Loud and clear…

I was born a British subject by virtue of the fact that Sarawak was at the time a British colony and during that time, we used to get imported stuff from the UK. I remember how I enjoyed those Nice biscuits from Huntley & Palmers but unfortunately, we do not get anything from them anymore these days. It had been quite a while since I last had any Nice biscuits and the other day, my girl spotted these at a supermarket here (RM7.90)…

Arnotts Nice biscuits

No, they’re from Australia, the other side of the world and yes, I do recall the sugar coating…

Arnotts Nice biscuit

…but somehow or other, I was not really impressed by this one. I don’t know but maybe we were so deprived in those days that it seemed so very nice or perhaps, things today are not longer like what they used to be.

One thing I particularly like about these imported products is how they tell you exactly what they contain…

Imported products ingredients

…and they highlight the offensive ingredients in bold for the benefit of those who may be allergic to them.

You can see another example here on a carton of the imported Australian milk…

Devondale milk gluten free

…that I am drinking right now…and here, it states in no uncertain terms that it contains full cream milk…

Devondale full cream milk

…and nothing else.

On the other hand, let’s look at this packet of noodles (RM9.90)…

Penang-made millet noodles

…made in Bukit Mertajam, Penang that I bought at another supermarket here that day. I do know for a fact that millet is ok for those who are gluten sensitive/intolerant and the name of the product is the only clue as to what they are made of. Now, the question is…what else? We haven’t the slightest idea as nothing is mentioned in that little label. I thought there is a ruling that the ingredients must be specified in all manufactured food products? I even logged into their website to see what I could find there – nothing! Seeing that we are not entirely sure whether it is safe for my girl or not, in the end, we decided that it would be best for her not to consume it.

Going back to the milk, these days, I will usually buy this one from New Zealand…

Meadow Fresh New Zealand milk
*Archive photo*

…at RM5 something a carton. It certainly makes a lot more sense buying this instead of the Malaysian-made UHT milk that may set you back by some RM7 or RM8 a carton. Just the other day, I noticed that the New Zealand one was on offer – RM4.90 only a carton but I had already bought a box of the Australian one…

Devondale new packaging

…at another supermarket, also selling at RM4.90 a carton.

A long long time ago when this brand first hit the shelves here, it was only RM1.00 a carton…and people would cart boxes and boxes home including those from Kuching. Not only was it cheap, they said but it was much nicer and creamier than our local ones.

After sometime, they changed their packaging and it looked like this…

Devondale old packaging
*Archive photo*

…and now, they have changed the packaging again…with a new easier-to-open cap…

Devondale new cap

…than the ring that they had before and also the thin aluminium foil that we find in other brands, so thin that it is quite a chore to get the loose end out.

No, as you can see from the expiry date, they are not going cheap because it is almost due, and probably it is a lot cheaper than in Australia itself, after conversion. You can’t blame me for not supporting our own Malaysian industries, can you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Loud and clear…”

  1. I heard that Arnott’s is no longer owned by the Aussies, but a US company bought it years back (unconfirmed rumour). I’d like to see a bit more attention paid to labelling laws here too.

    I know there are Tim Tams made in Indonesia – we have those here. Cheap but horrible, no quality control.

    Yes, I do see the ingredients stated in labels of some homemade stuff from some small producers or cottage industries here even though I can’t say I am 100% sure those would be what’s inside. This one is factory-made and they even have a website online – no excuses whatsoever for not stating the ingredients. That is a BIG problem here – they pass the laws but enforcement is very very poor, like the ban on the use of polystyrene containers here. Luckily, the majority are following it obediently but I still see it being used sporadically. So pissed off by that!

  2. You drink milk??…..I remember once you say milk will make you feel sleepy after drinking. I never like to drink milk on its own.

    I bought mainly for my girl to drink but I may drink a mug sometimes before going to bed. Good for old people, especially women – osteoporosis! I sometimes will make Milo with it, kao kao, no water added – so rich and creamy, so very nice!!! But before going to bed, of course!

