Keeping my word…

I said I would go and check out his new place…

Sri Pelita, Causeway branch

…at Causeway Road here, behind the petrol station across the road from the Hong Kong Bank Building…

Hong Kong Bank Sibu
*Archive photo*

…right below this coffee place upstairs and yes, I’ve kept my word.

The handsome and friendly Guna was there…

Guna & his oven

…checking out his sparkling new traditional Indian tandoori oven.

They’ve just started this place not too long ago and are still getting the feel of things so there are not as many choices as at the original place…

Sri Pelita, Causeway chicken curry

– all chicken but I did mention to Guna that my girl would be more into mutton and he said it would be available soon.

There were not that many options either when it came to the vegetables…

Eggs & vegetables

…but like at the other place, they do it very well here too. Somehow, I am no fan of how they fry the vegetables at many Malays stalls here.

My missus had the nasi campur/mixed rice (RM6.00)…

Sri Pelita, Causeway nasi campur

…and I did not know she was going to pick the white chicken kurma

Sri Pelita, Causeway white chicken kurma

Had I known she was going to do that, I would not have picked the same to go with my nasi bryani (RM7.00, with the chicken)…

Sri Pelita, Causeway nasi bryani

…as I could have just taken a bit from her plate to sample. The kurma was nice, very lemak, but the taste was on the very mild side -I would prefer the stronger tasting ones, bursting with flavours and with a darker thicker gravy like the ones I could get here.

Guna gave us a bit of his tandoori chicken…

Sri Pelita, Causeway tandoori chicken

…to try and yes, it was very nice. It was not dry despite the fact that he gave us the breast and I could sense the hints of the spices or herbs or whatever that were used to marinate the meat. I certainly wouldn’t mind having this to go with my bryani rice the next time I drop by.

He also suggested that I tried their roti canai (RM1.20)…

Sri Pelita, Causeway roti canai

…with curry (RM3.00)…

Sri Pelita, Causeway chicken curry

The canai was fine, like most others elsewhere, but I would say that I liked the curry very much – more fragrant, tastier and nicer than the more watery ones at the old place.

Despite the difficulty in finding a parking space in this part of the town centre, there were quite a lot of people at the shop and I hear that come lunchtime, they would get a really good crowd, probably people from the offices and shops all around there. I was lucky to be able to grab one that morning but I did have to walk quite a distance and everyone knows that the word “walk” does not exist in my vocabulary. Hehehehehe!!!! For that reason, I would just say that I certainly would try to drop by again but no, I would not make any promises…

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Keeping my word…”

  1. My girl likes mutton ……………..sounds like Mr Wee has found his voice. Bring the suggestion box, on the double!

    It’s only because Guna is a nice and friendly guy and he will come and ask for opinions plus he reads my blog and takes everything into consideration.

    People who do not seem very friendly or they just ignore you or worse, you see them being very unhappy, getting angry and grumpy all the time – I would just keep my distance and not come to eat again if it is not good enough to get me to come back. No need to waste my time and energy, no point saying anything or even putting in a special request like not too salty, please…or less msg, please – you will get your head snapped off so fast, you would not know what hit you.

    Like this old lady here:
    I thought she had calculated wrongly, undercharged me so I went back to ask…and to pay what I owed if that was the case and I got blasted in the end. From what I hear, a lot of people have been victims of her wrath…and I cannot understand why they keep going back – the shop is always so crowded, sold out by 10 a.m.

  2. I would not mind the walk if food is good and people is friendly but then again, not that frequent if parking is hard.

    Miss briyani. I usually take with mutton curry or chicken curry. Seldom with kurma.

    My first time, never seen Indian white kurma before so I wanted to try. After all, I was getting the chicken curry with the canai.

    So far the furthest I’ve walked would be when I parked my car at the exhibition centre/1Malaysia shop and walked to that road with all the cafes and restaurants beside the pagoda/Chinese temple and that was because my girl wanted to eat something there. Otherwise, I would not have bothered – another place in town where parking can be such a pain.

  3. I like bryani, but have to share, as find that the rice a lot…

    You can always tell them that you do not want so much rice, half would be enough. We always do that.

  4. White chicken kurma seem something new. Roti canai & curry would be a good choice.

    Like the difference between Malay and Indian curry and our thicker and richer nyonya curry, this Indian kurma is more watery than the Malay ones, not so lemak and not so strong on the spices used.

  5. The tandoori looks delicious.

    It was good, a slightly stronger taste than the ones at the Indian-Indonesian restaurant here, lovely subtle flavours. I would say this one has an edge over that one there.

  6. Why not (walk)? It’s good for your health you know? 😛

    Old man, fat some more – not so mobile…unfortunately and in our tropical heat, not like the nice cool weather overseas. 😥

  7. Briyani and tandoori chicken – very nice. Indian food is quite expensive here.

    Not bad here but we do not have that many places to choose from, a lot more in Kuching or in the peninsula.

  8. Chicken and rice…and fried rice. Yes, please! 🙂

    No fried rice in this post, just bryani rice. Indian delight, cooked with ghee and all the herbs – very nice and fragrant.

  9. I would want mutton too over chicken. It has been a while since I had kurma. Can’t even remember how it tastes like.

    There is a very good one at the Malay food stall that I frequent at the kampung here, lovely meat dishes, consistently good. The masak hitam too, very very nice.

  10. The curry all look so good! I love indian curries compared to chinese ones…

    That goes without saying unless they are nyonya-influenced.

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