I keep coming back…

Actually, my intention was to take my girl here for lunch on Saturday when she was home for the weekend – I was there the day before, Friday – so she could enjoy all the ethnic culinary delights that they would have in store. However, she was not free as she had to conduct a course for teachers in the same district from 9.00 a.m. till 1.00 a.m. and lunch would be provided so I did the next best thing – I decided to drop by and tapao (take away) their pansoh babi (pork cooked in bamboo) and kacang ma chicken for her for dinner.

I was very early – it was just 9 something, not 10.00 a.m. yet so I thought I would try the chap fan from the chu char place at the back. It looked like those people would get their dishes served very much earlier so I was very sure there would be quite a lot for me to choose by then. However, when I got there, I saw that a few of the dishes were already available so I changed my mind right away about going for the Chinese mixed rice and had their kacang ma chicken…

Anak Borneo kacang ma chicken, dry

…again. They had the dry version that morning though. I know some people like it like that but I would love a little bit of sauce to mix with the rice.

This is the snapshot of the fish that I had the day before…

Anak Borneo terung Dayak fish

…but did not take a photograph of it and no, I did not have it again. I just had the chicken, one meat and two vegetables, this cangkuk manis with pumpkin…

Anak Borneo cangkuk manis with pumpkin

…and this paku (wild jungle fern)…

Anak Borneo paku with bamboo shoots

…with bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots? Oh no!!! I did not notice they had that in it when I placed my order. In the end, I passed it all to my missus – she loves bamboo shoots…and she gave me a bit of her pork and pineapple curry…

Anak Borneo pork & pineapple curry
*Archive photo*

…which was very nice though personally, I would prefer our giant udang galah (freshwater prawns) cooked this way but don’t dream of ever getting those at a nasi campur place – they are worth their weight in gold and even if they had it, you would probably have to pay through your nose just to get one to enjoy like at this place here, RM20.00 each in 2014, dunno how much they are charging now.

This came out later, after we had finished eating – the kangkong with pig’s blood and intestines…

Anak Borneo kangkong with pig's blood and intestines

…so I did not get to try that though I sure would love to. I guess that will have to wait till the next time I spot it being served here.

On Sunday, we were out of town, sending my girl back to her school in the jungle and what a relief it was to find that there was electricity! When we sent her on Wednesday (2nd November) after the long Deepavali weekend, the supply was down and for the three nights she was back there, it was not restored. My sister-in-law tagged along and she was visibly upset to see what her dear niece had to put up with. We did not know how long there had not been any electricity but everything in the fridge was spoilt and the stink was horrible – we had to clear everything and throw it all away.

Anyway, I got word from the Anak Borneo people that they were closed for the day. It seems that they have picked Sunday as their day of rest every week so you can go on any other day but never on Sunday. They added that they would have tempoyak (fermented durian) the following day, Monday so there I was once again to see what they would cook with it. They had this tempoyak pork…

Anak Borneo tempoyak pork

…and yes, it was very nice indeed and a welcome change from the pansoh babi and the kacang ma chicken. I did not pick those this time around but I did ask for the tapioca leaves again and also this buah keluak with cincaluk (fermented shrimps)…

Anak Borneo buah keluak with cincaluk 1

They did not seem to have rubber seeds in it that day…

Anak Borneo buah keluak with cincaluk 2

– probably they had run out of those but nonetheless, it was very nice and I sure enjoyed it a lot.

Instead of the tapioca leaves that I had, my missus picked the cucumber leaves with salai ikan (smoked fish) and whatever else…

Anak Borneo cucumber leaves & salai ikan

…instead and we had this on the house to try – the ikan patin kerabu

Anak Borneo ikan patin kerabu

…and yes, it was really nice too.

Of course, lunch was great, both times after the first time but no, I will have to stop coming back for more or else I would not have anything new to blog about. Having said that, rest assured that they certainly would see me there again…sooner of later. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I keep coming back…”

  1. Fermented durian with pork, cucumber leaves (never had it before) with smoked fish and kerabu for me.

    I now remember I had fermented durian with either pork or chicken in an IBAN long house many years ago. It was very good indeed.

