I want that…

My niece, the one working in Singapore, was home last weekend and she saw in my photos on Facebook and also in my blogpost, what we had for our dinner recently with my sister-in-law and she wanted that too so there we were back there again last Saturday evening.

She wanted the miang kam

Flavours Thai Kitchen miang kam 1

…and yes, we all had a great time putting all the little condiments onto the daun kaduk and adding the very delightful sauce…

Flavours Thai Kitchen miang kam 2
*Mary’s photo on Facebook*

…before folding it and popping it into the mouth. It was really tasty, light and refreshing – I do think this is something one can eat again and again and will not get tired of…or at least, not so soon.

My brother-in-law, the father, wanted the fish, the barramundi, again but Mary (the boss – same name, different person) suggested serving it differently, with some kind of special sauce…

Flavours Thai Kitchen barramundi with special sauce

…and yes, this was very very nice. If you ask me, I would say that I like it this way a lot more.

No, I did not forget the oyster omelette…

Flavours Thai Kitchen oyster omelette

…this time around. My brother-in-law loves omelette and would always order it everytime we have dinner outside so we ordered that specially for him to enjoy.

We had the seafood tom yam the last time and for a change, that night, my niece asked for the fish…

Flavours Thai Kitchen tom yam fish
*Mary’s photo on Facebook – mine came out a bit blur*

…and yes, once again, it was a hit!

This was on the house and no, it wasn’t really Thai but Mary, the other one, insisted on us having it and giving it a try – the black pepper beef…

Flavours Thai Kitchen black pepper beef

…and yes, it was very good with freshly-ground black pepper, not black pepper sauce from the bottle. Thank you, Mary, for the special treat and thank you also for the free-range kampung eggs that you insisted I took home – you’re always so kind and generous.

Business was really good that night, a full house, and I sure am glad that they are doing so well and no, we did not get carried away and ordered too much this time around. The bill came up to around RM150.00 for the 6 of us (inclusive of rice) and I thought that was reasonable especially when we enjoyed everything so much. I am quite sure that my niece, Mary, who insisted on picking up the tab – thank you so much for that, would think it was relatively cheap, around SGD50.00 only. She probably would have to fork out a lot more if she were to have this for so many people over there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I want that…”

  1. The name Mary reminds me of my childhood song, “Mary had a litle lamb”. Coming to the food, it’s a good deal & most important the food was great & everyone enjoy everything. I, for one would love the oyster omelette too.

    Just that we had beef, no lamb, that night. 😀 We enjoy the food here, very consistent…unlike at the other Thai place in town – we don’t bother going back there anymore.

  2. Food looks good – and I like how you had to keep explaining which Mary you’re referring to! 😀

    Thank goodness there were only two and if my other sister-in-law had been here, there would be three. 😀

  3. That’s very reasonable for that number of dishes. Yea, we are now so poor as compared to Singaporeans.

    Even more so if compared to USD…but on the bright side, I have some of the currency so it is increasing in value by leaps and bounds since when I bought it.

  4. freshly ground sarawak pepper? man that’ll make anything instantly better

    It sure is better than the bottled sauce – I never liked anything black pepper anywhere because they all use that…and it is heaps nicer than ground pepper in powder form too. These days, I also add pepper, freshly crushed using the lesung batu. Nice!

  5. I like the fish with all the garnish on it. Oyster omelette – my favourite.

    Fish was really good, wouldn’t mind going for it again when I have enough people to finish the huge thing. Oyster omelette here was just oysters and omelette – none of the gooey cornflour layers in the regular ones…and no msg! I would add a lot of more of those leaves – spring onions, chopped corainder, Thai basil…for added fragrance but some may not be as fond of the “smell”. I love it!

  6. I must go and try miang kam one day. I think I will like it. The fish looks outstanding will all those toppings. Is the topping something like a kerabu?

    I would say it was close – slightly sweet and sourish sauce, very very nice. Go, go and try the miang kam – you’ll love it, I’m sure. Go slow on the cili padi though, explosive!

  7. I wonder how does the Daun Kaduk taste like. Taste like sireh? Mint?

    If it has any taste, it is drowned out by those of all the condiments and the very nice sauce topping. Sireh is bitter, no? My grandma and my aunts and my mum used to eat – I never tried.

  8. I want miang kam too. Never tasted it before. ^^

    Oh my. The fish! I want that too.

    Come! Come! Going back to Kapit for the holidays? Stop for a few nights in Sibu and I can take you all here – you can have the miang kam and the fish, everything…on me!

    1. How I wish. Not going back to Kapit this year. Only Jan and Jay are. Hubby couldnt take leave.

      Never mind, am sure have chance to visit Sibu again. Thanks.

      Looking forward to that!

  9. Daun kaduk? Looks like daun sirih, is it the same? wow… such an awesome meal!

    Nope, not the same at all. I tried my grandma’s daun sireh before…and I would not touch it again. Can make one go high one! 😀

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