Make it soon…

…Soon Hock, that is…

Soon Hock 1

…if you’re looking for some very nice kampua noodles in town. It (2.312181, 111.845824) is located among the shops behind the Delta Mall here, the other side, facing this church…


…and the housing area.

I used to frequent this place…

Soon Hock 2

…a lot and I did blog about it many times and I even brought my West Malaysian blogger-friends who came to town here to enjoy the kampua noodles and the pian sip. At the time, they had a few young Mandarin and Foochow-speaking Indonesian girls helping out and they were really good at it. Those left and a new batch took over but I did not like the noodles anymore then and I never came back. I guess business must have dwindled so they got rid of those girls and now the lady boss…

Lady boss

…and the hubby would do it themselves. I hear the Iban ladies helping out with the serving may do the cooking sometimes and they can do it very well too.

Kampua stall close up

This is one place that commences early in the morning and opens the whole day till night…

Business hours

…except Tuesdays. Many would close around noon, some earlier once the noodles run out and may reopen at night but their noodles would not be available all afternoon.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…


…here is all right and their pian sip, dry…

Soon Hock pian sip

…is my girl’s favourite in town. Actually, I wanted the soup but got this instead – I guess I did not specify it clearly so it was my fault. However, I thought it was a tad too oily that morning so I had to drop them into the complimentary bowl of soup…

Pian sip

…to rinse off the oil and eat. I guess I would have to remember to ask them to cut down on the oil next time or just stick to the soup version, my missus’ favourite in town and ever so often, she would tapao home to enjoy.

The kampua noodles, “white” (with light soy sauce)…

Soon Hock kampua, white

…was very good – I certainly would rank it among the best in town and my missus, of course, asked for the same tossed in chili sauce…

Soon Hock kampua, white with chili

…and she too sang its praises.

Needless to say, now that the quality is as good as before, especially when this coffee shop is just round the corner from my house, we would definitely be dropping by again and again, be it to eat there or to buy home.

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25 thoughts on “Make it soon…”

  1. These pian sip appear to be messy than the ones you had some weeks ago. Greasy, too.

    Do kampur noodles come in a dark and white version? These looked appetising. They are generous with the noodles. I assume they are soft noodles and are not made with lye water.

    All our noodles here do not have that alkaline thing to make it firm and hence, the timing when cooking is crucial so it will not be too soft and if in soup, one must eat quickly lest it will bloat up and become too soggy, not so nice anymore. It may be white, light soy sauce or dark, black soy sauce – up to you to choose.

    Normally, the pian sip is not so greasy, one of those days perhaps. Well, when you have to dish out thousand of plates a day, you do not have time for nice presentation. The piansip is a shade darker because of the shallot oil – I saw them using a blender here to cut the shallots, not sliced nicely by hand.

  2. Kampua looks good! missing kampua a lot. They look very simple, but very smooth to the mouth 😛

    No plans to come back and enjoy this, and all the rest? You will find Sarikei a lot different now from what it was before. Growing fast!

  3. The best is to cook your own. Cannot depend on staff to do it. Glad the business is picking up and the lady boss does the cooking.

    Hubby and Jay just had kampua yesterday. Pretty good they said. Will blog about it soon.

    Dunno of any good one in Kuching. They said the one at Me Kong was nice – I tried but no, it wasn’t really. I loved the Foochow fried noodles there though…and the Foochow ang chiew mee sua I had there was good too.

  4. Kampua noodles & pian sip looks good & I prefer dry version for both.

    I rarely have the soup version for kampua, pian sip sometimes to go with the dry noodles – Foochow people, must have soup with their meals. My girl likes pian sip dry, my missus prefers the soup.

  5. Oh the best ?! Definitely will put it on my list, though unsure when I’d be visiting Sibu 😛

    Did I say the best? I am very careful not to make such sweeping remarks. To the most, I would just say “among my favourites in town”.

  6. I can finish up the whole bowl of pian sip, if i didn’t order noodle…

    I can finish too…even with the noodles. Hehehehe!!!

  7. You like your coffee black – I must have milk with mine. Occasionally, when cream is available, I like that in the coffee too.

    I am sure it’s psychological but if I have coffee with milk or any drink with milk, I would feel sleepy after that. I guess that must be from the time when I would drink hot milk and honey whenever I could not sleep.

  8. Well, it’s good that you came back and found that the kampua noodles are to your liking.

    Actually, my missus went and bought from them and said the couple were doing it themselves and it was good, so since this is the case, we wouldn’t mind going back there again.

  9. Kampua, as simple as it is, endures the test of time. There’s a kampua stall in the vicinity of the clinic I always frequent – costing only RM2.50. Very generous with pork slices and minced pork.

    In Miri? That is so very cheap! Here, we do get RM2.50 at some places but generally, it is RM2.80.

  10. Soon hock? That’s also the name of a fish! Hehe 😉 they definitely must be really hardworking here – if they open at 6am, they might be awake by 4 to start preparing the food!

    It’s the early bird that catches the worm and you’ll be surprised by the volume of business they get so early in the morning – parents stopping by to buy for their kids to bring to school for brunch – sure beats what they sell at the school canteens here. Schools here start at 7 a.m.

    Soon-soon in Hokkien means smoothly and hock is good luck – with the endless stream of customers all morning right through till lunch time, they are literally enjoying that – a smooth flow of good luck. I am pretty sure they are millionaires…maybe even billionaires in their own right.

  11. I remember this place but have not go back for sometime. Maybe the next round when i am home should go and try again.

    Yes, I stopped going when it got real bad with the new batch of Indon helpers. Thankfully, it is good again.

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