Any better…

No, I know for sure that this…

Prima Taste mee siam goreng paste 1

…can never be better than this – the nyonya mee siam but then again, I guess they are two different things altogether. I got both from my friend from Singapore and the other day, I decided to fry some bihun using the above.

I have tried something from this same company before but I do recall the packet being very small. Well, my Bintangor friend, now staying and teaching in Banting, Selangor, tried the paste and was praising it to the skies but no, I was not impressed at all.

This would be something like what I had here…

Nyonya Colours fried mee siam
*Archive photo*

– fried mee siam and though I quite enjoy it, I would much sooner go for the nyonya version. So, what’s stopping me, you may ask? Well, for one thing, I do not have all the ingredients to make sure it comes as close as possible to the real thing and another reason, of course, was that the last time I did it, I thought it was a whole lot of work…so I guess I will just wait till some special occasion when I would take out that very precious box of the ready-to-cook sauce and use. After all, it is almost RM20.00 a box here – the price alone does make it special, don’t you think? And that does not include all the ingredients, all those prawns and all.

So where did I go wrong the first time around? Well, my friend had udang galah (freshwater prawns) in hers and needless to say, one can never go wrong with those crustaceans. They are cheaper in Bintangor and everytime she went home, the parents would buy kilos and kilos for her to enjoy so you would see prawns all the time in the photos that she would share on Facebook. Humphhhh!!! Show off! Hehehehehe!!!!

On my part, I just used it and fried the bihun the same way I would fry much anything else, rice or noodles…but this time around, I noticed that they had some specific instructions at the back of the packet…

Prima Taste mee siam goreng paste 2

…so I followed those…as far as I could. I did Step 1 and 2 though I did add a stalk of serai (lemon grass) to it for added fragrance.

Then came Step 3. Add the eggs so soon? I always add the eggs last, never mind whether I am frying noodles or rice…so, I left the eggs till the end and instead, I added the prawns. I would have added them in Step 1 or here so that the sweetness would go into the sauce or the oil and subsequently, onto the bihun. Unfortunately, I was using these cheap tiny frozen shrimps…


…that I found in the freezer – RM5.00 for a packet at the supermarket and they were completely tasteless! I’ve seen these being used at the stalls for the mee goreng or the char kway teow or whatever – I guess at the prices they are going for, one can’t possibly expect them to use the regular ones, not even the very small ones.

I did not have any chives in the fridge so I had to do without those but I did add a bit of very thinly-sliced Thai basil and once it was done, I dished everything out and served…

Mee siam with Prima Taste paste

So was it any good? Any better than the previous time?

Yes, it was nice, more or less like my tom yam bihun, but a bit mild and that was probably because I used too much bihun. They never stated how much, not that I noticed, just “serves 1-2” and I used three pieces of the bihun, this brand…

A1 bihun
*Archive photo*

I’ll make sure I’ll cook just two with the remaining packet that I have in the pantry.

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “Any better…”

  1. Love this brand. i usually get this as they tasted quite original.

    Yes, they are really good! But with our miserable ringgit, their products are not affordable here, very expensive. I am surprised that they are still selling to this day – obviously there ARE people willing to buy at those prices.

    In fact, my cousin from Australia who stopped by Singapore for a few days on the way back found out that after conversion, they are a little bit cheaper here even – not much, but a little cheaper.

  2. I didn’t know there is a Nonya mee. What is the difference between Nonya Mee and Mee Siam?

    Would you say the Singaporean packet of Mee Siam is superior compare to the Malaysian brand?

    Which Malaysian brand? I have not seen any around here, just tom yam pastes and using those to fry bihun, the end result is the same – what is called mee siam here. The previous time I fried this, I was using the same Singapore brand, just that I think the packet was smaller, half the size and did not look as nice. Here’s the post on that:

    And what nyonya mee? This is nyonya mee siam that I am talking about, VERY different from what is known as mee siam in the peninsula. We do not have either one here…unless we cook our own. Here, you can read more about the nyonya mee siam here:

  3. Time spent in the making versus time spent in the eating is always one of my biggest considerations when cooking.

    The passion has to be there but unfortunately, I don’t have much of that – the simpler, the easier, the faster, the better, just cook and eat.

  4. I am not that adventurous when it comes to instant noodle. Hehe.

    Mihun. I was thinking of buying a pack yesterday to fry it this weekend. 😉

    It wasn’t instant noodles, just instant paste. Sure save a lot of trouble, no need to prepare all the ingredients needed. I usually have some dried stuff, bihun or whatever in the pantry for days when I have nothing for breakfast so I can easily fry some to eat.

  5. I love the fried mee siam that you cooked…

    You can try cooking it there – the paste is from your country! 😉

  6. That’s a lot of care and attention going into a serving of bihun – I guess that’s the hallmark of a cook who does his best with every dish! 😉

    Me? Ummmm…blush…blush!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

  7. What you whip up looks good. I use this Brand A1 too whenever I fried my bihun.

    A1? This one is Prima Taste, made in Singapore. No A1…and that A1 thing can be so misleading. Every brand, they put A1 there. My missus once bought A1 curry instant paste and it was not nice at all – only A1 Mountain Globe is nice. Like how there is A1 Botan sardines…and A1 King Cup, all A1.

  8. Never fried mee siam before….. I will buy a bottle of tomyam paste to try doing that one day… My son taught me how to fry spaghetti using the paste and I found it very tasty especially we put fresh scallops, prawns and cherry tomatoes inside… now thinking about it also makes me salivate.. 🙂

    They serve tom yam spaghetti at Payung here, very nice…but you will get only three prawns. Would be much nicer with all the extras added.

  9. OK, when I come to Sibu, besides Payung, I want to eat your fried meehoon. hee..hee..hee..

    Anytime, no problem at all, with lots of prawns added! Yum yummmmm!!!!

  10. Looks very presentable! I used to like mihun, but now no more, usually go with yellow noodles… or kuey teow sometimes.

    Yellow noodles is wheat flour, not for those allergic to gluten, and some may not like the strong alkaline smell of the ones over at your side.

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