Cosy corner…

We’ve been here…

Cafe Cafe, Giant 1

…before and yes, I did blog about it, the branch of the one in the rather congested part of town where parking can be such a pain, tucked in a nice cosy corner of the Giant Megamall…

Cafe Cafe, Giant 2

…here. Other than the fact that parking is a breeze, it is covered so you will not have to endure the unbearable oven-like heat in the vehicle once you have finished your lunch and are getting into your car to drive home.

We were there for lunch the day of the Mooncake Festival and the place was gaily decked up and ready for the occasion…

Cafe Cafe, Giant 3

My girl had what she would always order everytime she drops by here – the crispy chicken with maltaise sauce (RM19.90)…

Cafe Cafe, Giant crispy chicken with maltaise sauce

She enjoys it so much but this time around, they did not seem that generous with the sauce but still, it was good and she loved the potato salad by the side a lot too.

The mum had the grilled chicken with homemade brown sauce (RM19.90)…

Cafe Cafe, Giant grilled chicken with homemade brown sauce

…and yes, it was very much to her liking.

I loved their tuna toast so I decided to try the turkey ham and cheese toast (RM14.90)…

Cafe Cafe turkey ham & cheese toast 1

…for a change. It was all right just that it felt like I was eating pizza…

Cafe Cafe Giant turkey ham & cheese toast 2

…but I added the coleslaw and sliced lettuce on top and ate and that sure made a difference and I would say that I did enjoy my order as well.

We had their red velvet (RM9.00)…

Cafe Cafe Giant red velvet cake

…for dessert and though it tasted quite nice, especially the cream, we did not like the coarse and somewhat dry texture of the cake so let’s just say we have had better ones elsewhere.

The bill came up to only RM61.35, inclusive of GST, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised as I had expected a lot more. However, I did not say anything and just paid and left. Later, I heard from somebody that there was an on-going special promotion with a 15% discount for lunch or whatever and when I checked the cashier’s receipt, true enough, we got a deduction of RM10.83 from the gross total of around RM72.20. Now, ain’t that nice?

We just had a simple steamboat dinner at home that night, so I would say that this delightful lunch sort of made up for the lack of anything special in conjunction with the festival.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Cosy corner…”

  1. It is a nice joint. The price seems a bit steep for a piece of chicken but I guess that is expected of an eatery by a shopping mall.

    Granted, I have pushed the boat out for an interesting, unusual but in a very good way for Ottoman cuisine in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey. It was an epicurean experience. It was not much the presentation but the way it was prepared. These dishes were only available in certain eateries.

    I agree with you that the Red Velvet cake is rather gritty. I have never had a Red Velvet Cake despite all the hype. The intense red artificial colour puts me off.

    It is not cheap. Usually, anything chicken would be over RM10.00, not up till almost RM20.00 but servings at this place is notoriously huge, best to share especially small eaters. I think somebody commented on their Facebook page or somewhere that he/she should have been forewarned that orders would have to be shared. I saw somebody having their spaghetti bolognese – enough for 4, I must say! But at less than £4, I don’t think you can get anything at this price there.

    Red Velvet, if it is very nice – like the one my dearly departed friend made, haven’t had any that is nicer since – would be very very nice, never mind the colouring, not that I would be eating it every day, but this one, I wouldn’t be ordering again. The others available were all cheesecakes and I am not into those extra rice creamy ones.

    Ottaman? Ummmmm….what connection has that got with this place?

  2. There is a place named cafe cafe in kl! It’s very different though … Classical French, very dimly lit, and elaborately romantic 😉

    There are Cafe Cafes and Caffe Caffes all over the world – Rome, Israel, Prague and so on, dunno if there is any in France.

    The one here is perhaps one of the longest surviving western fusion restaurant in town – started off as a little place at another location and it has grown by leaps and bounds – two outlets in Sibu and two more in Kuching. The ones here are very nice, the decor is impressive…but at the original outlet, I cannot stand it when the crowd comes in – it gets so terribly noisy that it absolutely ruins the ambiance of the place. Lots of young Ah Lians ordering a couple of dishes to share and sitting around all night to chat at the top of their voices and enjoy the free wifi. That is why I hardly ever drop by.

  3. Never try the dishes you guys ordered. New dishes? Couldnt remember they had those during my stay in Sibu.

    The red velvet did looked rather dry. I prefer more moist. Not choking texture.

    Steamboat! That is a nice way to celebrate Mid-Autumn at home.

    Did you go to this one or the one in town or both? I think you did go to the ones in Kuching, or one at least, right? The dishes here have been around for as long as I can remember, not sure if they have the same at the other outlets. I remember the one in the town, I had something with red wine sauce and it was very nice. Their popular dishes would be the humongous chao chai hung ngang or the mee mamak or the cincaluk fried rice.

    This red velvet is not soft and fine like cakes that we are more used to. Not having that again, that’s for sure.

    Yes, our steamboat dinner was great. We love steamboat, no matter how simple.

    1. I have been to both Cafe-Cafe in Sibu. I remember the Cafe-Cafe in Giant was well decorated but dimly lighted. I like its grilled lamb with mint vinaigrette. Maybe I did not really noticed the other food in the menu. ^^

      Yes. Been to the Kuching outlets too (both of them).

      That means you’ve been to all of them. Wowwwww!!! So nice kah? LOL!!!

      Yes, one reason why I would only go for lunch, brighter…both places – so dark at night, impossible to take nice photos…and also, no crowd in the daytime. So noisy, worse than at a coffee shop especially when the places are all enclosed. I would want to get out of the place quickly, spoils my enjoyment of the place and the food.

  4. The red velvet does look quite nice. Some places really scrimp on the cream.

    The cream was very nice but we did not like the coarse texture of the cake and it was a little dry too – like cake that has been cut and left standing for too long.

  5. I dropped a couple of comments on your blog – did u get it? Or have u turned on comment moderation?

    Not sure why you’ve been held back for moderation – usually will affect new commenters only or those with a different ip address for one reason or other. Your email address does not look very familiar, maybe that’s the reason. Ah yes!!! I just checked – it used to be a email address.

  6. The grilled chicken looks delicious and would be something I would love to try! And the red velvet cake does look very nice!

    Not really. You can see that the texture of the cake is not soft and fine – we are not fond of cakes like this here.

  7. The red velvet looks tempting though the texture is dry. Always good to have discount, somemore quite a big amount.

    Yes, by over RM10.00, that sure is quite a lot!

  8. All three main courses look really good. I’d go for that crispy chicken. I simply cannot resist fried chicken!

    I think that one was nicer than the grilled one, love things coated in those coarse bread crumbs.

  9. The food above looks great especially the one your missus ordered, I don’t mind having that too… As for the cake, I notice its dryness too… cakes are supposed to be moist and butterich… yummmmsss to that thought!!

    The texture of cakes over where you are now tend to be like this one here, same as those my niece would bring back from the renowned cake shops in Singapore (plus they are extremely sweet) – not as fine and soft like what we are more used to here…or maybe we are more used to this kind of cakes, all the others are not as nice. They all look so good but the test of the pudding is in the eating. The butter fragrance will depend on the butter you use – Golden Churn no less and it will be really good. Many bakeries resort to using the cheaper butter alternatives, not nice.

    I tried a bit of the grilled chicken – it was nice but I think my girl’s crispy chicken was much nicer.

  10. Oh..the grilled chicken looks so tender and juicy. Just make some baked drumstick last night too. Now I feel like making using a whole chicken leg. So tempting…yumms

    I love to grill chicken in the oven, just marinate a bit and throw in – nice…and easy and healthier too.

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