Wow!!! I certainly did not expect this! My dear friend, Mary of Flavours Thai Kitchen here, picked this…

Thai Curries & Soups

…up at the airport in Bangkok, a lovely box set of four instant pastes – tom yum soup, tom ka soup, green curry and masman curry. I did hear she was flying here and there on some private matters and she must have been pretty occupied all the time and yet, she was so sweet as to think of me when she was already at the airport to go through the trouble of buying this to cart all the way back to give to me. Thank you so much, Mary.

I hear she has a new chef from Thailand at her restaurant in addition to Jos, the one who has been around all this while dishing out all the awesome Thai culinary delights…and of course, I look forward to dropping by to see what this new one has got up her sleeves. In the meantime, my missus took the masman curry and cooked it – I am not blogging about it as I was not expecting it earlier so I did not take any photographs but yes, it was very nice and we did enjoy it very much. One  down, three to go!

Then, two Sundays ago, we went for the morning church service because my girl was invited to her good friend’s brother’s wedding reception the night before so we could not go for the sunset service the previous evening. After it was over and done, I asked her what she wanted to eat for brunch and she said she wanted meat porridge. I know two places where the porridge is very good but both of them were out of the way. That was why I decided to drop by here.

I was thinking of ordering plain porridge and a few dishes to go with it but unexpectedly, my missus was not keen on having porridge and wanted this instead – the Foochow noodles, soup (RM4.00)…

Y2K Foochow noodles, soup

…and my girl wanted the meat porridge so in the end, I decided to go with the flow and ordered the same (RM5.00)…

Y2K meat porridge

…for myself. Oh dear! They broke the egg! Tsk! Tsk!

It was, at best, all right…

Y2K meat porridge 2

…with just a little bit of meat inside and luckily, I did order a few dishes to go with it as I was thinking that that bowl alone would not be enough to tide us over the whole day through till tea time or in my girl’s case, most probably, dinner!

We had the fried kangkong or water spinach in English (RM8.00)…

Y2K fried kangkong

ching chao (fried, plain) and I don’t know how they did it but it was so very nice. Somehow or other, despite all the special ingredients used – all the udang kering (dried prawns) and what not, I can never dish out anything quite as nice. They say it has got something to do with the wok and the fire.

Other than that, we had a fish fillet dish and for a change, instead of the sweet and sour that we would usually have, I asked for the one with tau cheo or fermented beans (RM12.00)…

Y2K fish fillet in fermented beans sauce

…as I reckoned this would go better with the porridge.

After we were through, we went back to the house to get all my girls’ things and off we went to her school. Since everyone of them was away for over a week, I had expected to do a lot of sweeping, mopping and cleaning but it was not too bad and with all of us doing a bit of this and that, it was in done in no time at all…and my missus and I made our way home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Expect…”

  1. What do you call this type of porridge? I can never remember.

    Was the fish with fermented beans, deep fried? Lots of gravy!

    At such places – Chinese restaurants, they coat everything with flour and deep fry first, meat, seafood – supposed to seal in all the juices, will taste nicer. Can’t say I am very fond of that.

    This is just meat porridge, pork. Is their a special name for that? Not that I know of.

    1. I think there is Cantonese and Teochew porridge. One is smooth and thick, most likely with finely shredded chicken and in the other, the grains of rice are visible.

      I think the one with the visible grains is Teochew. When I first had it a long time ago, I thought it looked like rice with hot boiling water poured over it. I like it thick and smooth.

  2. The porridge doesn’t look like Cantonese style porridge which is thicker. From the photo, the porridge looks very watery.

    There’s Cantonese? I only Teochew but the boss doing all the cooking here is Cantonese, from KL, I heard – married to a local, here for a very long time now. Personally, I prefer thick porridge, not really into the watery ones. My missus is the direct opposite.

  3. I agree that taucheo fish blends well with porridge than sweet & sour fish. The kang kong very nicely done too. Yummss!!!

    Yes, I could have ordered more of the typical dishes to go with porridge – omelette with chai po, century and salted egg, steamed minced pork and stuff like that.

