Let’s go out…

The Deepavali holidays for all schools in the country started on Friday so my girl was home by evening the day before. The next morning, we went over to visit the grandparents and the grandpa suggested going out for brunch.

Of course, as I have mentioned before, my dad has a few of his own favourite places and he would prefer to go to one of them instead of trying some place new or different. That was why we ended up here again and he had the Foochow fried noodles with char siew added (RM5.00)…

Y2K Foochow fried noodles with added char siew
*Archive photo*


My girl ended up trying their fried rice (RM5.00)…

Y2K fried rice

…and they sure had a lot of char siew in it. She was halfway through already when I finally found a place to park the car – parking in that area can be such a pain – so that is why you only get to see just one corner of her plate. Hehehehehe!!!! They were very generous with the serving so she could not finish, the small eater that she is, and no prize for guessing who ate it all up for her. After all, as they say, it’s a sin to waste…and yes, I thought it was really very very nice. For once, I can truthfully say that there is one place here in town where the fried rice is nicer than mine.

My missus also tried something different – their fried tang hoon/glass noodles (RM5.00)…

Y2K fried glass noodles

…and she said it was very nice. It certainly looks good, don’t you think?

I felt like having their very nice tomato kway teow (RM5.00)…

Y2K tomato kway teow 1

…so that was what I had that morning.

It got me wondering why I did not have any char siew in my plate of noodles and yet, the price was the same as the rest, the Foochow fried noodles especially so I asked the lady boss and she told me that a regular plate of fried kway teow with sauce/gravy…

Y2K Fried kway teow with sauce/gravy and char siew added
*Archive photo*

…minus the char siew, would cost RM4.50 and they would charge 50 sen extra for the tomato sauce added…

Y2K tomato kway teow 2

…and if I wanted char siew, that would be RM5.50 altogether. Hmmm…it was good enough without the char siew, I think.

That certainly was a delightful outing with my girl and her grandpa – we certainly look forward to doing that a lot more when the end-of-year school holidays come around at the end of November.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Let’s go out…”

  1. And here… I thought you were being all artistic and showing just the corner of the plate! Hee hee!

    LOL!!! That was the best I could do when I saw she was halfway through. Not bad, eh? Made the best of what was left.

  2. I’ll take an order of Taia/glass noodles and fried rice please…

    Great choices, both. Very nice. “Taia”? What language is that? In Chinese (Hokkien dialect), we call it tang hoon but it may vary between the dialects and they are called differently in other languages too, I think.

    Your first time here, I see. Welcome and thanks for your comment. Do drop by again.

  3. Happy holiday!

    Nice to get together with the grandpa and love what you guys have. tomato kway teow I love but if i were to choose, I would go for fried rice. I am a bit particulat when it comes to fried rice. Must enough wok hei and rice must fluffy and not too wet.

    Yes, that is why my fried rice is not as nice – the fire is not big enough so the taste would solely depend on the ingredients I use. This one, not much ingredients other than the char siew though there was quite a lot of that but the wok hei fragrance was very strong and nice, very well done.

    It sure was a great outing with the grandpa. How have your holidays been so far? Good?

    1. Busy revising for exam with kids. Not much of a holiday anyway but good timing to do revision before the year end exam starting on Thursday.

      Same as in my girl’s school so no papers to mark yet, quite free…can enjoy this long weekend.

  4. Everything looks great though I must admit if I had to choose, I cannot resist fried rice. Ah, the school holidays is something for Melissa to look forward to!

    Yes, three more days, going back on Wednesday for two days and then it is the weekend again. Busy long weekend for us, family members coming and going for All Souls’ Day.

  5. All looks pretty good. Fried tomato kway teow for me, pls. It doesn’t matter much as to whether got char sio or not, as long as the gravy is nice & not too sourish.

    Yes, they do it just right here, not like some places, so much tomato sauce like eating the sauce straight from the bottle. I do wish they would add a couple of prawns and a little sotong though – I think they have those in the ones I had in Kuching.

  6. Is today a Deepavali holidays in Sibu also?

    For schools only – they take the days from the end of the year so they will break off later in November, not at the beginning of the month like in previous years. Till tomorrow, Nov 1st, All Saints’ Day and some schools are asking for Nov 2nd off, All Souls’ Day, my girl’s school too.

  7. Fried tang hoon, love it. I always cook it plain for my daughter. She loves it so much.

    My girl loves it too…but the ones sold outside, not the ones I cook. 😥

  8. The food looks very good here except for the tomato sauce fried noodles…. The fried glass noodles is a good choice… uncommon over here too….

    Many things we have here that you do not have over there and vice versa. You don’t like the look of the tomato noodles? It’s a specialty in Kuching, starting to become more popular here. I love it! I love the fried noodles in Kuching too – they deep fry first like Cantonese fried in KL and then pour the very nice tomato sauce-based gravy over it. Too bad we do not have that here, will surely go for it whenever I go over to Kuching.

    Not many places here serving fried glass noodles, I think. So far, I only know two – the other one calls theirs sambal bee hoon – we were quite sure it was tang hoon. Nice too.

  9. That is like a noodle heaven to me! I cant pick a favorite all looks good

    One of the usual picks for breakfast here, noodles…but for us, it would be brunch. We would not eat anymore after that, come noontime.

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