Allow me…

After our dinner here that evening with all the local ethnic delights, my friend, Mary, extended her invitation to all of us to drop by her place the following night for her pansoh ayam (chicken cooked in bamboo)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen Mary's pansoh ayam

…and yes, she cooked it all herself, no holds barred (I asked her Thai chef, Jos!)! Impressive, eh? Instead of the usual “old mother hen”, she used those free range kampung (village) chicken and look at those unlaid eggs! I never had any of those before – everytime when my mum slaughtered her own and there was any inside, I think she ate it herself…and maybe, there was a reason for it. I tried one but no, it was nothing like a regular egg yolk, not at all. The texture was completely different – it was rubbery and no, it did not have any of the egg yolk taste that I like a lot. In fact, it did not get me all excited, I’m afraid and let’s just say that I wouldn’t mind if I never get to eat it again.

As for the chicken, it was very nice – the soup was absolutely great and went really well with the rice but there was fish…

Flavours Thai Kitchen crispy fried garlic bawal hitam

…with the very very nice sambal (dip) by the side. I love fish – and if it is very fresh, I would prefer it to meat or other kinds of seafood anytime.

I loved the crispy fried garlic ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen fried crispy garlic fish

…that night which was just as nice as the barramundi that we would usually have here before and I sure enjoyed it to the max.

Everybody loved the awesome prawns…

Flavours Thai Kitchen giant prawns

– huge tiger prawns, so sweet, so succulent but Mary says this is only available upon special order and it will depend also on the availability of the prawns, this size!

I loved the beef the last time I was here, the one with the exquisite sauce with freshly-ground pepper…

Flavours Thai Kitchen black pepper beef

– not the bottled ones that I do not enjoy at all and I would agree with my missus when she remarked that this time around, it was even better! Thumbs up, Jos! It was really good.

We also had the fried bitter gourd…

Flavours Thai Kitchen fried bitter gourd

…with fermented beans and ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and also the krapow gai (chicken)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen krapow gai

…which is one of my favourite dishes here.

Thank you so so much, Mary, for that exclusive dinner treat…and I must say that I do enjoy any dinner at your place very much and I sure would want to go back again and again. Great place, great food, great people – just couldn’t ask for more!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Allow me…”

  1. It all looks very colourful and tasty! 🙂

    Yes, I do think that the Thais are just as creative and artistic as the Japanese in the presentation of their dishes. Very beautiful! The two chefs here are Thais, came all the way from Thailand!

  2. Love all the food including the unlaid eggs; the different texture and flavour. I had the latter when I was a kid.

    You did? I saw it quite often but we never ate it so my mum ate it all including the innards, everything.

  3. I’ve never seen unlaid eggs! I suppose I’m used to getting chicken from supermarkets, with everything all packed in plastic!

    Yes, I’ve not seen them for a long time either, not since those days when I was young and my mum would buy live chickens from the market and slaughter them all by herself. Thank goodness these days, I do not have to do that – I’d probably end up not eating chicken. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. i would say it’s rather exclusive.. wow, to have someone cook these delights for me, I’ll be the happiest person on earth.

    Come, come! I’ll cook for you. My cooking also not bad, yunno. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Each & every dish looks so great. I like the fried ikan bawal hitam, prawns & bittergourd. Krapow gai (chicken) cooked with herbs???

    With Thai basil. I have a lot in my garden, very fragrant, very nice…but I’ve yet to try cooking it myself. Lazy, just want to eat. I would add a bit to my kampung fried rice though, besides the spring onions.

  6. I love the prawns…

    Come, come. I will ask my friend, Mary and her Thai chefs to cook for you…special!

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