  3. Sometimes we do indulged ourselves in imported goods. Mostly we bought our imported stuff in Cold Storage, Green Heights Mall. So many to see and tempting. Haha.

    But on normal days, we just buy local produces. Cannot afford those imported stuff all the times.

    I in particular enjoy the Milo from Australia. Butter cookies, the best is still from Denmark. My boys nowadays prefer soya milk to fresh milk nowadays. Jay drinks those Vsoy organic soya milk. I thought it is rather sweet to my liking.

    I like that soya bean milk – very thick and creamy but yes, it is sweet. Yes, no need to go for those imported stuff especially if our local ones are cheaper, and may be just as nice, not necessarily nicer – those things from abroad…but as far as the fresh milk goes, the Australian and New Zealand ones are almost half the price of the Malaysian ones.

  4. Heard that milk is good for the bone, but i can’t drink much, will feel bloated…

    Hopefully, you are not lactose intolerant, cannot drink milk. You will have to get your calcium from other sources then.

  5. Yea exactly! No idea why the Malaysian milk is so expensive! we don’t get to buy NZ milk at Rm 5 but also at Rm7-8, i’d rather pay slightly more for the imported ones…

    Oh? So expensive there? Aren’t we lucky over here? Of course, even if it’s more or less the same price or a bit more expensive, I would go for the imported ones!

  6. I am also of the British Subject vintage! It worked in my favour over here because I could then be employed in the public service before getting citizenship.

    It’s in my birth certificate! I hear we can vote in the UK, dunno how true…ex-citizens from the Commonwealth countries. 😀

  7. Ooo those biscuits are a blast from the past! I guess when we were younger, all these treats tasted good cos we had only been exposed to a limited range of options – and the more we eat, the more our taste buds evolve and mature …

    …give and take a little – there are some that have, in fact, dropped a whole lot in quality, dunno why. Maybe they are imitations, I wouldn’t know. Kjeldsen’s butter cookies used to be so much nicer before, a lot more fragrant and I would never buy McVities’ digestive biscuits anymore – they’re really not good, like biscuits that have gone bad and all limp.

  8. Interesting that the imported milk is cheaper than the local one. I can’t consume milk, it sends me straight to the loo. LOL!

    I can’t understand why. I went and checked online at those online shopping websites and it is over AUD2.00 there, multiply that by 4, the current exchange rate, that would be RM8-10.00, don’t play play!!!

  9. Most of us like imported products I believe, perhaps it’s the mindset ba? But I guess local products also getting better now, just some is over priced la!

    Indeed, sometimes at least – just because they are imported…but no, not all are good. What’s the big deal? In fact, some of our local products are even nicer…plus a whole lot cheaper. Others, people may like…but I don’t – like Tim Tams, for example. To each his own! But if the imported ones area whole lot nicer and so much cheaper, who wants to buy our own local made ones? It’s just simple common sense.

  10. I had a couple ex gfs from Bukit Mertajam, it’s not relevant but just thought I’d share here. hehe

    I have a very very good friend, we go a long way back – he lives in BM. He sure helped me in more ways than one when my girl was in SP, ever so thankful.

  11. Andy bought back a few packets of Arnotts when he went over to Perth some time back, most of them covered with rich chocolate… I took a piece and that is it… I prefer one and only packet which is free from chocolate and sugar, just plain and it goes well with my morning oats! heehehe..

    Yes, most of these imported stuff can be quite sweet. That is why I am not really into Tim Tams.

  12. Milk is really expensive here and not half as good as the British ones. Our family drinks about 4 pints a day when we’re over there. Haha!

    I dunno if I had milk in the UK, nor in Oz or NZ as I do not usually drink it. But here, many insist these are creamier than our local ones by a mile – we do not get any from the UK though.

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