After our scrumptious and most delightful Thai dinner here, my brother-in-law wanted to give a return treat and at the same time, take my sister-in-law, his sister, out before she left town.

He wanted to come here as he had not been here before and he chose a table by the window where it was brighter owing to the light coming in from the coffee shop section next door which, of course, meant that I would be able to take nicer photographs of the dishes served.

We placed our orders and everything was served very promptly – we did not have to wait very long. My brother-in-law had the grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce…

Eco Delite grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce

– my missus’ favourite and yes, he thought it was very good.

His wife had the fish and chips…

Eco Delite fish and chips

…but she did not seem to enjoy it very much and she passed most of the bigger of the two chunks to the hubby and the other to my sister-in-law who was too full to handle that so she passed it to me. I thought it was quite nice actually – I don’t know what fish it was but if it was dory, it was not smelly nor did it have that jelly-like texture that I came across elsewhere and I would never want to order it since. For one thing, these people are related to those at the shop selling imported frozen seafood so they probably have access to some nicer fish compared to others who would just get their frozen fish fillet from any supermarket. The batter was slightly oily though – maybe they dropped it into the oil before it was hot enough.

They also ordered this bowl of Ceasar salad…

Eco Delite Ceasar salad

…to share.

My visiting sister-in-law had the creamy cheese chicken chop…

Eco Delite creamy cheese chicken chop

…which, to my surprise, had rice by the side, not quite usual for a western dish but I guess this being a fusion place, one can expect the unexpected.

No, it wasn’t plain rice but nasi lemak, the same as what my missus got with her ayam penyet

Eco Delite ayam penyet

…which did not look clobbered/smashed at all. I had the nasi lemak when we were here last and I did not like the rice – it was nothing like any nasi lemak anywhere but this time around, we all thought it wasn’t too bad, not the lemak-est I have had but the taste was there. As for the ayam penyet, yes, my missus enjoyed it even though it was not hot and spicy enough for her – perhaps they should give an option to anyone ordering that dish, to tambah pedas or not.

As for me, I had the chicken parmigiana…

Eco Delite chicken parmigiana

…and I loved it…or initially, that is. It tasted really nice but with all the cloyingly rich cheese, there was this what I would call the law of diminishing returns so towards the end, I was feeling kind of jelak…but I am sure it was just me. Those who are more into this kind of stuff would probably love it all the way.

I am not sure of the specific prices since I was not the one to pick up the tab but these items were all on their special promotions list and may range from between RM9.90 and RM12.90, if I am not mistaken and the total on the bill was only RM66.90. Not bad, eh?