A long way…

My girl’s colleague told her that she had the ayam penyet here…

Pyramid Cafe promotional posters 1

…and it was very nice so I made up my mind right away that I would stop by one day to give it a try.

This place is thus called, the Pyramid Café…

Pyramid Cfae promotional posters 2

…by virtue of the shape of the roof…

Pyramid Cafe building

…of the building that houses the eatery. It certainly is located a long way from town, around 10 miles away along the road to the Sibu Airport which is even further – 15 miles. You just can’t miss it as it is located right beside the big SHELL station…

SHELL station

…in that area (2.293335, 111.939129) along the Sibu-Bintulu or Sibu-Kanowit road.

I was not expecting much, thinking that probably, it would be somewhat unimpressive with a simple canteen setup but I couldn’t be more wrong. I loved the nail-free solid wood furniture…

Pyramid Cafe furniture 1

…inside and I thought the use of the recycled oil drums…

Pyramid Cafe furniture 2

…was very innovative and creative.

There is this roof-covered shaded play area…

Pyramid Cafe outside

…by the side, just nice for kids who are not into eating and are getting restless and right now, their very nice restrooms…

Pyramid Cafe restrooms

…located at the back, separate from the building proper, are currently under construction so temporarily, you will have to use the toilet at the back of the petrol station.

So what got me all the way there the other day? Well, my girl had a meeting here on Friday so I had to drive all the way to her school in the jungle to get her…and since I was passing that way along the Sibu-Bintulu road, I made it a point to leave the house a little earlier so that we could stop there for brunch. My missus wanted the ayam penyet so I chose the nasi lemak for myself….

Pyramid Cafe menu

Otherwise, I would only have one thing to blog about. Looking at the menu, I saw what looked like a little glass of orange juice so I confirmed with the lady at the counter and indeed, you would get a complimentary drink with your order.

However, when we were served, it was not orange juice that we got and I sure was glad that I ordered this cendol (RM3.50)…

Made-in-Kuching cendol

…to try. Yes, you guessed right! It was iced rose syrup! Eyewwww!!!! I must be jinxed or what for it seemed to be following me wherever I went these last few days. LOL!!!

The cendol was made in Kuching, available in a big plastic cup, sealed like those little cups of mineral water that you would get, if you pay for it, that is, when flying on that cheap everyone-can-fly airline. Instead of just poking a straw right through the top, they went through the trouble of pouring the contents into the nice tall glass and adding ice cubes to it before serving it. Yes, it was very very nice and the cendol was slitheringly smooth and soft, not like some that I have had the displeasure of eating around here, like agar agar. I wouldn’t mind buying it home should I happen to see it in the shops…and I can add those canned kidney or red beans, Sunstar Brand, myself.

My nasi lemak (RM5.90 with a complimentary drink)…

Pyramid Cafe nasi lemak 1

…was nice. No, the rice was not lemak but with the fried chicken and the lovely sambal

Pyramid Cafe nasi lemak 2

…and everything else in the plate, I did enjoy it very much.

I do think, however, that my missus’ nasi ayam penyet (RM8.90 with a complimentary drink)…

Pyramid Cafe nasi ayam penyet

…was nicer. I tried a bit of the chicken and it was bursting with flavours and certainly had an edge over the one I got with my nasi lemak. She said the sambal was very good, very much to her liking and yes, she sure enjoyed herself to the max.

Service was good – the ladies there are all very friendly and they were flattered when I told them the area where I am staying and I had gone such a long way to try what they had in store. I guess this is a convenient stop for people staying in Sibu Jaya, a short distance past the airport, or those heading to Bintulu or Kanowit for a bite to eat before going on their way…or those going to the airport to pick somebody could do what I did, leave the house earlier to stop by here and enjoy their delicious fare.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “A long way…”

  1. I like the way they recycled materials then upcycled it in the eatery. It’s becoming very fashionable.

    The cendol and Ayam Penyet warm the cockles of my heart.

    Rather than calling it nasi lemak, it should be labelled as skinny nasi lemak ☺️. I thought rose syrup is rich in Vitamin C. No?

    I like own-made rose syrup – if I am not wrong, it is made from the roselle flowers. They make lovely jam too. But they add some awful tasting essence to the manufactured bottled cordials – that puts me off.

  2. I really like the building, decor and signs, and the food looks great! 🙂

    Lovely place and food, wish it isn’t such a long way off.

  3. I wonder who’s pak Ali … whether he’s a real person or a figment of these ladies’ imagination! Food looks good!

    I was wondering too, same thing with Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak. Who’s Pak Nasser?

  4. Oh, I like how they turn the recycled oil drums into useful things. Thumbs up for them…and coming to the food, I think the nasi lemak worth everything with all the condiments that it should have in nasi lemak…and somemore free drink. Yummy!!!!

    Great place, great food. Too bad it is so far away, would love to drop by more often.

  5. I like the furniture, but cannot make out what the black thing in the play area is.

    One huge piece of drift wood. Those swans are the symbol of Sibu town, the used-to-be ugly duckling.

  6. Wow…. Really great parents! For both of you, it is nice to have a trip every weekend and to go dating out of town and enjoying yummy food along the way… the nasi lemak and the ayam penyet looks good.. the fried chicken looks very fresh and crispy too!..

    It’s a pleasant leisurely drive, road is good despite being single lane, two old retirees with nothing much else better to do – go makan angin. Wish there were more places like this one along the way so we could stop by to check out the food.

  7. Hm.. I can see that the rice is not ‘lemak’. Too dry. Ketot? The owner name? Signature?

    Not dry, not hard like some I have had elsewhere, just hardly any wangi santan so not really lemak – would need to add a lot more. Dunno Ketot, I only know Gendot. You know who? If you do not know, ask your mum, she can tell you.

  8. A new eatery?? Dont remember I seeing this during my Sibu stay.

    Look like a decent place to dine in.

    I would prefer more lemak to my rice.

    Me too. Haven’t had any really really good one since the one guy from Sarikei who had a stall in the morning at Bandong here. Never found out where he had disappeared to. This one did not make the grade though the sambal and everything else was nice.

  9. The fried chicken is super tempting…

    It was nice. Wouldn’t mind going back there for it again.

  10. This is an interesting shape for a restaurant, reminds me of Sunway pyramid. By the way whats with Malaysia and Pyramids? looks like a popular shape in there

    I haven’t the slightest idea but it is good for the weather here considering how much rain we get. Flat roofs aren’t so suitable but that seems to be the current favourite design.

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