Take you there…

My girl was at a friend’s wedding dinner that night when we dropped by here

Anak Borneo

…so the other evening, I took her there to let her try some of those ethnic delights.

Of course, we had the barbecued pork (RM10.00)…

Anak Borneo barbecued pork

…and we brought our own Bintulu cincaluk (fermented shrimps), chili and lime dip…

Cincaluk dip from home

…which we would prefer to what was usually given…

Anak Borneo dip

…here along with another one, dark-coloured probably due to the use of soy sauce in the making.

My girl wanted the pansoh ayam (RM15.00)…

Anak Borneo pansuh ayam

…chicken cooked in the bamboo tubes over hot charcoal…

Anak Borneo hot charcoal

…as I had already ordered the pork and she did not feel like having more. I did ask for the tapioca leaves this time around so we were given a bit of that by the side. I would say the pork was nicer and I am no fan of the lau kay boh (old mother hen) that is traditionally what they would use for this. It was kind of tough but thankfully, it did not have that one kind of peculiar smell that I detected when I bought the same from a coffee shop in Selangau – of course, I never went back there again for more.

Unfortunately, they did not have any lokan that night and we had to settle for the jellyfish umai (RM10.00)…

Anak Borneo jellyfish umai

…instead. My girl would certainly prefer those clams and it was only when we were leaving that I saw my friend taking out some to cook – she said that they had just arrived and truth be told, they did look kind of small unlike the ones we had during our previous visit.

I did order this plate of fried midin with belacan (RM6.00)…

Champion Corner fried midin

…from this place…

Ah Ping at Champion Corner

…at the back of that coffee shop. It was nice even though they did not use the really good quality (and expensive) belacan from Bintulu and this was cheaper than most other places where it could go up to RM8.00 or even RM10.00 a plate.

They do have a lot on their menu, including some western fare…

Ah Ping's menu

…but no, we did not order anything else from them that night.

Then from our table, I noticed that they had just finished barbecuing these pork ribs…

Anak Borneo barbecued pork ribs 1

I only saw them as I was leaving the other day so this time around, I would not want to miss the chance and simply had to order and try (RM15.00)…

Anak Borneo barbecued pork ribs 2

It was very nice, very tasty, though a little on the tough side.

All in all, it was to me, like the previous time, a delightful dinner and yes, my girl did say that she really enjoyed it and that was all that mattered.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Take you there…”

  1. BBQ pork with fermented shrimp? Fermented shrimp
    from Bintulu, that’s the biz.

    Pickled jelly fish? Oh yes! BBQ pork ribs, ticked. Ferns, ticked. I would be keen to try the other stuff on the menu

    Anytime better than the salty, pale-looking, not so fragrant ones from Melaka but even from Bintulu, must know where to go to get the good cincaluk. Best to get from people we know, own homemade, sure it is very clean and the red is not the result of the use of dye.

  2. I had a vegetarian version of belacan last week. I loved it! I guess it had the spice and flavours that I enjoy without that fishy smell that I’m not so fond of 🙂

    Oh? It’s the smell that is the main draw. I remember cooking curry in the uni campus in UK…and the young boys walking past went ooooo….and aahhhhhhhh but when I fried something with belacan, they were spitting all over the place and throwing up. That was hilarious!

    I guess you mean sambal (dip), there can be a whole lot of variations. Wouldn’t be belacan without belacan. I just got one from my friend, Peter, the boss of that exotic cafe in town – bursting with fragrance and flavours but no, no belacan smell so obviously he did not use that, just onion, lemon grass, Thai basil, coriander leaves, torch ginger flower and dunno what else. Very nice!

    Special sambal from Payung

  3. Love what you had in Anak Borneo. Bbq pork and pansoh for me.

    Suddenly there are two other places in town, all jumping onto the bandwagon. One does not look too appealing, may go and try the other one.

  4. Love to explore all these places, something that we could not find here

    Sure is one place where I would bring visitors from out of town. That night, there was a big group of foreigners here for the Sibu Base Jump from Korea, New Zealand and so on – photo in their Facebook page.

  5. Oh my, the bbq pork (so lean, only a thin layer of fat),cincaluk, midin, pork ribs, all I like. So smart of you to bring your own dippings. Looks way nicer than their. Yummsss!!!!…indeed a nice & delightful dinner.

    Not our first time here, definitely will not be the last.

  6. Ooo is Bintulu cincaluk different from malacca cincaluk? 😉

    VERY! And so very very much nicer. Lots of the Melaka ones at the supermarkets here, can’t expect much when they’re factory made – I would rather not eat but I’ll get that at the shops – they’re cheap! May be good for the uninitiated though as the smell…or to us, the fragrance…is very much watered down which says a lot about the quality but unfortunately, those that I’ve tried are very very very salty. 😦

  7. All the food above indeed are so authentic… For RM5 you get a good share of the ribs too.. good choice!

    Ooi!!! Young lady! You need to get new glasses. It was RM15.00 lah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Your Bintulu cili dip looks very potent! I think I will enjoy that a lot. And oh, that slab of ribs look most divine!

    Have the latter with the former and that will surely send you to 7th Heaven! 😀

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