Who’ll stop the rain…

I got up early in the morning, around six, thinking that I could walk around and look for something nice to eat but it was raining!

I had that Anthony Bourdain’s favourite Sarawak laksa place in mind, located to the left of that hotel…

Rain in the morning

…straight ahead – so near yet so far! I did enjoy that special Kuching delight there and I liked the kolo mee and the popiah (spring rolls) too but that was so very long ago, long before I retired. That was why I was keen on going back there for those and they say the loti kiap or roti kahwin (toast sandwich) is very good too.

In the end, I just had to go to the coffee shop right beside the hotel where I was staying

Coffee shop

…for my morning coffee…

Coffee and kuihs

…and I saw these nyonya kuihs there and I decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, they were not nice at all – maybe very slightly better than what we can get here in Sibu but no, don’t ever bother eating those. They’re such a waste of calories, really!

The Nescafe-O (black) that I had wasn’t much better either – at home, I would just put one tablespoon of the instant coffee powder in a mug, pour hot boiling water into it and drink and it was good enough for me to start off the day. I really wonder why they can’t even get that right – maybe they just use one teaspoon…and I’ve had their own-brewed coffee before and let’s just say that I would never want to order that again.

They had some choices for breakfast such as the fried noodles that I had…

Fried noodles

…which was all right, though not anything that I would want to go back there for. I was early and later, they came out with some fried rice, fried chicken and eggs. I would not mind having the latter two with my noodles – perhaps, those would help make what I was having a little more appetising.

For one thing, I only had to pay RM5.60 for everything and I thought that was not very expensive and quite a consolation for a not-so-enjoyable breakfast.

I went out for brunch a little later that morning but that would be in a later post and that afternoon, a cousin of mine managed to get hold of this out-of-this-world homemade serimuka

Homemade serimuka 1

…for everyone to enjoy and needless to say, I had my fair share of it. That sure made up for all that disappointment early that morning.

They do have some very nice ones here and there in Kuching but if I were to give a perfect score of a 10 for this one…

Homemade serimuka 2

all those good ones around would pale in comparison and probably manage, at best, just a 6 – it’s THAT good…and I really must say a very very big thank you to my cousin for going through all the trouble and out of her way to get that for me/us to enjoy. I had so much and enjoyed myself so so much that I really wouldn’t mind if I do not get to eat serimuka again for a long long time to come. Betul-betul makan puas-puas (Really ate to one’s full satisfaction)! *insert happy smiley here*