Bad weather…

It was hot and sunny that morning and we were out and about doing this and that when suddenly, the sky turned dark and a raging storm broke out. There was no way we could run to the car, parked quite a distance away, without getting soaking wet so we decided to wait for the pouring rain to abate before attempting to do so.

There was only this place (2.291635, 111.827010)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe, Kpg Nyabor

…in that block of shops, the non-air conditioned side of this café along Kampung Nyabor Road so we decided to seek refuge there.

I can’t say I was all that overwhelmed by their decor…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe decor 1

…with all the cooking utensils and what not hanging on the wall…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe decor 2

…and the fairy or Christmas lights dangling all over. I cannot imagine what that would look like at night when they switch them all on.

I saw roti paratha on their menu and that got me wondering – I think I read somewhere that what we call roti canai here, they call roti paratha or prata in Singapore but they already had roti canai

Islamic Nyonya Kafe roti canai
*Archive photo*

…as a separate item. That was why I decided to order one (RM2.00)…

Islamic Nyonya Kafe roti paratha

…to try and see what it was. It sure was different and there I was, wishing that they had given a bit more of the nice sambal

Roti paratha, sambal

…and though the dhal dip was thick, not diluted like some elsewhere…

Roti paratha, dhal dip

…it did not taste as nice as the one here. Well, somebody pointed out that this is actually chapati and I have no idea whatsoever as to why they have named it thus on their menu, as roti paratha.

The ladies wanted one roti tisu (RM9.90) to share and I had the opportunity to watch the guy making…

Making roti paratha 1

…and cooking it on a big circular hot plate…

Making roti paratha 2

Of course, the batter used was a different one from either the roti canai or the roti paratha. He kept pressing it down probably to get the air out from underneath…

Making roti paratha 3

…and to make it as thin as possible…

Making roti paratha 4

…and he also cut away the thicker edges as well.

When it was done, he rolled it up…

Making roti paratha 5

…in the shape of a cone…

Making roti paratha 6

…and placed it on a plate before pouring sweetened creamer all over it…

Making roti paratha 7

…and serving it…

Making roti paratha 8

Yes, it was very nice, paper thin…though he could have been a bit more generous with the sweetened creamer or they could have given that in a saucer for us to dip as towards the end, we were actually eating the roti minus the creamer especially the part that had been folded inside.

The rain was not all that heavy by the time we had finished so we had no problem getting back to the car and was finally able to make our way home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Bad weather…”

  1. Roti Tisu is new to me. I am not sure if I would order it. The price is a wee bit steep.

    The texture is like kueh sepit or kueh kapit – love letters. More a teatime treat and more for two or three to share, rather huge but yes, this one here is somewhat pricey. I don’t think it costs as much elsewhere. It looks like though this is the coffee shop-like section of the not-really-all-that-nice air-conditioned cafe, the prices are the same – just as expensive! We would not have gone if not for the rain and at those prices, pretty obvious whether or not we would be dropping by again.

    You had a duplicate comment. I have deleted it.

  2. “Eatertainment” – that’s one of the things I love about Malaysian cooking – it’s fun to watch – roti making, teh tarik pouring.

    Nice word! I would watch once out of curiosity as to how they make it and that would be it. Here, there is the flying kampua! More a gimmick, I would say – it’s the taste that counts!

  3. Once a while I would not mind nibbling on roti tisu. But usually cannot finish all. Too tall to finish it. Haha.

    Weird wall decor. They try to be creative but it looked funny. Haha.

    Yes, no method in their madness, just simply hang anything and everything so distastefully. They do it a lot better here.

    This one is not so tall, I’ve seen photos of others elsewhere that are so very tall, dunno how much those would cost.

  4. Usually, i had roti prata, the rest, i not so keen…

    …or what we call roti canai here. Naan is nice too.

  5. I do have a good recommendation for Chapati here, perhaps we can drop by the next time you are in town

    Sighhhhhh!!!! I dunno when I will ever get to go over to Penang again – would love to do that very much!

  6. I thought you have some Nyonya food too..eehhehe.
    I think we called that roti tissue over here. Very thin and crispy. Drizzle with condensed milk and sprinkled with lots of sugar too. Not sure if that’s what you had.

    No, I would say they have Malay rather than nyonya dishes at this place, just the somewhat misleading name. We do not have a nyonya place here, unfortunately.

    Yes, that’s the one and the same – roti tisu. I think tisu is in Malay.

  7. Oh, I didn’t know the price for roti tisu has shot up to RM9.90? Wow… I thought it was below RM5? Anyway, I have not eaten that for a long time, but for capati, I could still get it for RM1.20 over here… but for air conditioned, maybe it cost around RM2 the most.

    No, this place is generally more expensive – non-aircon side charge the same prices as the aircon and a little nicer side, rather unreasonable, I must say. I had roti tisu at another place here a long time ago, not so expensive – not really my favourite – that is why I have not had any since.

  8. Lol, weird deco but place looks decent enough. I don’t fancy roti tisu, I much prefer chapati, feels more ‘filling’ 😁

    I can’t say I liked it very much. Would prefer canai…or naan. Ok place, food also ok, prices not really – comparatively more expensive, can get the same, nicer and cheaper elsewhere.

  9. I am always fascinated by the way roti canai is made, all that flipping and tossing. I have not eaten roti tisu. Looks like a big tent. Must be nice and crispy. I don’t like creamer and I suppose it is nice just on its own.

    It is fragrant, made me think of terbaloi – the coconut crackers, a Melanau specialty but without the coconut.

  10. So far, I think I had roti tisu once or twice only. Too sweet for my liking. Roti canai with telur is still my choice.

    The only roti telur that I like here is at one coffee shop in Sg Merah. Have not had it for a while now – brought the West Malaysian bloggers to try once and they loved it. Others elsewhere in town – just so so, some ok, others not really to my liking.

    Haven’t had murtabak for a long time too – they use corned beef or canned sardines unlike the roadside stall at Bandong here that I used to frequent, fresh beef or chicken but the guy has gone back to Penang, no longer here. 😦

  11. I arrived here through the blog of Monica’s! … And I loved discovering this space! Very nice post – it’s fun to watch chefs preparing the food – so entertaining.

    Welcome! Any friend of a friend is a friend of mine.

    I had a post sometime ago at a branch of this place where I featured the guy making roti canai – I thought that was interesting too:
    I also love watching these people in action. Was enthralled by the lady at the Chowrasta Market in Penang making popiah (spring roll) skin – that really needs a lot of skill. Too bad I did not take photos of her action and blog about it.

    Do drop by again, thanks for commenting. Cheers!

  12. I thought they served Nyonya cuisines.

    Bluff one, just the name. Only the Islamic is true, I guess though I am not sure if it is officially certified or not. Some nice dishes here but no, not cheap. The last time I had the ayam penyet, I remember it was over RM16.00, believe it or not. 😦

  13. Long time never eat roti tisu already! Used to order it whenever I go yum cha with friends.. But since with kids, very seldom hang out with friends liao 😦

    Ya, it is more a snack, great to sit and eat with friends, everyone cracking a bit each time and popping in the mouth while chatting.

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