Time of day…

I first met this very nice and friendly lady at the Ramadhan bazaar in 2015 and I loved her nasi kuning ayam berempah so much that I went back for more at least once or maybe twice in that one month. She is now permanently located at one of the Bandong shops here but she only opens in the evening, around 6.00 p.m.

I did not go out much during the fasting month this year but I did hear that she did have a stall this time around like the year before. Not too long ago, I did drop by the shop to tapao her rice and I was pleasantly surprised that she could remember me – she asked me why she did not see me at her stall at this year’s bazaar! Wowwww!!!! I thought that was amazing considering that she has so many customers day in and day out. The problem is she only opens late in the evening when usually, we would be having our dinner already so for me, the time is not quite right.

Anyway, I saw this sign…

Nasi kak wok/ayam berempah stall, Bandong

…at the nasi kak wok stall at Bandong the other day so I decided to stop by and buy it to try. The dark and big Kelantanese guy whom I met before had gone back to his state, I was told…and from what I understood from my exchanges with the nice and friendly people there, the sister is running the stall now.

The freshly-fried ayam berempah

Ayam berempah

…looked good and yes, it tasted great and I was glad they were using that brown paper…

Brown paper

…to wrap it all up. Despite the ban here in Sibu, I still see some people using those polystyrene containers, unfortunately. I guess most do not give two hoots about it but when I see anything of the sort, I would definitely cancel my order and not buy from the party concerned.

No, it was not as nice as the aforementioned lady’s – for one thing, they used plain white rice (RM6.00)…

Nasi ayam berempah, Bandong

…instead of the nasi kuning and they did not have those add-ons like the very nice tempeh, for instance. However, they were very generous with the chicken, three huge chunks including a wing, and the curry gravy that came with it was pretty good plus the chili dip was very spicy hot and very much to our liking.

I also bought this gulai ikan tongkol (RM2 a piece)…

Gulai ikan tongkol, Bandong

…from them and yes, it was very nice – I sure would not mind buying from it again should I happen to stop by. For one thing, it is very conveniently located along my usual route home from visiting my parents at their house plus it is open early in the morning so the timing is just right for us to tapao and bring home to enjoy for brunch.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Time of day…”

  1. Both the chicken and fish look
    awesome. Limited choice but it sure has the edge.

    If I am not wrong, these are set meals like nasi lemak – the regular set, not for us to choose the add-ons except maybe a choice of either fish or chicken as in nasi kerabu – that’s Kelantanese, same as nasi kak wok. Gulai ikan tongkol or fish curry usually goes with nasi dagang, Trengganu’s set meal, with a special kind of rice, white but fragrant with spices used.

  2. I love chicken and I don’t mind plain white rice…but I also love rice such as Pilaf and chicken fried, too.

    The nasi kuning (yellow rice) is very very nice too, something like the Indian bryani rice.

  3. Congrats to Sibu for the polystyrene ban!

    The ban has been around for a while now, some two years, at least but there are still people using it. Some stringent enforcement is needed, obviously – nab the suppliers. I have seen it being sold at some supermarkets and shops.

  4. I never tasted gulai fish before. Would love to try that.

    Tasted ayam berempah before, the latest in that Baba Nyonya place few months ago.

    Polystrene containers? Here is everywhere. Dont know it is ban or not here at all but good work for Sibu for the ban.

    I’ve heard them enforcing the ban in some states but no, did not hear anything like that in Kuching. High time! The gulai fish was good – not a fan of tongkol but t was nice, cooked this way.

  5. The chicken seems convincing, speaking of which, I actually like Ayamas a lot. Any Ayamas branches at your side?

    Just the frozen products in the supermarkets. 😦

  6. Same as Rose, over there, everywhere is using polystrene containers also…

    Aiyorrrrr!!! And your country is so advanced!

  7. Ikan gulai looks good. Is that slices of dayak terung in it? Certainly with the gravy it goes well with plain white rice. Long school holidays is just round the corner. Happy holidays.

    Not yet! Some schools already off, not my girl’s. One week more, till Friday, full day some more. 😦

  8. I love those Malay ayam goreng berempah. It tastes so good with rice, some gravy and sambal belacan.

    I guess like everything else, it may vary from vendor to vendor. Must know where to go for the best ones.

  9. Oh, this ayam berempah looks very good. I don’t mind to try. I always love ayam berempah over fried chicken and the chili dip have to be good also.

    The chicken was good but the other one – the lady who runs her business in the evening, the chicken is nice too, maybe even nicer – she will give a lot of the rempah or whatever with the chicken.

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