Killing time…

The next day, Sunday, after the service in church, we picked up my cousins at the hotel but their flight was around 6 in the evening so we had a lot of time to kill.

I took them here for the old lady’s celebrated kampua noodles

Kampua mee

…and yes, there was a general consensus that it was much nicer than what they had here – somebody took them there for that soon after they had landed in Sibu…and yes, her very thick and rich meat ball soup…

Meat ball soup

…won their praises. They certainly enjoyed that!

There is a new Malay stall at that coffee shop now, right in front…

Diandianlai Cafe Malay stall

…and my missus had their nasi lemak special with chicken curry (RM5.00)…

Diandianlai Cafe nasi lemak special

…while my girl had their Sarawak laksa (RM4.00)…

Diandainlai Cafe Sarawak laksa

…which they said they did enjoy and were quite good…and yes, THIS is how we fry eggs…

Diandianlai Cafe fried egg

– that’s the way I like it!

After that, we drove here and there for this and that and yes, we did drop by here for the coffee

Choon Seng coffee
*Archive photo*

…and yes, they agreed that the coffee is nice again and is worth dropping by for when in town.

Before I dropped them off at the Sibu Airport, I took them a little further up the road to the Sibu Jaya township. They were impressed by how nice it looks now. We dropped by the ethnic section of the market there and I did manage to buy a kilo of buah emplam (more on that in tomorrow’s post), half a kilo of groundnuts – my girl loves those, boiled till soft with a little bit of salt added…and four not very big ikan buris for RM20.00. I cooked one in the oven this way…

Buris panggang daun kesum
*Archive photo*

– my girl loves it a lot and the rest, following our traditional masak kunyit recipe

Ikan buris masak kunyit

Yes, they were good – both ways!

After that brief but fruitful visit to the market, I dropped them off at the airport for their flight to Kuching. Bye bye, cousins – it was real lovely having you all here. I most certainly had a great time, so do come again!