Quick and easy…

My girl bought this…

Prima Taste beef rendang with rice 1

…made-in-Singapore product at a supermarket here for only RM3.99 but I guess that was because it was about to expire. I peeled off the price tag to look at the one it was stuck over and the price there was RM9.50.

Unfortunately, she looked at the ingredients and saw that there were things she had to avoid like wheat, oats and barley. Huh??? In a packet of beef rendang with rice? I guess those would be the multi-grains mentioned on the packet…

Prima Taste beef rendang with rice 2

Well, since she would not be able to eat that, I decided to go ahead and give it a try myself.

According to the instructions at the back, I was supposed to immerse it in boiling water and cook for 8-10 minutes and I was expecting to find a pouch inside like in the case of their other products but no, there wasn’t any…

What's inside

Oh dear!!! In the end, I just folded the packet closed and boiled it and when the time was up, I emptied the contents onto a plate…

Prima Taste beef rendang with rice 3

Yes, it was very nice! It had the fragrance of all the spices and other ingredients used, the rice was just right, neither hard nor overcooked and soggy and the beef was tender enough for old toothless me. However, at RM9.50, if that is the original price, I think I would go for the same or something similar that is freshly cooked and served like beef curry or masak hitam at the stalls here.

I dropped by the supermarket myself a few days ago and I saw this…

Prima Taste chicken claypot rice

I guess that was on special offer too but the expiry date would not be till December so I have ample time. I have not tried it yet but will do so soon. For one thing, I find their products to my liking, those that I’ve tried and I must say it is so very convenient to have in the house to cook and eat, real quick and easy.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Quick and easy…”

  1. Agree with Mun, for those who miss Asian food when they are overseas… for us here, we can go out to Indian Muslim shops for more fresh food and varieties…

    …and it may be cheaper too. Can’t blame them though – made in Singapore and with our pathetic ringgit, this would not come cheap at all.

  2. Hassle free, quick & easy, I am ready for it. Agree, if the original price is RM9.50, better go for something freshly cooked. Looks like the Chicken claypot rice is more expensive than the beef rendang. Wonder if the Chicken claypot rice taste like real thing.

    Maybe that one is not due to expire till next month. The beef rendang was expiring the following week and when I cooked it, it was already a few days past. Usually, they will lower the prices even further if there are any left as the day draws nearer.

  3. We do get some of the Prima stuff here, but I haven’t noticed either the rendang or the claypot rice. I’m surprised it had rice and meat in it, I expected that it include the rempah only.

    I was expecting two pouches, one for the rice and one for the beef rendang, not all mixed up. That was why what I had in my plate did not look as nice as the photo on the packet. This probably is new – did not see them here before even though we do have a lot fop their products at another supermarket in town. Expensive.

  4. May I know what is the material of the packaging? I’m not comfortable to just boil it like that but the rice looks so appealing that I may want to buy this to use when traveling.

    Some kind of thick aluminum-like thing, just like their pouches. Maybe I should have just poured it all out and steamed instead.

  5. Ooo, that mix does look quite fragrant and flavorful – if photos could carry an aroma and convey a flavour! Time to look for more under-RM5 bargains around! 😉

    Yes, indeed. Tasted great, though all mixed up inside.

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