Can’t win them all…

Last Saturday, my girl wanted tosai (RM2.30)…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang thosai

…for lunch so I took her here. She had not been here before as that time when I came with the mum, it was a week day and she was away at her school in the jungle and I thought she might want to give the one here a try. However, she thought the ones she had here were better. Even though what she had that day was freshly cooked, it was cold when it was served and the dips were a little too watery for her liking. Other than that, I noticed that there were only three – the last time I had that…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang thosai telur
*Archive photo*

…there were four.

We went a little later that day, past 11.00 a.m. unlike the previous time when we went around 10 something so most of the dishes for their nasi campur were ready and yes, they did look really good.

These were my picks…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang nasi campur

– the sotong (squid) curry, the shrimp sambal, the mutton curry with potatoes and the pineapples. I saw the papadum in an air-tight tin and I could not resist opening it and helping myself to one – my guess was those were the leftovers from the nasi bryani the day before, available only on Fridays.

So how much was that altogether? Well, I do not really know…as when the lady came to collect the money for all that we had including the drinks, she asked for something like RM14.00 something and she did say something like it was RM6.00 altogether for the nasi campur. Good grief! That was unbelievably cheap!!! And everything was very very nice especially the pineapples.

Then she sent another lady to come to our table to apologise saying that they had forgotten to include my missus’ plate of nasi campur and asked for an additional RM5.00. What? But she only had the sotong, the shrimps and the pineapples with the rice while I had so much more, plus the papadum and I just had to fork out a ringgit extra for mine? Ah well!!! Never mind! She enjoyed her selections very much too and no doubt, RM5.00 is quite reasonable, value for money…but honestly, I think I was undercharged for mine. Well, who’s complaining? Hehehehehe!!!!

Just when all of us had finished and had had our fill, this…

Hari Hari Daun Pisang buah petai sambal

…came out of the kitchen. Ooooo…buah petai (stinky beans)!!! I love those!!! Ah well…I guess that would have to wait till the next time we drop by here – hopefully, that will be available then. You win some, you lose some – you just can’t win them all.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Can’t win them all…”

  1. Nice that you enjoyed the meal and that…the price was right! 🙂

    Definitely! Very cheap! All in all for the three of us, less than USD5.00 for everything we had, inclusive of drinks.

  2. Tosai for lunch? I won’t kenyang if I eat tosai for lunch. Haha.

    I love what you had. I can definitely eat that over and over again. Too bad the petai came out late otherwise will be just perfect!

    You eat so much? Still so thin and still so small? Now, where did all that food go to? Hehehehehe!!!

    My missus just cooked sambal prawn petai two days earlier so no, I was not really craving for it.

  3. That was very cheap compared to other Mamak/Indian cuisines. I can’t eat tosai, too sour for me. 😢

    It’s not sour. It has that unique fermented taste and fragrance and because of it, my girl loves it! More than canai…and now that she is off gluten, no more canai for her. Tosai is ok – they do not use wheat flour.

  4. Very reasonable price for nasi campur. Cannot complain much.

    Reasonable? I would say it was so very cheap – 3 meat and 1 veg + rice plus a papadum for only RM6.00! And as you can see, the servings that I helped myself to were huge – twice as much as what one would usually get. My missus had two meat and one veg, RM5.00 – now, that I would say, was reasonable. The best part, of course, everything tasted good! I sure have no complaints, none at all – never mind, that they seem to have a little problem calculating all the time…as long as they do not overcharge me. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. You have a good pick for your nasi campur. All looks so good. I like the pineapple & petai. Price is reasonable.

    You too? See my reply to roseliew above. At such prices, I sure would want to go back for more time and time again.

  6. Wow, those stinky beans sure look yummy. Next visit please. 🙂

    You like? Boy, I’m impressed. I just acquired the taste quite recently. In my growing up years, my mum was the only one eating and everytime she did, we would grumble about the smell. Good for health, it seems.

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