ah, the joys of growing old!

    Oh dear!!! It’s hard to get the (pirated) dvd’s there too, third world country malpractices…and with a good home theatre system full blast, you probably would not have any problem…if the neighbours do not come over to complain. 😀

  8. wahhh… good to feel young again, eh… Watching the movie and joining in the young crowd does wonders..

    Always young at heart, never ever felt I’m old. Bet you do not know many of the songs in the movie, the newer ones, unlike me – forever young. Hehehehehe!!!! No crowd though, very few people despite it being the school holidays. Maybe it was because it was a working day.

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