Second choice…

I did mention in my previous post that I went out with a few of my cousins for brunch that morning when I was in Kuching. The initial suggestion was to go some place in Jalan Song for the Kuching laksa but when we got there, it was closed so we settled upon some place else instead and ended up here…

Number 6 Kopitiam, Kuching

I had the Kuching laksa but I seem to have deleted the photograph by mistake. Anyway, I did not think it was all that photogenic and though it was all right, nothing to shout about, I would say that there are a couple of places even here in Sibu where the laksa has an edge over that one there. The kolo mee that I had…

Number 6 Kopitiam kolo mee

…was fine but it did not sweep me off my feet – there would be some places in the city where the kolo mee would be a lot nicer.

One of my cousins had the nasi lemak

Number 6 Kopitiam nasi lemak

…and I did try a bit but no, the nasi was not really lemakย and of course, with all those stuff by the side, it would definitely be quite nice.

Another cousin had the ark mee (duck noodles)…

Number 6 Kopitiam duck noodles

…and yes, that would get my double thumbs up! I certainly would not mind ordering that should I ever happen to drop by here again.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) here was pretty good, a far cry from the Nescafe-O that I had earlier that morning.

One of them went and bought this bingka sarang

Number 6 kopitiam bingka sarang

– a variation of the kek sarang semut (ant’s nest cake) or what is called honeycomb or beehive cake from this stall…

Number 6 Kopitiam kuih stall

…and it was so very nice that I had to go and buy a few pieces home.

I saw that she was also selling nyonya chang and I could not resist buying a few to try…

Number 6 Kopitiam nyonya chang

…but no, it was so very soft one could not even hold it and would have to eat it with a spoon plus there was hardly any hint of the ketumbar (coriander) and the only thing nyonya about it would be the blue bunga telang stains. Of course, it tasted all right but if it is nyonya chang that I am looking for, my vote would go to the ones at the Green Road old lady’s stall – those are really very nice.

After our brunch, we dropped by this bakery to collect my orders. I don’t recall them having these nice boxes of different shapes and sizes before…

Aloha Bakery boxes

It sure looks like they’ve upgraded a bit since the last time I was here last year.

My girl loves their pies so I got a few of the chicken ones…

Aloha Bakery chicken pie

…and also the beef…

Aloha Bakery beef pie

…to take home for her to enjoy. The beef pies are a lot thicker than the very nice chicken pies here, almost double, I think…and though they come pretty close where the taste is concerned, both pastry and filling, there is a whole lot more filling inside the ones from this bakery…

Aloha Bakery beef pie filling

…and even at RM5.00 each, RM3.50 for the ones in Sibu, I do think this is more value for money especially considering that they are a lot more substantial and beef is a whole lot more expensive here than chicken.

I did not manage to go round much this time around but I guess it is pretty obvious that I sure did not go home empty-handed.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Second choice…”

  1. That was a nice whistle stop
    for decent food. Bring it on!

    When I set eyes on the duck noodles, I could tell it was worth the calories.

    I made the honey comb cake probably about two years ago. I ate the lot ๐Ÿ˜ณ, not in one go. Like your recent indulgence, I was well stuffed and had not made one since.

    The pies look good but I think the pies of your former student appear to have the edge esp her pastry. No?

    These are not as elegant and dainty as my ex-student’s but they are also very very good unlike all the pies and tarts at the bakeries here in Sibu, except for the one with the nice chicken pies and coconut tarts.

    My friend loves honeycomb cake, will always ask me where to find really good ones. I’m not a fan though but these green ones with the santan and the pandan, I like!

    1. I cannot find a recipe online for binka sarang with pandan and coconut milk. If you have one and don’t mind sharing, please drop me a line.

      p/s I have been reading some of your post from way back. Love it!

      Sorry, no recipe. I failed at my attempt to make an ordinary bingka even.

  2. The green honeycomb cake looks nice… And i like the beef pastry… It looks so nicely baked and neat!

    Yes, all nice, the chicken ones too. Worth the trouble of carting all of them home.

  3. Used to go to No 6 Kopitiam when I stayed nearby. I tried the braised duck noodle before. Just once. Not that nice I remembered. Maybe they have improved, glad that you like it.

    My favourite claypot stall is there but only open in the evening. It happens to be a relative of my cousin’s wife. I love its lamb curry, lamb stew and curry chicken. But ages since I go there…

    My cousin did mention the claypot stall, not open and they did say it is very nice, got kacang ma too. I just had a spoonful of the duck noodles and a piece of the duck – I thought it was good, much more worth eating than the laksa and the kolo mee…or the nasi lemak – those were all so-so, edible, definitely way below the standard of the best in the city…and boy, the place was so crowded mid-morning on a working day!!! I would have thought that everything there would taste so so so good.

    1. I mostly go there for claypot in the evening. The only time I went there for lunch was to have that duck noodle. I don’t even know what is good there other than the claypot.

      I guess the varieties and cleanliness lure people to go there. Haha.

      So many stalls there, dunno what to choose. I guess most people are not fussy about what they eat – as long as it is ok, it is all right with them. The true gourmets would be the ones willing to go through all the inconveniences, long distances, long waits and all to eat something really really nice.

  4. Pies from Aloha, my favourite too & so is John’s Pie. I think they have these boxes for quite sometimes except some changes of the wordings. Love the bingka sarang too. Yummsss!!!

    Oh? Did not notice them before. Can’t remember what they used last year. John’s are like the pies overseas, the filling, the puff pastry – I am more into shortcrust. The place selling them here has stopped doing so as well, second one trying to break into the market. At RM8 or more each, it is not easy with the general public here…and in the first place, many may not be into pies that much. Kampua and kompia ftw!

  5. If me, i sure can’t resist, will also buy the nyonya chang… hehe…

    Not nice…but I had some pretty good ones from Singapore, dunno from Katong or where – those will be in tomorrow’s post!

  6. Binka sarang…I think I eaten some of it during my 1-week stay in Kuala Lumpur 2 years ago. Yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You have? I wonder where I can find a good one there. I don’t recall seeing it in my town, just the brown ones and they’re not necessarily good.

  7. Ooo, ark mee isn’t something I see a lot in kl … I think I saw it a bit more in Penang, possibly. Is it a staple in Kuching (cos I don’t recall seeing it much in your sibu posts)…

    I hear it is popular in the smaller towns as you drive out of Kuching – Serian and Sg Tenggang:
    This is the first time I’ve seen it in Kuching and no, I don’t think I can find it anywhere in Sibu. Probably roast duck isn’t quite a Foochow thing, not many places selling that here.

  8. I always have my fav fish head curry at No. 6. best fish head curry in town, in my honest opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚ Laksa, not so much.

    Yes, the laksa was disappointing, ok…not the best in Kuching and we do have some nicer ones even here in Sibu. Didn’t see fish head curry. Is that from the claypot stall? Rose’s relative. I hear the kacang ma is good as well as some other claypot dishes.

    1. No not the claypot stall, the one doing the seafood/goreng2 stall at the far end. they dont advertise the fish head per se, but they have it. maybe they open only at night, not sure about daytime since i only go after office hours. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think I did see the seafood stall, don’t think it was open. We were sitting at the table nearest to the drinks counter, that stall was to the left at the very end.

  9. The chicken pie looks delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

    They’re very good – I’ve bought them before, last year so that was why I was keen on buying them again to take home.

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