On Sunday…

…after the morning service in the church, I was thinking of having something light as I did not have anything for breakfast prior to leaving the house that morning. I was thinking of the roti canai here but the stall was closed probably because it was Hari Raya Haji the very next day and Janggut’s stall was not open either – well, I did notice that his was always closed on Sundays.

In the end, we adjourned here

Sri Pelita

…as it is located a couple of minutes’ walk away. That nice and friendly Indian guy looks like he has put on a bit of weight and is much more handsome now. Hmmm…Sibu sure is a great place to live, eh? LOL!!!

My missus had their mee mamak (RM3.50)…

Sri Pelita mee mamak

…which was way nicer than what she had here and so much cheaper too, a difference of RM2.00!!! Even if you have to fork out the parking fee of 40 sen for half an hour around here, it will not come up to that much.

My girl did not want to eat anything as she wanted to save her tummy space for my mum’s birthday lunch at my parents’ house later but when we got there, she saw that they had dosai or tosai and she could not resist ordering one (RM2.20)…

Sri Pelita tosai

It came with this special dip…

Sri Pelita tosai dip

…and yes, she liked it a lot and sure enjoyed herself. We do not get this a lot here, maybe just at one other place, if I am not wrong.

She also helped herself to the very nice curry dips…

Sri Pelita curry dips

…that I got for my orders.

I was a little slow in walking from that other shop and by the time I got there, she and the mum had already placed their orders and I was not aware that she had asked for the dosai. That was why I requested for one roti canai (RM1.20) and one roti telur (RM2.00)…

Sri Pelita roti canai & roti telur

…and I had to finish both all by myself. Personally, I thought the roti canai was nicer – more fragrant, crispier and I enjoyed it a lot more than the other one with egg.

We had not been here for quite a while now, no particular reason, but looking at how we enjoyed our little breakfast, we certainly would be back again…soon.

It’s the 16th of September, the actual day in 1963 when all the states in the mainland peninsula, then-called Malaya, and Sarawak and Sabah across the South China Sea on the island of Borneo came together to form the Federation of Malaysia along with Singapore which left on August, 9th 1965.

Happy Malaysia Day!