Don’t miss it…

This is one place not be be missed if ever you come to Sibu. For one thing, where else can you get to see this…

Payung Cafe banana flower

…or this…

Payung Cafe flower 1

…or this…

Payung Cafe flower 2

…all around? These beautiful natural beauties along with all the herbs and green leafy plants plus the unique decor of the place would not fail to make the place stand out above all the rest, that’s for sure…and then, of course, there is the food!

My friend from Singapore who was here that day over one weekend was singing praises of everything that they had and enjoyed so much and was so delighted at being able to come here for dinner the night before they left town.

Well, we dropped by again that day during the school holidays last week and my girl wanted the herbs salad (RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe herbs salad

I quite like it too though I would not say it is my favourite. Those into healthy stuff would definitely love it, all the raw herbs and vegetables tossed with some very nice sourish dressing.

She also wanted their Bangladeshi lamb curry (RM19.00, with rice)…

Payung Cafe Bangladeshi lamb curry

– one of her favourites here and as their green chicken curry was sold out and they had not had the chance to cook some more, we settled for the lamb masala (RM19.00, with rice)…

Payung Cafe lamb masala 1

…instead, something that was not really on our favoured list, but she loved it a lot! The flavours are not as strong as the former and if I am not wrong, there is yogurt in it and it is not spicy…

Payung Cafe lamb masala 2

…and she seemed to eat a lot more of this dish than the other one that day.

I also ordered the Payung fish (RM15, with rice)…

Payung Cafe Payung fish 1

…which is catfish (ikan keli) cooked with a whole lot of ginger and lemon grass and chili and soy sauce…

Payung Cafe Payung fish

…and my girl kept saying it was so very good, probably dropping broad hints to the mum who can cook this dish very very well too but hardly ever does so as for some reason, she would not eat keli.

For dessert, we shared the durian ice cream (RM10.00)…

Payung Cafe durian ice cream 1

…with a special request for extra fresh durian cream…

Payung Cafe durian ice cream 2

…and never mind that lunch was not all that cheap, it certainly was value for money…compared to our dinner that same day but that would be in the next post.

There was a group at the next table, Mandarin-speaking and obviously from out of town, here for the international dance festival, and they kept saying, “好吃! 好吃!” (delicious/tasty) the whole time they were enjoying what was served to them. I don’t know about you but many who came and ate…would always leave, looking forward to the next time they could come back for more!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Don’t miss it…”

  1. Hehe, because of you, the name Payung is ingrained in all our minds … But that’s a good thing, since we’d all definitely head there within hours of landing in Sibu! 😉

    You wouldn’t regret it, I assure you. 😀

  2. Yes, please to all the dishes.
    Does the restaurant not permit photography of the interior in the restaurant?

    I wonder what was in the raw salad. I have not had Bangladeshi curry nor eaten catfish. I assume the latter is a meaty fish. The ice cream was the cherry on top!

    They let you do anything here – they are all very nice people. I have had earlier posts on this place with photographs inside and outside…and upstairs – they have a big function room on the 2nd floor for private parties.

    1. Now, I remembered the Bangladeshi curries that I cooked the year before. The techniques were different to that of Pakistani/Indian curry . The lentil curry was highly fragrant.

      That is what it’s called but I wouldn’t know if it is anything like the curry in Bangladesh. They did have some workers from there before though – they have a somewhat international staff there – local Chinese, Iban and Malay, Indians, Bangladeshis…they had one from Myanmar, one Indonesian and they are all very good, very friendly and prompt and efficient and they all speak English! The curry gravy is on the thick side, not watery like Malay or Indian curry, bursting with flavours – I always say it is something like my mum’s curry a couple of days old. We used to enjoy it then after being reheated a couple of times a lot more than on the first day.

  3. Hope the Payung boss will consider opening a branch in Ipoh!! Tell him that I suggested so… Lol…

    There have been requests for him to open a branch in Kuching but no, I don’t think he will ever will. He’s that kind of relaxed, laid-back person, quite happy with his small little place, enjoying what he does and not too anxious over how much he’s making. I just heard that he turned down a catering job for 200 people – I am sure that even if he could cope, the quality of the food would suffer, cooking for so many…and he’s got a function tonight, 40 people. That would be a lot more manageable.

  4. Ikan keli, not for me too. No reason, just feel awkward with this fish. I would definitely love the dessert with extra fresh durian cream.

    So you do not eat unagi at the Japanese restaurants too then – that’s keli. My girl’s favourite! I’m ok with those, the way they do it – this one is much nicer!

  5. The lamb curry and durian ice cream will satisfy my taste buds very well, I think.

    Yes, comes with rice, would make a great meal, not too heavy but I would order a salad to go with it, more balanced.

  6. The moment I saw those flowers, I knew it was Payung! Well, well, if I ever get the chance to fly to Sibu, that is the first place I want to visit!

    What’s stopping you? Everyone can fly! Just hop over one long weekend! I guarantee you will love it here…and you’ll want to come back every long weekend after that!

  7. I do love tropical flowers. Your pics are pretty.

    Then you will love the decor here – nothing fancy, simple local flowers put to good use. Anytime heaps better than those places using fake or plastic flowers, might as well don’t have any.

  8. A place to enjoy beautiful decor and setting and good food. I must try durian ice cream one day. Everyone has been ranting about how good it is. I wouldn’t want to miss out. Like or not like, that another matter. ^^

    School starts tomorrow. Sigh!!

    Yes, just got back from sending my girl to her jungle school. Sighhhhhh!!!! But we had a great time, short holiday – looking forward to the next one.

    You have been here, haven’t you? Next time you stop by Sibu, I’ll take you here – order all the things that I like for you to enjoy. You will want to come back for more. 😀

  9. It’s a must go restaurant when go Sibu ya, hehe…

    Definitely, but more for those into the more exciting exotic cuisine.

  10. Lucky you, you can get durian ice cream there. Here its impossible so my only best option is to make them

    It’s fresh durian cream – they make it when the fruit is in season and freeze it. To serve it, they use vanilla ice cream to line the sides and squeeze the cream into the middle. Only available while stocks last…till the next fruit season.

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