    You should try my fermented durian giant freshwater prawns. So very nice. I think I did blog about it before.

    P.S. I see your confusion now – I missed out the durian in my reply to your comment – fermented durian giant freshwater prawns. I’ve edited that now.

    1. Do you mean pickled fresh water prawns? Is this in vinegar? No?

      Pickled prawns? In vinegar? Is there such a thing? I know there is raw fish, they add sliced Bombay onions, chili and lots of calamansi lime juice – the acidity will cook the fish actually but they still say it is raw – our Melanau version of the sashimi, we call it umai. Yes, I do know that some people add vinegar instead of the lime juice but we frown on those, nowhere near the real thing.

      We usually do not do this with prawns but at the Thai place, Flavours, they do – they call it sashimi prawns.

      Tempoyak prawns, https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/just-for-you/, I cook them…and add tempoyak for the sweetness and taste of the fermented durian. No pickling, no vinegar.

      1. I am learning lots through blogging/silent reader of blogs; use of fermented durian and shrimps in the cooking.

        Open house! Very generous of you. I thought it is usually hosted by a local VIP.

        It’s the common practice these days, never mind who and what race, serving more than just cakes and cookies and drinks. Toned down a lot now though, can get real tiring now that I am a lot older.

  2. Pork with pineapple? I don’t know they go well in that but like you, I go for the prawns cooked that way.

    Your current favourite place for nasi campur?? 3 days in a row. Wow. I wouldn’t mind if it is good and reasonable.

    Kacangma. I like some gravy for my rice as well.

    Great minds think alike, eh?

    The pork and pineapple curry was nice, a welcome change but of course, one can never go wrong with prawns just that they are so very expensive. Saw some sea water ones at a shop yesterday, thumb size and longer by a third, RM45.00 a kg. Of course, I did not buy. Wouldn’t die from not eating them.

    Yes, everything’s good here, my kind of cuisine, and reasonably-priced, value for money, wouldn’t mind dropping by time and time again.

  3. Interesting variety… your daughter worked from 9 am to 1 am ?!

    You wish! 7 am to 1 pm, school days. This was extra…on a Saturday, our weekend interrupted, so pissed off. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. First time heard of dry version kacang ma but still I prefer soupy. It has been donkey years since I last had pig’s blood. Last time when my MIL is still around, she used to cook bayam with pig’s blood. Quite miss this dish. Pork & pineapple curry looks tempting.

    I can’t remember my mum cooking pig’s blood with vegetables. I think it was with minced pork, and maybe chives? So long ago, old man’s memory fading already.

    Me too, first time seeing dry kacang ma and me too, not really a fan of it this way – I love lots of sauce and lots and lots of wine.

  5. The tempoyak pork must taste very nice. I have not eaten any tempoyak before.

    I think I saw bottled factory-made ones from your side, can;t remember where. I wonder if those are any good. So much trouble making one’s own, so many durians and you get just about half a tub, so very little.

  6. The pig’s blood is another thing I haven’t had for a very long time.

    In my growing up years, we would eat it every month. My father insisted that barbers did that to cleanse the system…and then there was all that talk about innards so we stopped eating those…and no more pig’s blood in the house since. I would want to order it though should I happen to see it at any stall in town.

  7. This is my first time seeing kangkung fried with pig’s blood and intestines. I don’t mind the intestines but the blood, not so much.

    I don’t mind both – mild tastes, not as strong as liver and more dependent on ingredients used in the cooking. Intestines must be cleaned well though, kidney would be worse – can be so smelly.

  8. You’re such a sweet Dad. 🙂 Tapao. Driving her to school. A really good and caring father.

    The only one I’ve got and I’m so blessed, she’s such a good girl, a loving daughter.

  9. Wow…lots of dishes again and most of them are so new to me… Guess you would say I have to visit Sibu again to try.. hahaha..

    Of course, you don’t have much of a choice if you want to try all the ethnic delights here. Come! Come!

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