Red rose…

My girl wanted the peri peri (they call it pili pili) chicken (RM9.00)…

SEDC Hawker Centre peri peri chicken
*Archive photo*

…for lunch that day so we went back to the SEDC Hawker Centre (2.306428, 111.818982) opposite the MDS Supermarket at Simpang Tiga here in Sibu.

It can get rather hot these few days and I was feeling like having some ais kacang/ang tao peng (iced red bean) and I had a very nice one…

Stall No. 10 ais kacang
*Archive photo*

…from Stall No. 10 on our previous visit. However, as soon as the ladies were seated, the guy from Stall No. 3 came to take our orders. Somebody was telling me that their ABC (air batu campur) or something was nice so I went ahead and ordered my ais kacang from them and got this…

Stall No. 3 ais kacang

Good grief!!! The horrendous red colour!!! My missus insisted it was rose syrup, not colouring, but whatever it was, I did not like the dominant smell and taste of the essence. Give me my gula Melaka…or my gula apong, any of the two, not this. Mixed with the evaporated milk in it, the taste reminded me of the air Bandong that we used to enjoy as kids on our school’s sports days (along with the free MILO drinks) but I remember they used Grenadine, Sun Valley brand, for that. Come to think of it, I have not seen the cordial for a long time now…or maybe  I just wasn’t looking.

They were a little bit more generous with the beans…

Kidney beans

…than the other stall but both of them used the canned kidney beans, Sunstar brand – it’s just over RM3.00 a can (Ligo sweet corn size) and one can just buy that and enjoy eating till kingdom come. No, I did not enjoy it and I barely finished half of it and no, I would not want to order it again should I happen to drop by here anytime in the future.

My girl got what she wanted and the mum had the same. Yes, it was deep fried again like the last time, not nicely grilled/barbecued like in the past – that was a whole lot nicer, I must say. I did not feel like having that so I went to the “VARIOUS OF DISHES” [SIC] stall beside it…

SEDC nasi campur stall

…to see what they had for the nasi campur (mixed rice). Note how everything was kept covered in those containers – they will open the lids when you want to have a look and select what you want.

I picked 4 meats (RM6.00)…

SEDC stalls nasi campur 1

– the sotong (squid), the sambal egg and also the fish (ikan tongkol) and the salted kembong

SEDC stalls nasi campur 2

They had fried French beans but it did not look like something I would enjoy. On the whole, I would not say that what I had swept me off my feet – I do know of a few places that were nicer and I would not go out of my way to come here for this but the salted kembong sure helped whet the appetite in no small way. Salted fish is my weakness! LOL!!!

It was a good enough lunch but I was wishing the whole time that I had ordered the ais kacang from the other stall, not this one…

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15 thoughts on “Red rose…”

  1. The rose syrup was a bit much. Worth telling the vendor to go easy on it or choose the gula apong syrup instead.

    Didn’t ask. I just made up my mind I would not order from there ever again.

  2. Mixed rice is a great deal. Didnt they ask wheather you want coconut milk or evaporated milk? Some stalls do. On a safer side, I would always remind them for gula Melaka/apong & coconut milk instead of evaporated milk.

    I don’t mind evaporated or coconut milk – it’s the gula Melaka that I want…and I want more of it.

  3. Oooh, that chicken and rice dish looks delicious! I would love to have some. 🙂

    It was good but RM9 may be considered to be something on the higher end here.

  4. I love a lot of ang tau in my ice kacang.

    Hmm. It has been a while I had Malay nasi campur. Most of the time it is expensive. Considering yours, I bet it would cost almost RM10 here.

    Yes, the Malay places are usually more expensive but I prefer their food – tastier and usually, no msg overload unlike most Chinese chap fan places.

  5. Now that the weather here is so hot, ais kacang will be nice on a hot weather…

    Hot there too? Very hot here too but we do get some rain at times…like this morning, so I can’t do any gardening. 😦

  6. Cheap for RM6 all meat and no vegetables… looking at them, I wish I could have a plate too… but due to my sore throat which I am suffering now, I can only take hot soup…

    Change of weather, eh? No worries, knowing you, you will back on your feet in no time at all, going round everywhere eating and enjoying yourself!

  7. The fish (both) in the last photo look very nicely done.

    The salted kembong was very very nice…and the ikan tongkol was good as well. We are not fond of the fish because of its texture, my missus says like wood – they use it to cook curry for the nasi dagang in Terengganu. I just decided to order it that day and I was glad I did – I actually liked it!

  8. We’re the opposite! Salted fish is not my weakness! But salted egg is, heheh 😉

    I love salted eggs too, a lot, and century eggs…eggs in any form and colour. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  9. You’ve been naughty, not eating veges. Yes, your ‘ice-kacang’ looks disappointing; served in a plastic glass with a straw like that. I must have gula melaka in my ice-kacang or it just wont do it.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that I would never go back to that stall again. Once bitten, twice shy. 😦

  10. This is really a steal! RM6 for squid, egg and two fishes. In SG, that is only S$2! We can’t get that in SG

    You can’t? From what I see in blogs and on tv, everything seems so cheap there…except that if we convert into our miserable ringgit, we would feel the pinch.

    1. No, now here everything at least S$3, now with fish, it is even more expensive, can go up to S$4 or S$5

      That’s cheap. Just don’t convert.

  11. If I happen to buy chap fan, I never take fish. Yea…it can be quite pricey. I choose to take more vegetables and drizzle with lot of gravy..**cheat a bit**

    I love fish…more than meat or vegetables and they do not cook vegetables in the ways that I like at most Malay stalls so most of the time, I would just go for those masak lemak or cooked with sambal.

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