Used to love you…

I used to love their meat porridge (RM4.00, the special)…

Choon Seng meat porridge special 1

…a lot – I would say it was my favourite in town so the other day, I went back there with the intention of having that.

I saw a lot of people having it too so I guess they all feel the way I do – they all love it as well! I don’t know what would be in the regular but the special had a few pieces of liver and three tiny bits of pig’s intestine other than the usual minced pork and egg…

Choon Seng meat porridge special 2

Yes, it was still good but I was wishing the whole time that they would give people the option to add one or perhaps, even half a salted egg or century egg and pay a bit more. I do love those with my porridge.

My missus ordered the fried pek koi (rice cakes), RM4.00…

Choon Seng fried pek koi

…from the chu char/chap fan place at the back. It looked like here, they would cook it like those Foochow fried noodles, with a little bit of dark sauce/gravy. Well, she said it was nice so I guess that was all that mattered.

I saw the couple at the third/”new” stall…

Choon Seng food stalls
*Archive photo*

…sitting there rather pathetically while all the rest were enjoying such brisk business so I decided to order their lor mee (RM4.00)…

Choon Seng lor mee

…to give it a try and see if it was anything like the lor mee we used to love long ago. It was nice, that much I would say, and it sure had a lot of added ingredients on top but no, it did not have that slightly-sweet, corn starch-thickened and lightly five-spice powder-flavoured gravy that we would associate with the really good authentic lor mee that we had had in the past.

As I was leaving, I saw a lady having their Sarawak laksa but I did not go near enough to have a look. Times are hard, prices of things keep going up and here, we have the two trying to make an honest decent living – I do hope their business picks up, enough to make ends meet, at least.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Used to love you…”

  1. Woo, good eats! Noble of you to buy from other stalls and give them some local love.

    I would be incline to suggest it to the stall holder of Lor Mee to add 5-spice powder etc to the gravy.

    They may not like it – I never tell people where I feel they’ve gone wrong unless they ask. I can imagine them retorting – you think you are so clever, you cook lah!

  2. Your post makes me think of the bak moi (pork porridge) in the Kuching Open Air Market. My favourite; just normal with lots of minced meat balls. Hubby loves to add an egg in his porridge. If eat there, he would order 1 century egg with ginger as side dish to go with it. Sigh! Those were the days! ^^

    Hmm. I still dont like lor mee. Maybe the sweet sauce. Not so into sweet dishes myself.

    I am not a fan of lor mee either, just that I may go for it once in a while for a change. Not commonly found here in the past, more these days but they do not do it well. Maybe it is not a Foochow thing, probably would be easier to find good, authentic ones in Kuching.

    Oh? Why “Those were the days”? Hubby too far away, cannot go phak thor at Open Air like before? 😛

    1. Yaloh. Gone the days when hang out late at night with friends and pak toh in Open Air Market. Lol

      Now got three kids, by late night, too tried liao – straight tidur. That’s why people say after people get married, romance goes out the window. 😀

  3. Yes, our country’s inflation is shockingly high as compared to other countries! I went Taiwan 11 years ago and in my recent trip, I found that the prices are almost the same as 11 years ago!

    How nice! Do they take in migrants?

  4. I didn’t eat lor mee for quite sometimes as usually after eating lor mee, i feel bloated, maybe due to the thick gravy…

    Oh? Sure it’s not the gluten in the yellow noodles?

  5. I bet if there was ever a poll run about which country loves eggs the most, Malaysia would come out on top!

    Lots of horror stories about them once, not that I bothered much – I love eggs, all of it…but it seems people are singing a different tune now.

  6. For a change, that bowl of meat porridge is certainly a good choice. Love it heaps. A stall near the temple at Carpenter Street sell very nice meat porridge & so is the one at Ming Hong Kee kopitiam, Jalan Padungan. The pek koi I had before is dry like char kway teow. This looks watery.

    I never had porridge anywhere in Kuching except at Open Air, the other side at 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning…plain porridge and then we ordered dishes to go with it, like kangkong and salted egg, for instance…after partying all night at Jubilee Hall. Hehehehehe!!! Real terror, I was…when I was young!

  7. The egg in the porridge looks very nicely done. I always must have egg in my rice porridge.

    Me too!!! But I would save the yolk, unbroken, till the last spoonful with what would be left of the porridge. Yummmm!!! 😀

  8. I am yearning for a good meat porridge with all the spare parts. Don’t know any place that sells it near my place.

    Don’t recall having any in KL either. This one is nice but I wish they would add more…of the spare parts. Wouldn’t mind if they charge a little higher.

  9. If it weren’t my bedtime I would be wanting to cook a meal now! 🙂 Your photos are making me hungry.

    That would be past midnight there. Not sleeping yet? I would be sleeping past 9 every night. 😀

  10. I also get disappointed when something I like changes.

    It is not quite that the quality has changed, just that they do not know how to go about cooking it as it is – what it should be like authentically. Dunno of any place that does it well around here, not anymore.

    Same thing with Kuching kolo mee here – looks like it, tastes like Sibu kampua, most of them…and Sarawak laksa too. I would not bother going back a second time, most of them.

  11. The sight of the runny egg in the porridge has me salivating … but yes, what will have me swooning will be adding salted egg AND century egg to make it a trifecta! 😉

    Boy! Don’t we love eggs!!! In any form and colour. Hehehehehe!!!!

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