My my my…

This place (2.309644, 111.846415)…

My Laksa 1

…is among the shops in the Lot 9 area, across the road (Jalan Pedada) from Delta Mall at the location where this Thai restaurant was sometime ago and later, this place that has since moved elsewhere. It just opened not too long ago and it is pretty near my house except that it is on the other side of the road so to get there, I would need to make a big detour and that was why it took me quite a while to drop by and check it out.

Well, it is a little more than the regular coffee shop…

My Laksa 2

I did not notice those air conditioners when I was there and I wonder how they may be put to good use when the place is so open.

Decor is minimal, comprising some nice posters on the wall…


…and oopsss!!! “Gratetful“?

The menu…


…is on the wall as well, right above the cashier’s counter where you will have to go and place your orders. The prices are indeed quite shocking, to say the least – the seafood one that is blocked by the reflection will set you back by a whooping RM29.90 but the girl did say that there are a whole lot of things in the bowl – prawns, mussels and all.

No, I could not get myself to part with that kind of money so I settled for the signature (RM21.90)…

My Laksa - signature 1

…and of course, I was rather disappointed when I was served despite the presence of those three gigantic prawns…

My laksa - signature 2

…that, of course, do not come cheap but other than those, there wasn’t much else to get excited about other than the chicken, sliced not shredded like in the regular Sarawak or Kuching laksa, and the thinly-sliced omelette.

My missus had the prawn (RM9.90)…

My Laksa - prawns

…which sure looked a lot nicer and was not that expensive…and if it’s prawns you want, then it’s prawns that you will get, 7 altogether…

My Laksa - prawn 2

…but medium-sized ones, not as big as the three in my bowl.

The instant we stepped into the place, I could detect the very nice fragrance of the laksa but unfortunately, I do not know what else went into the cooking of the broth for even though the hint of it was there, it did not taste quite the same as the usual. Ah well!!! I guess as the name implies this is MY laksa, not Sarawak or Kuching laksaΒ so like the one here, by virtue of the name, they may reserve the right to be…different.

I wonder what the “Normal” is like – probably like my missus’ prawn version…

My laksa - prawn 3

…but with not so many of the crustaceans and a bit of chicken and at RM9.90, I would think that is quite all right, compared to the one I had.

Mineral water was RM2.00 a bottle, Spritzer no less, and drinking water was 50 sen a glass. Service was prompt (well, there were not that many people when we went) and pleasant…and their opening hours are from 7.00 a.m. until 2.00 pm. except Wednesdays. However, for a total of RM34.30 and considering that the taste was not quite there, I would much sooner go for my favourites in town hereΒ (RM7.00 for the LARGE, the last time I had it there) and also, here (RM5.00) and fork out a lot less for something that I am more likely to enjoy more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “My my my…”

  1. Yes, they have prewarned the customers ‘this is Mylaksa’ and not Sarawak Laksa or Penang Laksa. Be considerate, laugh and giggle. Be grateful. So it says on the board. πŸ˜œπŸ˜†

    Mrs Wee’s laksa looks good. I rather settle for seven smaller prawns than three big ones.

    Somehow that brings to mind Pharoah’s dream – the seven fat cows and the seven thin ones. πŸ˜€ Indeed, that’s pretty good advice…except that they got the spelling wrong.

  2. Your bowl of laksa cost a bomb. Your missus’s choice looks as good as yours & there is so much difference in price between the two. I suppose the opening hours is 8.00 a.m. instead of &.00 a.m. ( a minor typo error in your blog)

    Oh? Gotta go and see, thanks for informing, will edit it right away. It’s supposed to be 7.00 a.m.

    Yes…I would agree with the disparity in the pricing – not that what I had was so special and truly worth that amount of money. If there had been 7 of the big prawns in mine, then perhaps it would be worth it but still, the taste was way out – I thought it was kind of sweet, nothing like the real thing.

  3. Makes me think of Sarawak Laksa…

    Looks like it, tastes like it, does not taste quite like it – maybe it is the sambal, they use. Something like the Hj Manan ones, nice but not really the same. I’ve used it before.

  4. Your lovely photos of all this food are making me hungry! πŸ™‚

    It sure looked good, tasted good too…just that it was not quite like what the real thing would taste like – if that is what it is trying to be.

  5. Waaaaay too expensive, the prices are overkill.

    I couldn’t agree more. RM29.90! 10 sen short of RM30.00! Throw in a few ringgit more and I would be able to pay for a very nice lunch or dinner for my family of three, like here, for instance…or I could go and enjoy a lasagna or a pizza or any one of those very much nicer options at the very much nicer and classier Italian place in town and pay very much less for those. Anytime better than…just laksa in a non-air-conditioned coffee shop setting…and you have to go and place your orders at the counter and pay before you can take a seat and wait for what you have picked.

  6. For that price, it is justified with the generous toppings of prawns…

    Justified??? You are converting the prices into pound sterling and comparing to the prices of things over there or what? Those huge prawns are over RM1 each…so three would be less than RM5-6.00, throw in the cost of the meat and the bihun and everything else, I would not go further than RM12.90 for what I had…or if I am a bit more generous, RM15.90 – that’s it. RM21.90!!! *rolls eyes* Honestly, I was expecting something really very very special for that kind of money!

  7. For RM9.90, it is indeed better than Katong Laksa in town…

    Yes, Katong laksa is RM9.90 too a bowl but they are two different things. That one is curry laksa aka nyonya laksa lemak…and this one is supposed to be Sarawak laksa, just that it is not quite there…nice, but not really the same.

    Between the two, I would choose this one because Katong laksa is so rich, so lemak with the santan (coconut milk) that I would feel jelak after a few mouthsful…and would feel like throwing up. It’s a wonder it has lasted so long, two outlets some more – maybe there are people who enjoy it, just not me…but at that price, I would much sooner go for something else – none of the two or Sarawak laksa elsewhere, just not here (nor Aloha, RM10 for the special)…and one that tastes quite like the real thing.

  8. I take it that the laksa gravy is the same for all the 6 varieties? Too bad that it was not that great.

    I should think so. Perhaps it is the sambal used – it’s a pork-free place, all those Malay workers holding the fort – it may be one of those confirmed halal sambals that I’ve tried before…that did not taste quite like it. Yes, it was nice, but not really the same.

  9. Ohhhh my that laksa looks so tempting, makes me want to do one soon. This is why I love Malaysian cuisine!

    Very nice but not the same – not easy, coming out with one own’s that is like the real thing. Have to get the really very good paste and the ingredients should not deviate too far from the original. Once, I used those giant freshwater prawns…and the taste was completely out – not the same at all. Much easier to cook curry laksa, I think.

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