Other side of town…

This (2.343258, 111.836678)…

Famous Town Food House

…is on the other side of town, along Jalan Wawasan – you turn left at the roundabout where the university, private college and international school are located and the Sg Merah police station and also the Batang Igan Bridge are straight ahead and considering its somewhat distant location, I was rather surprised to see quite a lot of people eating there when I dropped by that morning.

The kopi-o-peng kao or the iced black coffee, extra strong (RM1.50)…

Famous Town Food House kopi-o-peng kao

…was quite good and cheaper than a number of places here.

Well, if you are wondering what took me all the way there, it was because a friend shared a photograph of their fried laksa bihun on Facebook and it looked good. I did not order that though as I thought I would like to try the fried laksa mee mamak (RM4.00)…

Famous Town Food House fried laksa mee mamak 1


It was very nice – my missus said it was nicer than what she had here that day and in comparison, it was definitely a lot more substantial and very much cheaper. I thought it was good too but those of you who are familiar with cooking your own Sarawak laksa would know how you would need to sieve the broth to collect all the blended stuff in the sambal and throw away. It was not too bad but I could feel it in the noodles…

Famous Town Food House fried laksa mee mamak 2

…so perhaps they could use those that would not need any sieving or work out some way to get the flavour of the sambal for use when frying the noodles. Otherwise, I would much sooner go for the soup version – the nice girl gave me a little bowl of the broth to try and it was quite nice, just a tad salty but I guess with the bihun and all, it would be o.k.

My missus had their Foochow fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Famous Town Food house Foochow fried noodles

…and she said it was all right and there was quite a lot of meat buried under the noodles just that it lacked that much-coveted wok hei fragrance.

I saw on their Facebook page what I thought was Kuching kolo mee but when I asked, the girl said it was their kampua special (RM5.50)…

Famous Town Food House kampua special 1

…but nonetheless, I decided I would want to give it a try as well. It was quite good, not quite like kampua noodles and not like kolo mee either but tossed with the minced meat and all, I would say that I did enjoy it. There were a few of those frozen meat balls and fish balls in it…

Famous Town Food House kampua special 2

…and thankfully, the brand that they used was not the same as those smelly ones that I had here but still, should I happen to drop by and have this again, I would request for those to be omitted and replaced with more of the pian sip (meat dumplings) instead.

Considering the distance, I would not say I would be back all that soon but should I happen to be around that part of town, I certainly would not mind stopping by here again for a bite.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Other side of town…”

  1. You are having a field day in the culinary world, Arthur. In addition, you have set the bar high in your write-up and photos. I have yet to start my blog!

    I don’t often see a decent kopi-o-peng kao with a nice froth. What is ‘kao’? MYR 1.50 is a steal. Was it made with coffee roasted with butter?👀

    The mee mamak looks good. I have to yet to see it with calamansi on the side. Is calamansi expensive? What is a wok kei fragrance?

    The kampur special looks fab. Love the toppings and presentation (they all are appealing).

    Wok hei, with a h and not a k…is the special fragrance derived from frying using a wok over a really huge fire. It’s a Chinese thing, will never get it frying noodles at home over a gas stove…and likewise, none at the Malay stalls, they all use a gas stove in which case, much would depend on the ingredients added. No, I would not say calamansi lime is expensive, RM1 can get quite a lot and for use at home, one does not need to buy so much.

    And kao is thick…or strong. Dunno what coffee powder they use but it is local coffee all right. The people at one of the shops say they use margarine now with butter added – butter alone is too expensive…and that is why their coffee is not as nice as in my younger days. You win some, you lose some.

    You’re going to start a blog? Oh me oh my!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hmm. Interesting. I would like to try that fried laksa noodle. Must be heavenly.

    It was nice but I did not like the feel of the blended ingredients from the sambal in it.

  3. We have one fried laksa noodle-dish here too, the fat-short laksa noodles are used. I have yet to try that out.

    I guess that’s the curry laksa you’re talking about, don’t think there is the residue in the sambal that would need to be sieved, same with tom yam.

  4. Oooh, I love shrimp! I love both hot tea and iced tea, but even though I like hot coffee I am not a fan of iced coffee.

    I am not into drinks that are hot, anything hot I would just let it stand till it gets to room temperature.

  5. I will go for the kampua special as got my favourite pian sip and prawns inside, hehe….

    Between the two, I would say that would be the better choice.

  6. My daughter once brought me to eat fried laksa at Shah Alam & it turns out to be “loh shu fun” fried with laksa sambal. Kampua special looks good. I will have that.

    So they fried it with the sambal laksa. Did you feel unpleasant bits of the blended ingredients? That put me off even though the taste was quite all right, not bad. I would stick to the kampua the next time around. I saw somebody having the char kway teow – it looked kind of pale, not at all enticing.

  7. Ooo … Does this mean it’s fried Sarawak laksa instead of the normal Sarawak laksa in broth? If so, that’s an intriguing twist! 😉

    That’s what it is. Interesting, yes…nicer, for me, not so. Why rock the boat when the going’s good? 😦

  8. Your photos are really looking very nice lately. Yes please to the iced coffee and I would like to try those laksa bihun.

    Natural daylight so the snapshots come out really well. Not so nice indoors especially at places with the very yellow lights and also at night in dim surroundings.

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