Different way…

Kompia is the Foochow unleavened bread…

Sibu kompia
*Archive photo*

…baked in the traditional stone oven…

Making kompia
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It is chewy, softer than the ones in Sitiawan, Perak, I hear, but not as soft as the cushiony soft sweet version, the chu nu miang. Some call the kompia the Foochow bagel but I would not say they are quite the same.

There are those who love eating it on its own, my missus for one, while others love it this way –

Kompia with sauce

– soaked in sauce and stuffed with meat except that these days, they do not bother to cut the kompia and would resort to just putting the slices of meat on top.

You can find kompia at a lot of places here, oven-toasted or deep fried and stuffed with minced meat but I do prefer the ones with pork belly…

Kompia with pork belly
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…like those that we can get here.

There have been other ways of eating kompia but usually, they would stuff it with something and eat…and this is the first time I’ve had it…fried!!!

Champion Corner fried kompia 1

This is available at one of the stalls at this coffee shop here (2.293072, 111.836789) right behind the Rejang Medical Centre……

Champion Corner
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…where they cut the kompia into slices and fry it char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) style and for that reason, it has a similar taste to that of those noodles…

Champion Corner fried kompia 2

…except that it has the texture and taste of kompia which, of course, is very different from kway teow or for that matter, pek koi (white rice cakes).

However, at RM4.50 a plate…

Champion Corner fried kompia 3

…it is relatively much more expensive than the regular fried noodles that we have around here, usually ranging from RM3.50 to RM4.00, so it probably would be a while before I would drop by and order this again.