Number Three…

I was here once before a long time ago…

Crispy Shop, Star Mega Mall

…for the gelato…

*Archive photo*

…but it does not look like they are selling that now. Well, I can’t say there was any love lost as I did not think it was anything to get excited about, nice though it might be plus it was mighty expensive – like the nice ones here

Nica gelato
*Archive photo*

…which, for me, would not be something I would go for all that often.

I noticed that now their main attraction would be the coconut ice cream served in a coconut with the toppings of your choice but I did not bother to give it nor their coconut milk shake a try. However, I saw that they had gula apong (nipah palm sugar) ice cream…

Crispy Shop gula apong ice cream 1

…so of course, I wanted to see if it was any good. I asked how much it was and was duly informed that it would be over RM7.00 a cup and RM4.00 if served in a cone. The cup did not look all that big, like the ones used for the gelato in the 2nd photograph above, so I requested for one in a cone (RM4.00)…

Gula apong ice cream

As you can see, it was not as smooth nor as creamy as my favourite in town (RM3.00)…

YS ais krim gula apong
*Archive photo*

…and I do love that swirl of fresh gula apong on top but it was heaps nicer than the one I had in Kuching (RM2.00)…

Ais krim gula apong Kuching
*Archive photo*

…sometime ago.

It was very light on the gula apong taste or perhaps it was gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar), I could not really tell but I did see the word Melaka on the sign on top of the ice cream making and vending machine. Despite the fact that they used vanilla ice cream here (RM3.80)…

Kpg Datu ais krim gula apong

…I thought it was quite nice so I would rank that one as 2nd and this one here…

Crispy Shop gula apong ice cream 2

…would be Number Three…

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12 thoughts on “Number Three…”

  1. Havent try gula apong ice cream. Dont think I would go ga-ga over it as sweet stuff is not my big thing. Hehe.

    Good comparison, STP. At least you tasted and know what is your preference.

    It’s not sweet. If it’s sweet then I would not like it…like how I am not into chocolate so much these days. My comparison is based on how smooth and how rich and creamy the ice cream is – if it’s not, then it is not nice.

  2. I am clumsy, so most of the time, i go for cup…

    You’re sure you will not spill what’s in the paper cup, more or less the same?

  3. I tried coconut ice cream once from a famous shop in KL, but it was rather disappointing for me too. I will stick to vanilla ice cream for now πŸ˜›

    Sangkaya? I did not try the ice cream nor the shake here…but I did drop by a stall at another place for the shake. Ok, not bad, nice for hot afternoons…but I would like it creamier with a stronger coconut taste. Didn’t take photos so not going to blog about it. Maybe I’ll go back some day.

  4. Over here, gula apong ice cream is nothing to shout about & business seems to slow down now. No queue. Guess the craze is over. Coconut ice cream sounds good. Would love to try.

    Just a passing trend, I guess but my No. 1 here is really very nice – I would not mind having it again and again…but the food there is not nice and the shop is always so crowded so I do not drop by that often.

    My sister-in-law and my cousin from Kuching tried…and they loved it! Dunno about the rest in Kuching but the one I tried really isn’t worth the time and money, something like kantong with gula apong flavour, not smooth, not rich and creamy.

  5. Coconut ice cream. Yumm. It reminds me of my childhood version of coconut ice cream, pack in triangle packet with Mickey Mouse printed on the packet.

    That’s hard – ice popsicles but not on a stick, not my favourite, very strong essence smell.

  6. I have tried coconut yogourt, which I love, but I have never tried coconut ice cream. πŸ™‚

    Coconut yogurt? Don’t think we can get that here.

  7. I thought Rm 7 was rather expensive… I had a huge one in Kuching last year at Rm 5 only (UNIMAS)…

    RM5 is expensive! Never heard of any at UNIMAS, hopefully it was better than the celebrated one at Padungan, sucks big time…but it’s not a branch of this one, is it?

    This cone one was RM4.00 which I thought was quite expensive too – cheaper elsewhere but it looked like they gave a lot more, piled up high. Dunno how big the RM7 cup is – hopefully, not those small gelato ones. Saw one father with two kids sharing a cup…and it was VERY big, size of a bowl that they serve noodles in!

  8. i love ice creme more in winters .
    thank you for sharing delightful flavors

    I did see a lot of people overseas buying ice cream and eating them, even in the winter. Shivers!

  9. This is my weakness! I would do anything for ice cream

    I’m ok with it, I do enjoy it but I can live without it. Maybe it comes with old age. Hehehehehe!!!!

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