When was the last time I dropped by here?…

Sunny Cafe

I think it was in 2013 when my girl and I went to the airport to welcome her Terengganu coursemate to Sibu and we dropped by here for brunch. Of course, I was there several times before that going all the way back to the middle of 2009 and again around the end of that year.

Well, we dropped by the other morning and yes, that stall was still around, still going strong and enjoying a lot of business and of course, I just had to order their mee jawa special (RM5.00)…

Sunny Cafe mee jawa special

I would say this is my favourite here but I had their halal kampua mee once and I thought it was pretty good too. Looking at my old post, this was RM4.50 over three years ago and now it has gone up by 50 sen a plate.

If you go for the regular, it is only RM3.50 and you will get the shredded chicken and the bits of tauhu pok (fried bean curd puffs), some taugeh (bean sprouts) and half an egg…

Sunny Cafe, mee jawa - egg

…with your noodles, served in the very nice gravy.

If you ask for the special, you will need to fork out RM1.50 more for the very nice prawn fritters, 5 of them…

Sunny Cafe, mee jawa special - prawn fritters

…so those would work out to only 30 sen each.

My missus wanted the mee goreng (RM3.50)…

Sunny Cafe mee goreng

…and no, she did not want the special but she did put in a special request for it to be extra pedas (spicy/hot). Unfortunately, it turned out that it was not really pedas but on the whole, we both thought it was very nice and for that kind of money, they certainly were very generous with the noodles and the ingredients – lots of those bits of chicken in it unlike when you go to the Chinese stalls for their fried noodles that would set you back by at least RM3.80 or RM4.00 at some places with hardly any meat in theirs most of the time and some would even scrimp on the green vegetables.

Well, if you have never been here and would like to check this place out, it is here (2.318897, 111.831795) around the end of Jalan Kampong Nangka in the Sungai Antu area among the shops opposite RTM, Sibu. This one is two doors away and this ayam penyet franchise place and this one are located around the corner facing the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “When…”

  1. These are generous portions. Is it possible to have regular prawns rather than the fritters? The batter appears heavy.

    The dad of my best friend at school owned a corner shop in the early days. She would go to the Malay corner shop with 20 cents and came out of the shop with a generous bag of sweets or biscuits. Yes, she was good with figures and she knew how to get her money’s worth.

    The “corner shop” as we called it in the 60’s & 70’s, near Open Air, Electra House in Kuching? Don’t recall any Malay shop there but yes, it is their culture. Malays, the older ones, at least, are very gentle, friendly, soft spoken…and generous or at least, not calculative. Like at the kueh stall that I frequent, the lady would always give me this and that in addition the things that I have bought, sedekah, she says.

    They have Sarawak laksa there so they would have some boiled prawns, I am sure. You can ask for those. I certainly hope those would be bigger than these – it is more the very tasty and very nice and crunchy batter that I enjoy. At 30 sen each, you can expect the prawn inside to be smaller than what the Chinese would say, what you can dig out of your nose.

    1. The respective corner shop was in the surburb. The Malay guy who took out a lease to run a corner shop, went out of business within six months or so.

      Poor thing! Like the state-sponsored grocery at Satok. The workers were so nice, used thin plastic bag for the sugar and you say, not enough, they would add more, past the 1 kg mark, never mind. Next door, you know who – thick lined, brown paper bags, several layers…and they would weigh the sugar and before you could look, they would have lifted it off the scale…and if too much, sure they would take out a bit or maybe more than they should. That is how one can make a profit – sikit, sikit jadi bukit.

  2. Mee jawa special looks more appetising than mee goreng. Won’t mind to fork up extra for the prawn fritters.

    Yes, I would say the mee goreng did not look as nice as a lot elsewhere too but the test is in the eating…and so much, my missus could not finish all, a bit left – so I helped her and I would agree with her, it was very nice…and there was a lot of chicken in it, so generous with the meat.

  3. The portions look generous! 🙂

    Yes, not sure if it was past the 10 o’ clock tea break so they would want to finish off everything for the day.

  4. Mee Jawa? Mee goreng? I love both!!!

    Oh. They put prawn fritters in the mee jawa?? Interesting. Over here is with satays.

    We had one here with satay, very nice too but I think the location is not good – in the middle of nowhere, just one block of shops with a car workshop next door and a bakery – 3 in one block. So closed down not too long after they started. Used to do well at the SEDC hawker stalls at Simpang Tiga but they said the rent was too high so they shifted elsewhere.

  5. 3 years later and you’re back there! the mee goreng does look very appetizing. yummmm.

    Sad, isn’t it? I know what is nice there, I know I love what they serve there…but I can’t keep going back there or I will have nothing to blog about. 😥

  6. That is a good looking mee goreng. Makes me feel like having one right now!

    I thought it was kind of like what they say about my fried bihun, pecah pecah – in little bits. But it tasted great, very nice! Less than AUD1.00! 😀 😀 😀

  7. I think your missus has a much higher tolerance pedas than me – her order would probably make me sweat, and I’d feel the burn on both tongue and tummy! 😉

    You’re sure you’re not a Foochow from Sibu? I used to rinse my curry chicken in water before eating! 😀 Only started to learn the fiery pedas stuff in Singapore in 1973. Nasi padang, yum yummmm!!!!!

  8. I haven’t had mee jawa for years! The one you had looks really good. The one I used to eat long ago did not come with fritters.

    Neither do the ones here…just at this particular shop and you would need to fork out RM1.50 more for the special.

  9. I will go for the prawn fritters…

    Come, come! You can ask for as many as you want actually – 30 sen each.

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