Far and wide…

Yesterday, I blogged about a place in Singapore where those in the island republic could drop by for the much coveted Sarawak Sibu kampua noodles, especially the ones from here who are currently residing there.

Well, an ex-student of mine from Kanowit where I was teaching, 1978 – 1982, who is now working in Kuala Lumpur shared this photograph of what he had…

Pandan Jaya kampua and pian sip 1

…on Facebook. Now that looked really good, the bowl of kampua mee and the pian sip on top.

Oh my!!! It certainly is spreading far and wide these days, as far as Australia, don’t play-play! You do not even have to fly all the way to Sibu to eat this anymore, it seems. Gone are the days when you could not even get it in Kuching and my friends in college in the mid-70’s used to moan and groan and complain about the Kuching kolo mee, craving for our own Sibu kampua mee all the time.

I asked my ex-student where he had that but he did not know the details. He did forward to me this photograph of the stall…

Pandan Jaya kampua stall

…though. I guess these were his own photographs. He did share with me some snapshots of the very nice kolo mee he had at Pantai Indah but I googled and found out that he got those from somebody’s blog so I would not include them in mine.

I am not sure but it looked like he went back the very next day and this was what he had…

Pandan Jaya kampua & pian sip 2

…the second time around and he got me the address:
Restoran Pertama
Jalan Pandan 2/3, Pandan Jaya

I went and googled and got this…

Restoran Pertama Pandan Jaya

…street view pic of the place (3.134424, 101.740939).

So if there is anybody from here craving for this hometown delight, he or she can drop by this shop to give it a shot…or if anyone who is keen on sampling, this probably would be a good place to head to – I hear that man is from Sibu, unlike the Foochow-speaking Miri guy in yesterday’s post.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Far and wide…”

  1. It all looks so good and loaded, too. The coffee is as dark as a witches hat. Rocket fuel at its best, ticked!

    I’m not crazy about the coffee shop coffee there, those that I have had. Very very black, can even stain the glass or the cup…but not nice, none of the nice fragrance and taste of the local coffee we have here. I liked some at some hotels…or Coffee Bean, the one at Penang airport.

  2. All looks so good with 2nd bowl more like kolo mee. Pian sip has thinner skin compared to yesterday one. Real black coffee.

    Because of the minced meat. We do have some kampua places here that do that as well, add minced meat…and some of those kolo mee imitations here as well, still tastes like kampua, unfortunately. Perhaps the add-on may help justify the prices? As for the coffee, see my reply to Corina above.

  3. I’ve had the Sibu kolo mee over here too, it’s also very nice.

    Spreading far and wide Down Under too! Actually, when I was in Auckland a long time ago, I just boiled those instant egg noodles, sold in packs at the supermarts, tossed in shallot oil (oil used to fry fried shallots), Bovril and a pinch of msg. My Kiwi nephew had that for breakfast and asked for seconds!!!

  4. I just checked on Waze, and pandan jaya is just a 15-min drive from my home. Close enough to go! 😉

    Go for it! Hope you like it – so far, a lot of comments from locals on my link on Facebook, they all give their thumbs up. Should be good then. I went searching – looks like this is an outlet of the Fatty Sibu Kampua, they have a branch at Ampang too.

  5. Wow, the kampua mee with pian sip looks divine! Pandan Jaya, a bit out of the way for me but I can make time one of the weekends to check it out with my brother 🙂

    They have an outlet at Ampang, if that is nearer. You can click the link in my replies to Sean or zmun2 to their Facebook page – they have a photo of the coffee shop there.

  6. I will go whatsapp Mama Kucing, ask her bring me go eat if i go KL, haha…

    The pian sip, for one, sure looks a lot nicer than that one in Singapore.

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