Anything else…

We dropped by here again for brunch last Saturday – I was told that there would be new dishes regularly, not the same things day in and day out so I wanted to see if there was anything that I had not tried yet that I might like.

Unfortunately, it was closed. I was puzzled – their regular off day would be Sunday, lunch and dinner, but that was Saturday. I asked the people at the coffee shop and they said they would not be open for lunch but it would be business as usual that night…and they did not know what the reason was. There wasn’t even a notice of some sort pasted at the stall to inform customers and to apologise for the inconvenience caused. I PM-ed them via Facebook, “Not open today?” and I got a reply very much later, a simple, “No.” Period.

Anyway, since I was there, I decided to check out the other food stalls at that same shop. I was told that the kueh chap guy moved from here and yes, I did have that a few times when he was there and I would say his would rank among the better ones in town. Word had it too that the kampua mee guy was at some small alleyway beside the Hock Hua Bank in the town centre in the evenings a long time ago – I did go there for the bak chang (rice meat dumplings – I think they are at the Sibu Central Market hawker centre now) but I do not recall having the kampua noodles there.

For one thing, I would say that the kopi-o-peng kao kao (iced black coffee extra strong) here…

Champion Corner kopi-o-peng kao kao

…is consistently good. I’ve had it every time I come here and it has never failed to satisfy.

There are other stalls as well including the chu char (cook and fry) place at the back but I picked the one in front located at the section on the left…

Champion Corner stall

…if you are facing the coffee shop from the front.

My missus had the chao chai hung ngang (RM4.50)…

Champion Corner chao chai hung ngang

…which did not look all that good with all the fish cake slices, no fish, no prawns but she did not say a thing so I guess it was edible.

I ordered the black vinegar pork leg rice (RM6.00)…

Champion Corner black vinegar pork leg rice 1

…and I loved it! It was very nice, nicer than some other places where I had had the same and I was glad they did not give me the trotters…

Champion Corner black vinegar pork leg rice 2

…with nothing other then the skin and bone and  the cartilage, no meat though I did wish they had served it in a separate bowl instead of in a plate together with the rice like that.

It so happened that the sister-in-law of Annie, my friend in KL, dropped by this same shop with her son, Anson. The boy had the kueh chap while she had the pek ting eyok too kha from this very same stall and she said it was nice. I ordered the fried kompia to try and liked it as well. It sure looks like this is a pretty good place to drop by for breakfast, brunch or lunch – so far, all that we have tried are pretty good.

Author: suituapui

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15 thoughts on “Anything else…”

  1. Nice food and strong, black, black rocket fuel.

    The fact that it is iced is a challenge – when the ice melts, the drink becomes diluted and will not sweet. Can’t have the same as when serving it hot. Many places don;t bother…so after a while, the drink would not be so nice, anymore.

  2. Nice and enjoyable brunch.

    One thing that attracted me to go back is the drink. Must be nice and consistent.

    I was quite surprised to see a middle-aged/old Iban lady making the drinks. Normally, when they leave the drinks to the workers, you can bet they are not going to be good.

  3. I was talking to an owner of a restaurant about opening times, and, as his restaurant was not in a mall or main strip (taking a conscious effort to visit), he decided to be opened all day, everyday, including public holidays so that there was never any confusion as to when they might be open or not. That’s commitment!

    Yes, and there is such a thing as respect for your customers as well – you may be good at what you do and are doing very well but at the end of the day, they are the ones who bring in the money. Not so difficult to put up a notice or post an announcement on Facebook – closed for the day, apologise for the inconvenience. I guess as the song goes, sorry seems to be the hardest word.

  4. Yeah, I like that type of lean meat in my pork leg rice. Yummy.

    Yes, I was pretty sure you would approve. Hehehehehe!!!

  5. Indeed a nice place for a meal…mi like trotters with some tendons and bone attached…mget what I mean? Lol….

    I don’t mind ’em tendons, ok with skin and fat too – they say the collagen is all there but no, not all bone, nothing much to eat.

  6. Black vinegar pork leg, i like i like…

    Got nice ones over where you are? Never seen you blog about you eating this.

  7. I’d vote for your dish over your missus’ too … I especially like it when the pork has clean, sweet flavour!

    A bit of sour taste, from the black vinegar – I love that!

  8. Imagine you mistakenly spelled chao chai as “chao hai” 😛

    What’s that? Cantonese? I know the story about a Mat Salleh lady who went to a tailor in KL to get a mini skirt made and she kept telling him, More high!”

  9. That Anak Borneo place? Yes, i love their kopi! I ordered on my last trip there, i saw someone on the next table order, and i don’t like cold coffee but die die i also ordered a glass to try. Ordered wrong, i didn’t mention kopi o, end up i order two glass of kopi. hahaha

    Nice vinegar pork? I have to ask my mum to go and try. Yes, Anson love kueh chap, when we were there last round he had the kueh chap too.

    Ahhhhh!!!! So that was not his first time there. He must have liked it a lot to want to eat it again. So tall now, that boy, very handsome. Good looks sure run in the family. 😉

    Ya, the coffee’s good, eh? Nicer than Choon Seng, the Sg Merah one, I would say. The black vinegar pork is nice, much nicer than what I had at the Hakka yong tau hoo place.

    1. Ah! Forget to add, I have been having home cooked vinegar pork for 3 days in a row. hahaha..yum yum!

      Good looks run in the family? Ha! I have to agree that.

      3 days? Somebody in confinement kah? I know some eat that after giving birth – like our Foochow traditional red wine chicken mee sua…or in Kuching, they have their kacang ma.

      Yeah, now you owe me one BIG treat for saying that. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Yum! I like that vinegar pork. I should attempt to cook that 🙂

    The ladies in the house are not as keen – will eat but they are not so fond of it as I am. I guess I will only get to enjoy it outside. 😦

  11. Comparing to the noodles, I prefer your vinegar pork leg rice, hehehe 😉

    I’m never fond of the noodles, my missus and girl enjoy this, the more sour the better…but at other places, they give fish fillet slices (or prawns)…not these fish slices, fail big time!

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