  4. nice food as usual. oh my.. porridge without lots of meat, won’t make us full for long :D..

    and you’re right, with everyone pitching in to clean , any work will be done in a jiffy

    Yes, more hands make light work.

    Indeed, porridge is mostly water, would not feel full for long.

  5. I just got back from Thailand this morning. I truly think I have an addiction to mango sticky rice and green curry – separately. 🙂

    I’m ok with green curry, wouldn’t go out of my way for it but mango sticky rice is my weakness. Had the durian version when I was in Thailand long ago, that was simply out of this world.

  6. Mrs Wee sure likes her Foo Chow Noodles huh, she probably had hers at least once a week?

    We stop some place for brunch almost every morning, so no need to cook lunch and she would order the Foochow fried noodles unless it is some Malay shop or places where they do not have that.

  7. If i eating from the mixed rice stall and if i see the fish fillet, i will order fish fillet…

    I hardly ever go for fish – it’s always those cheap frozen fish fillet, Dory…even here but they do it quite well, not as bad as some places.

  8. That sure is a beautiful variety pack. Masman curry must be the massaman curry we call here.

    Yes, it’s called massaman curry too here at the Thai restaurant, dunno why for whatever reason, they shortened it to masman curry on the pack.

  9. Very lovely of Mary to pass you the box of pastes. Expect more cooking from you soon. ^^

    Porridge! Have one yesterday but chicken porridge. Hubby wasnt well. Food poisoning so we had porridge yesterday

    Oh dear! Poor thing! Hope he is better now. I don’t know of any place selling chicken porridge here other than Mary’s place for the hotel breakfast – yet to try that.

  10. I love soups, especially in colder weather, and my favourite is homemade chicken soup.

    We’re not all that fond of chicken if it is the thick creamy ones like those canned ones, Campbells, for instance. I prefer mushroom but on the whole, we all love pumpkin best – this one, we make our own.

  11. That box sets of pastes is very attractive and make a very good gift. They must be good since they are made in Thailand.

    We had the masman curry and yes, it was really good. Still have not tried the remaining three.

  12. The last I went to Phuket, there is no such thing at the airport (or maybe we did not see it).

    Is it the norm to break an egg into porridge there? I don’t think it is over here.

    My friend got it in Bangkok.

    It seems that porridge here always comes with an egg in it, part of the whole deal – not a special of any sort unlike when you want century egg with your porridge.

    1. I love porridge with century eggs. Yums.

      Yes, I am aware your friend got it from Bangkok. I just thought Phuket should have it too since it is Thailand too but maybe no. Hehe.

      Or maybe you did not look hard enough or maybe not at the airport but you may find it in the shops.

  13. Ooo speaking of Thai, our post today is on Thai too… anyway, your post reminds us that we are still looking for the ultimate sweet and sour pork.. have yet to find it. Our daichow guy up-ed and left, so far we have not found a good replacement.. haaaaa

    Not too sure where a good one here is as usually we would order fish and there are some good places here for that. Probably if the fish is good, the pork would be fine too, more or less the same recipe, I think.

  14. Wow.. every week you drive up and down sending your girl back to school? And doing cleaning too? Very blessed to have parents like you both! I think I cannot survive driving the couple of hours journey every weekend. Now my girl has her own car…. phew… I think her eyes is very much sharper than mine, when it rains, I really cannot see well… sigh… anyway, parents are parents, we tend to worry too much about them.. 🙂

    I actually enjoy the drive, out of town road…all the greenery all around, anytime nicer than driving around town. My eyes are fine…at my age, still no need for spectacles. Like a wedding dinner that I went to that day, the seating plan was in font size 8, most could not see and I certainly surprised them all – no problem at all for me.

    1. Wonder any chance to see your girl “jungle” school, the greenery around there if i go Sibu, hehe…

      We can drive there, not a problem…visit Selangau bazaar, would be very interesting for city folks or we can drive to Kanowit or Bintangor/Sarikei – same greenery all along the way.

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