I love you this much…

We did not plan on dropping by here for lunch last Saturday because usually, it would be virtually impossible to find a parking space in the vicinity but it so happened that we were around that part of the town centre and luck was on our side so there we were at this same ol’ place having more or less the same ol’ dishes.

Well, it was the weekend of our annual Sibu International Dance Festival so all the dancers from all the different countries in the world were here and it so happened that they were at that same restaurant for lunch, groups and groups of them! Thankfully, their lunch was pre-ordered so as soon as one group was seated, the dishes came out really fast…and thankfully, we did not have to wait a long time for ours either.

The ones I saw included those from Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong…and a whole lot of other countries but I only spotted three Caucasians at a table quite near to ours, dunno which country they came from. Suddenly one of them, a guy, exclaimed out loud repeatedly, “I love this so much! I really love this! It is so nice!” Of course I was curious as to what got him so excited so I went and peeped. It was our local wild  fern, the midin

Nice House midin with belacan 1

Coincidentally, we also ordered it that day, fried with belacan (RM8.00)…

Nice House midin with belacan

…and though I had never seen it cooked with Bombay onions before, it was really very very nice and the gravy went absolutely well with rice.

Yes, we had the sizzling beef on a hot plate (RM13.00)…

Nice House sizzling hot plate beef 1

…again as well – one of my girl’s favourites at this restaurant and yes, it was as good as ever…

Nice House sizzling hot plate beef 2

– the beef was so nice and tender and we certainly enjoyed that.

I remember the last time we were here, we did not quite enjoy their plum sauce chicken as it was kind of hard but we decided to take the chance and asked for it again (RM12.00)…

Nice House plum sauce chicken

…as this is among their many nice dishes that we would love to have each time we drop by and yes, it was perfectly done this time around.

I noticed that the prices had gone up a bit – the beef was RM12.00 the first time we were here when they moved to their new location and the chicken was only RM10.00 then. That, of course, is to be expected as the prices of everything have been going up and up and up. Having said that, I am of the opinion that it is still very cheap – there were three of us and we ordered for two but the servings were huge enough for at least, four persons…and most importantly, the food was nice and we sure enjoyed our lunch that day. Without doubt, we will be back…if we can find a place to park, that is.

Well, it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) or the Zhōngqiū Jié, also known as the Mooncake Festival so here’s wishing everybody a Happy Mooncake Festival. Enjoy eating your mooncakes. Planning anything special for dinner tonight?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I love you this much…”

  1. That was a nice selection of food at a good price.

    I don’t think I have ever seen a chicken wing when we ordered a chicken dish here apart from KFC.

    I saw some fancy snowskin mooncake from HK
    earlier, £23 for 4 made from white beans. I settled for a mini lotus mooncake; it was dreadful. The quality is getting worst and worst each year.

    A Happy Mooncake Festival to your family and you.

    And the same to you. That’s about £6, two each – bet you can’t get much for that kind of money there.

    Gosh!!! £23? That would be around RM100 but truth be told, they’re not much cheaper here, the regular ones. Not a fan of snowskin. I did buy some yesterday at a supermarket here, the mall near my house, for today – low sugar white lotus. I saw that they were around RM2 cheaper each than at the shop round the corner – bought a box for my parents the other day in keeping with the tradition…and I just can’t resist bargains. Hehehehehe!!! Good excuse! I’ve tried one and yes, it was very nice, not so sweet too.

    Chicken wings! My father’s favourite. We do get them especially if we order whole or half chicken. Can’t remember if we will get them in dishes with the meat chopped up in chunks. For one thing, if you buy wings here, they are very much more expensive than the other parts. That is because they are in greater demand owing to the popularity of those barbecued chicken wings from the roadside hawkers stalls here.

  2. Enjoy your mooncakes, Arthur!! The midin really looks good!

    Yes, I did buy a few this year. I’m sure you have had your fill of Mary’s ownmade ones over there. Hmmm…when was the last time you had midin?

  3. Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you and family.

    I love midin too. Just cooked some for dinner last night. With red wine, ginger and lots of garlic and shallot. ^^

    Thank you. Same to you and yours, having a great time celebrating with the kids, I see! Ahhhhh….Foochow recipe, that one. Well, you married one. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Nothing special for dinner unfortunately, probably some Jelly Mooncake after dinner. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family.

    Thanks, and to you and yours. No jelly, no snowskin for me – I’d rather not have any. We’re just having steamboat, nothing spectacular.

  5. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family… Today is my exercise day, hehe…

    Thank you and to you and yours too. That’s just great…exercise first and then eat all you can! LOL!!!

  6. I was going to make my own moon cakes – looks like I’m a bit late!

    Well, now you have two choices – to wait till next year or enjoy them out of season. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Ooo I didn’t realise sibu has a dance festival! 😉 wonder if the dancers enjoyed the beef as well 😀

    Can’t remember how many years now but this has been going on for a while already. Next week is the International Base Jump here! Quite happening, this little town! 😀 😀 😀

    I didn’t take note of what else they ate, just peeped and so he was raving about the plate of midin they were having!!!

  8. All the dishes looks great & that plate of midin is to die for. If I am not wrong, I think last Sunday we have this mooncake celebration at Carpenter Street too.

    Happy Mooncake Festival to you & your family.

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. Not an on-going thing that festival? I thought it would be on every night…or at least, till tonight, the actual night of the festival?

  9. If only we had midin here…. Happy Mooncake Festival! I am not really celebrating but I went to buy two mooncakes to share with my partner. They were RM19.25 each ***faints*** But since they tasted good, it’s worth it for a once a year thing.

    You can always hop over, everyone can fly! Next long weekend, Awal Muharram October 2nd, Sunday so 3rd is a holiday.

    I got mine around RM17-18, cheaper than yours. Got ripped off a day earlier when I bought at another place for my parents, same brand, same flavours, RM2-3 more EACH, bought 4!. 😦

  10. Happy mid autumn festival to you and your family, Arthur. Enjoy your day with your loved ones and good food! The midin looks good!

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. We’re having a simple steamboat dinner at home.

  11. I love midin so much!!! and it is so hard to find it in KL, the ones I had was either too drenched with oil or gravy, I can’t even finish it all. I miss my hometown so much, and I even dedicated a post on Sarawak food…hehehe

    Ahhhh!!!! You’re from Sarawak! Welcome and feel free to drop by anytime. Thanks for commenting.

    Yes, that’s one thing everyone misses when living far from home – the food! Dunno why there is no miden there especially when there are places in some states by that name – maybe all lost due to the massive development that side of the country. It grows wild.

  12. Ohhh is so miss that fern type vegetables, Asian vegetables here are quite limited

    Lots of fern in New Zealand – I wonder if those there are edible or not.

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