A new friend…

Out of the blue, somebody commented in my blog asking me where the nice places around the hotel where he would be staying were so he could go and eat. I responded promptly and with the link, I was able to get connected with him on Facebook and got myself added as his friend.

It turned out to be somebody residing in Singapore ever since he was 10 and he would be coming home for his aunt’s 90th birthday celebration at this restaurant here. We did chat quite a bit and he asked about the book on Sibu food

The book on Sibu food
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

I don’t know if it is still available but I did have one left in the house and I said I would pass it to him when he got into town.

So when he got here, he sent me a message asking me to go and collect some stuff he had brought over for me at the hotel’s reception desk but he had gone out already to eat…eat..and eat…probably with his relatives here. That is all one does when in Sibu! Hehehehehe!!!!! I went to the hotel, left the book with the receptionist to pass to him and came home with a HUGE bag of goodies. Oh me oh my!!! That certainly was a good deal – all the things in exchange for that one book! LOL!!!

In the bag, there were these traditional Chinese steamed peach birthday buns…

Traditional Chinese steamed peach birthday buns

I guess he must have brought those over for the aunt’s birthday and he decided to spare me a few for longevity and to share the joy of the very auspicious occasion

There was also this box of the nyonya mee siam ready-to-cook sauce…

Prima Taste nyonya mee siam ready-to-cook sauce

…that I tried a long time ago and it was so so so good but I never bought it again as it was over RM10.00 a box then and it has been going up and up and up. I think it is around RM20.00 now.

Other than that, there were also these packs of pastes from that same company and a packet of bak kut teh spices…

Pastes and spices

Hmmm…it certainly looks like I would be doing a whole lot of cooking in the days ahead.

There were these instant noodles…

Instant noodles

…as well and no prize for guessing which my girl happily took to enjoy at her school in the jungle. I’ve tried the prawn noodles…

MyKuali Penang Hokkien prawn noodles

…and surprisingly, it was really good! I did not really like their once-very-popular white curry and that was why I was not expecting too much from this one.

No, that’s not all! There were also these…

Spreads and fried fish skin

– they are some spreads for bread or biscuits. We do not have those here so old goondu me had never seen them before this, much less know what they are but one is most probably Ovaltine spread and I got this on the other one, an alternative to nut and chocolate spreads, from their website:
“Whether you opt to schmear it on bread, use it as a dip for pretzels, or dollop it on top of pancakes, it’s worth having around”
San Francisco Chronicle
…and if I am not wrong, the one on the extreme right was fried salmon skin or if it wasn’t salmon, it would be some kind of fish. Yes, it was very nice, like keropok…just nicer with the lovely taste of the fish…skin.

Well, if you’re thinking that would be all, you couldn’t be more wrong. He also gave me these changs…

Nyonya changs from Singapore

I am not sure if they were the celebrated Katong ones but they were nyonya all right…

Singapore nyonya chang 1

…and they were very nice…

Singapore nyonya chang 2

…a whole lot nicer than the ones that I bought in Kuching.

Last but definitely not least, I got this…

The original Raffles Singapore mooncake 1

Blimey!!! The original mooncake from Raffles Singapore, no less…

The original Raffles Singapore mooncake 2

That must have cost a bomb…

The original Raffles Singapore mooncake 3

…and I sure am glad that now, I can tell everybody that I’ve had the special privilege of getting to sample that…once, in my life.

It is indeed most appreciated, my new friend, but you shouldn’t have done that! Just a little something would be good enough, a little token. Too bad we did not get to meet, you with your aunt’s birthday and everything and me with my girl back for the weekend and sending her back to her school, Sunday but hopefully, someday, we will get the chance to do just that. Do keep in touch, all the best to you and your family and thank you so so so much for everything!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “A new friend…”

  1. Wow! It must be Charlie and the chocolate factory moment 😉.

    As they say, a good turn deserves another🙂👏. Enjoy the treats!

    I sure would, a little at a time.

  2. Wow that is really a lot of goodies there. The Nyonya chang looks so good, I am salivating. Now I am tempted to try the MyKuali Penang noodles too.

    Go ahead! I loved it! The thing was I did not really like the white curry and when this came out – same price, RM7-8 for a pack of 4, I did not want to spend all that money to buy and try. I don’t know if the price has gone down – the white curry one is much cheaper now.

  3. Wow… Looks like endless goodies you received from your new friend!! Very blessed you certainly are… Yeah, hope you get to see him one day!!

    Indeed, I am! Praise the Lord. Yes, I do hope to meet him someday, such a nice and generous guy.

  4. Oh my! Must be your biggest fan. He is so kind and generous. Now I wish I knew him and he can come to Kuching anytime. Lol.

    Happy cooking and eating, my dear friend.

    Yes, he should make a trip to Kuching – every place has its specialties, so very nice…and you can be his food guide, take him to all the nice places to eat. Makes a world of difference going some place and knowing people who know where to get the best in the city.

  5. Lotus biscuit ?! That IS really good!

    Biscuit? The biscuit spread, you mean? Yes, it is very nice, an alternative for those allergic to nuts and not quite into chocolate like me. Half the bottle gone already! Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Can’t wait to see your dishes using the pastes your friend gave you…

    I can’t wait too but I may not blog about it – it is quite a chore trying to cook and take photographs at the same time. Lazy!

  7. arthur the living, walking guide to the best food spots in town.. very very very good!

    No, I did not take my new friend around – he had his relatives here but not all are foodies so he did not get to eat and enjoy as much as he had wanted to. 😦

  8. Wow, a lot of goodies. Can last you for quite some time. Hope you whip up some nice dishes with those paste.

    Yes, will go slow, enjoy. School holidays are here, one week so maybe I will cook the mee siam.

  9. What a bounty! This new friend is so generous. Look at all the goodies you got! Hope you get to meet him one day.

    Bounty’s the word – I did not expect to get anything and in the end, I got so much!!! Sure hope we’ll get to meet some day.

  10. It’s heartwarming when kindness is appreciated and rewarded … And in your case, well-deserved for a thoughtful and helpful gesture! 😉

    Indeed, it is good when people are thoughtful enough to appreciate and reciprocate even in some small way – not many are like that…unfortunately.

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