Yes, yes, yes…

…except that its name is in fact, not YES but YS…

YS Cafe

…whatever the acronym stands for.

This coffee shop is located at the corner of a very nice block of shops at Wisma Hamimas, Kampung Nangka here (2.310715, 111.820735), right beside this cat café on the 1st floor…

maiMEOW cafe

It has been around for quite sometime now and I would drive past very often as my parents’ house is pretty close by and I would take this route home quite regularly after visiting them and spending some time with them every morning. We never bothered to stop by though as this place would always be packed with people, giving the impression that the food must be really great…but I am not all that fond of crowded places and long waits to be served.

The cat café is relatively new. I understand you can bring along your pets when you drop by to have dinner…but I’ve never been there to check it out. For one thing, I am not all that keen on going up staircases plus it only opens at 3, not for breakfast, brunch or lunch and besides, I don’t have a pussy. Hehehehehe!!!!

So what took us to this coffee shop that morning? Well, if you remember I went and tried the gula apong (nipah palm sugar) ice cream in Kuching that people seemed to be praising to the skies but I must say that I was quite disappointed – it wasn’t anything to shout about and definitely not anything I would want to have again. A friend who has tried it all told me that he likes the one here most of all and I did hear from some other people as well that it is very nice…and as the test of the pudding is in the eating, I took the trouble to stop by and ordered one (RM3.00)…

YS Cafe gula apong ice cream 1

…to try and yes, it was indeed really very good!

The ice cream was so smooth, very rich and very creamy…

YS Cafe gula apong ice cream 2

…and while the one here had vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of gula apong, in the case of this one, the ice cream itself was gula apong-flavoured and that certainly pushed it up a class above that other one that I went to try. I would say that I enjoyed it tremendously and I certainly would look forward to dropping by for more.

As for the food, I had their nasi lemak special (RM6.00)…

YS Cafe nasi lemak special 1

…and that, I must say, was very expensive for nothing more than the usual condiments and some rather badly-battered fried chicken…

YS Cafe nasi lemak special 2

…and a salted fish. The rice was not lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) and they were somewhat stingy with the sambal…which wasn’t very nice, anyway. I’ve had others a lot nicer elsewhere and I am pretty sure I’ve had some that are cheaper as well.

My missus had the mee mamak (RM5.50)…

YS Cafe mee mamak

…with a special request for it to be extra pedas but it wasn’t. To be fair, it tasted all right but there was so little of it that it barely filled half the plate and RM5.50 is rather steep, I would think.

Based on what we had, I really could not fathom why this place would be packed every morning (except Mondays – that is their off day in the week), what it was that everyone seems to enjoy so much that it keeps them coming back for more. I looked around and saw a lot of them having kampua noodles with black soy sauce, the halal version, of course…but if I wanted that, I would go for one of my favourites in town – the real thing, non-halal.

Of course I would be back – not for the food and not at those prices but for the gula apong ice cream. It would be great on hot afternoons…and I probably would want more than just a serving – I wonder if they have a larger size.

Author: suituapui

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20 thoughts on “Yes, yes, yes…”

  1. I thoroughly agreed with you here. Thumbs up to the ice cream (it caught my eyes) and a no, no to the nasi lemak. The former looks fab, the hall mark of a good ice cream.

    Will be back there again soon for just the ice cream.

  2. There are many cats and dogs cafes here in KL but I don’t frequent them. I am not a cat or dog lover hence those are not for me. As for apong ice-cream, yums! I’ll go for that ANYTIME!

    Oh? So no pussies, no pets for hubby and sons as well, I guess? Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Next time go for ice cream only.. Or try another dish… The nasi lemak really is not presentable but if tasty, then ok….

    That was the main problem – it was not tasty, the sambal so so so little, the chicken hard and dry and the rice was not lemak. RM6, I can go for TWO plates of kampua and get a lot more satisfaction…and still have change.

  4. Yes, RM5.50 for that plate of mee mamak is too steep and like you say, barely filled half the plate. Nothing is cheap these days. Sigh!!!!

    VERY!!! Just had one this morning, RM3.50 only – so much nicer and so much more substantial. Blogpost on that coming soon.

  5. I think our cat cafe here has cats for you to play with. Don’t know if they allow you to bring your own cats. Took my dog to a dog cafe once where he had a puppacino.

    The owner of this one has 21 cats, I hear – lots for you to play with. Not sure about this one here but I heard at some cat cafes, you would have to pay to go and play with them! No, thank you. So how much was the puppacino? Bet it did not come cheap. 😀

  6. The chicken that came with your nasi lemak looked terrible! All smashed up like that 😦 Good thing that you enjoyed the gula apong ice cream.

    Exactly!!! I really cannot figure out why the place is packed every morning, so full, so many cars all around. I did look around to see what everybody else was eating and I did not see anything that I would want to go back again to try…and nobody else was having the only nice thing there – the gula apong ice cream.

  7. The presentation for the fried chicken in the nasi lemak don’t looks appetizing…

    It tasted as “good” as it looked.

  8. The chicken looked so dry in the nasi lemak.

    Mee mamak is indeed so little.

    Pet cafe huh? Never been to one over here. I wouldnt be enjoying much if I do. Not with all those cats or dogs around if I am eating. Hehe.

    No worries, they are all in a special room, separate from the dining area. I hate it when there are stray dogs and cats at any coffee shop – will not bother going back again if they do not bother to keep them away – cats are worse, they may go as far as jumping onto your lap…but dogs, some have a terrible stench you will lost your appetite completely.

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