Carried away…

Yes, I got carried away and ordered way too much for us to finish.

My sister-in-law was in town for All Souls’ Day so I took her out for dinner here and I invited my brother-in-law and his wife to join us as well, six of us including my girl, my missus and I.

I wanted them to try and enjoy all the nice dishes here starting with the appetiser, the miang kam

Flavours Thai Kitchen miang kam

…and yes, everybody enjoyed the one here to the max so much so that they kept going on and on, wrapping and eating one after another. It was that good which is more than what I can say about the one we had here, the second time around. At least, the leaves were big enough for wrapping everything and not so very small that I had to eat it with a spoon.

We managed to finish all the pad thai

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad thai

…but there was a bit of the pineapple fried rice…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pineapple fried rice


I thought the massaman beef curry…

Flavours Thai Kitchen massaman beef curry

…was nicer at the other place, the first time I had it there, but perhaps, it was because it was served a little later and we were already too full after enjoying all the very strong-tasting exotic Thai delights such as the awesome seafood tom yam

Flavours Thai Kitchen seafood tom yam

…that we finished right down to the very last drop.

We only had a bit of the kaprao chicken…

Flavours Thai Kitchen kaprao chicken

…and by the time the paku (wild jungle fern)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen

…was served, everyone was too full to take in anymore. I did have them for lunch the following day and both were really nice, just that the kaprao did not seem to have a lot of those fragrant Thai basil leaves like before. Hmmmm….I’ve a lot at in my garden at home, Mary. Shall I send some over?

We did manage to finish quite a bit of the seafood salad with glass noodles…

Flavours Thai Kitchen seafood salad

…and all of the very delightful fish, their crispy fried garlic barramundi…

Flavours Thai Kitchen crispy fried garlic barramundi

Everyone was in agreement that it was really very nicely done.

I forgot to order the oyster omelette and the fish cakes – I do like those too but I guess it was good that I did not remember as in the end, we did have quite a bit of leftovers and I had to request for everything to be tapao-ed home. For one thing, the servings were very big and we had 9 dishes altogether – I would prefer smaller portions so we would be able to order more to enjoy. As it is, for 6 persons, probably 4 or 5 dishes would be enough.

The overall total for that most delightful dinner came up to RM287.90, just a little over RM10.00 more than what we paid here for only 6 dishes but I must say that we enjoyed this one many many times more than what we had there…plus the dishes are not those run-of-the-mill stuff that we would get at most, if not all, Chinese restaurants around town and the people, the service and the place are a cut above that one and elsewhere too.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Carried away…”

  1. All looks so good. Sometimes when food are great & with so many choices, it is hard to decide what to order, same apply to chap fan stall. 9 dishes for 6 persons, that’s way too much & somemore the portions are huge.

    Indeed, very very huge – the pad Thai, we always order the small to be shared by 3, this one that night was the large. Could have left out the pineapple fried rice…and the curry and paku too, too much but at least, everybody enjoyed everything, so very nice.

  2. I never tried such appetizer before. I love the look of the tom yam and fried crispy fish. I am always vote for seafood dishes. ^^

    You’ll have to come to Sibu to try the appetiser and everything else, dunno any nice Thai restaurant in Kuching. Went to one in Padungan, more fusion than completely/authentically Thai – owned by KL guy, chef from Johore.

  3. Seafood tom yam is always my favourite…

    Not really a fan of tom yam but this one here is so very good, will want to order again.

  4. Nice gathering with thefamily. I always tapau leftover dishes. So sayang.

    Yes, it’s a sin to waste. Unless something is not nice – after all, we paid for it.

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