For the very first time…

Yes, finally, I harvested my ladies’ fingers for the very first time…in my life, in fact as I have never planted any vegetables before. There were five…

My ladies fingers

…only but a couple of days later, I had two more and that was quite enough for a meal.

So the next question was how I was going to cook them. One way would be to fry them with sambal belacan/hay bee (dried prawns with dried prawn paste)…

Fried ladies fingers
*Archive photo*

…or just boil and eat as an ulam with sambal belacan

Ladies fingers ulam
*Archive photo*

…or cook curry like how they would have ladies’ fingers in fish curry…

Sheraton fish curry
*Archive photo*

…or I could stuff them with meat or fish paste…

Ladies fingers yong tofu
*Archive photo*

…and enjoy them as a condiment in yong tofu.

In the end, I just decided to pound some sambal hay bee

Sambal hay bee

– with udang kering or dried prawns plus chili, calamansi lime juice, a bit of garlic and sugar and salt. This was different from sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip), no belacan was used in the making but we ate it in that same way – just boil the ladies’ fingers…

Ladies fingers sambal hay bee ulam

…and eat with the sambal as an ulam.

How would you have cooked and eaten them if you were in my shoes?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “For the very first time…”

  1. So beautiful, your ladies finger. I goreng mine with belacan and cili. So sedap!

    We only goreng with udang kering but yes, with a bit of belacan and lots of chili added. Nice! The only way we like it, if fried.

  2. If fresh & green like yours, then I prefer steam & eat with sambal. I love it fried with sambal belacan too. These are my 2 favourite ways to cook ladies fingers.

    Same here. That day, you said eat with cincaluk dip? I have that in the fridge, did not try. Maybe the second harvest, I will do that.

  3. These are beautiful specimens. Are you inspired to try to grow more veggies?

    I don’t think so. Friends have not been very encouraging, talking about pests and what not. I don’t intend to use pesticides on my plants, so far, just organic fertilisers.

  4. Well done!!! I have not even harvest any vegetables yet in my life! Haha.

    Nice choices of cooking it. I usually fry them with dried prawns or blanch and then toss garlic oil and oyster sauce on them.

    Yes, we usually fry with dried prawns or stem/boil and eat with sambal belacan, either of these two ways. Never tried garlic oil and oyster sauce.

  5. I would have done the same thing! Since it’s homegrown, so fresh, cooking any other ways would be a ‘waste’ and pity. But I like them fried with sambal belacan and chilli when I get them from the market.
    Well done!

    Yes, from the garden onto the plate, can’t get any fresher than that.

  6. wah so clever! i want to start planting my own veggies too.

    sambal belacan style is the best, and yummiest!

    You have the time? Seems so busy going here and there, so many events, must be KL No. 1 blogger now…can hardly keep up with my comments on them. 😀

  7. I’ll probably steam them and serve with Soy sauce, healthier!

    Oh no! Skip the soy sauce, all the preservatives, the artificial flavourings, the colouring and what not. Ever so often, we read of some brands being banned…and you think that is healthier? Just eat like that, on its own – it has its own subtle sweetness.

    1. As if la you don’t soy sauce at all

      …not as a dip – it drowns out the taste of everything – can just taste the soy sauce only. I do use it but only in cooking, say soy sauce chicken or pork…and I use mushroom soy, dunno if that is any better.

  8. The fruit of your labour!! Tastes extra good because you grew it!

    Yes, it does give a certain degree of self-satisfaction, my pride and joy at accomplishing something I have never done before. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. How nice! Enjoying the fruits of your labor, eh? I love ladies fingers done any way – blanched or fried with sambal. Very appetizing!

    Yes, so pleased with myself. I did it!!! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, eh? 😉

  10. All of the above cooking styles suit me! But of course, I normally will just steam it… or sauteed it with sambal Dried prawns if it is available in my fridge… hahahaa… Very nice and green, and organic too!

    Yes, 100% sure no pesticide, no chemical fertiliser, best!

  11. Wow that looks like a perfect okra! Well done, hopefully I can grow vegetables like you

    Happy this has turned out well, not sure if I would venture into any other types of vegetables. More for the fun of it.

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