Too fast…

I mentioned in my post the other day that my girl wanted the mutton bryani here…

The Cafe Ind, Sibu

…but it was closed that day, Monday, so the following day, we made our way there but we were way too early. Officially, they open at 12 noon but usually, by 11-ish, they would be on the roll already. However, that day, they were still doing the cleaning and mopping at the outside section so we had to sit inside which of course, was darker and that would mean that the photos in this post would not be so nice.

There was a young and handsome Indian man, very well-dressed, already there. At first, I thought he was the true blue North Indian chef working here and I was wondering why he was dressed up to the nines when he would have to sweat it out in the kitchen. It turned out that he was a customer, there to enjoy the authentic Indian cuisine – I think he had naan and a few other things from the menu as well and I must say that this would just about show how original and how good the Indian food here is for someone from India to want to come here and eat.

Of course, my girl had what she wanted…

Cafe Ind, Sibu mutton bryani

Like I said earlier, the photos are not going to be very nice but you can click here to see a more flattering snapshot of what she had. They were very generous with both the meat and the rice so towards the end, I had to help her a bit with it.

My missus stuck faithfully to her kalio ayam

Cafe Ind kalio ayam 1

…from the Indonesian menu. There were two huge chunks of chicken in the banana boat and she could just handle one – yes, I had to help her finish off the other one…

Cafe Ind kalio ayam 2

…and it was very very nice, the curry. I would say it was different from the regular Malay curry and definitely not the same as the Indian one as well. It had a taste of its own, something a bit more towards asam curry and yes, I loved it…a lot! Those who frequent the nasi padang places in Singapore and elsewhere would probably know what I mean, not the same as what we are more familiar with and very nice.

I ordered the tandoori chicken…

Cafe Ind tandoori chicken 1

…without the rice as I knew my girl would not be able to finish hers – she’s not a very big eater – and I would have to help her with it. I don’t know what sauce/gravy that was in the stainless steel bowl in the middle but it was really very nice and I enjoyed it a lot.

It took quite a while to come out of the kitchen but that was to be expected as the usual waiting time would be around 20 minutes for the chef to get the chicken done to perfection – very tender, succulent and moist…

Cafe Ind tandoori chciken 2

…and of course, it was great!

We were halfway through when Iggy, an ex-student of mine, dropped by for lunch with somebody, probably a client of his. He was the same one who picked up the tab when I was here, having dinner with my cousin and her hubby home from Brisbane, Australia. I quickly finished eating so I could give him a return treat (one of their orders had just been served then) but when I went to pay our bills, I was told that he had settled everything already – his and all of ours. Oh me oh my!!! That was fast, too fast!!! Thank you so much, Iggy, for the second round – next time, do slow down a bit and let me have the chance to reciprocate.

That, of course, was a really delightful lunch and as they say, the best things in life are free. Hehehehehe!!!!