First, there was just this one (2.293099, 111.836183) along Lorong Chiew Siik Hiong 1 among the shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre (Jalan Pedada) here…

Sushi Tie, Sibu

…and this one alone, opening daily from 11.30 a.m. onwards. If I am not mistaken, it was the sole Japanese restaurant in town, pronounced as “tier” as in the Chinese surname and not tie as in necktie.

We would drop by everytime we felt like having Japanese and this was on one of our more recent visits. Ever since this one opened, we had been going there instead because we liked what they dished out a lot more but they have since closed their doors, no more. My girl and the mum did go back to this one again not too long ago and had one of their sushi sets but they did not like what they had, not at all so we had stayed away since then.

In the meantime, they did go to their other outlet at the shopping mall in the town centre and were quite happy with what they were served there and that was why when my girl was thinking of having sushi last Saturday, we decided to drop by here for lunch in the hope that things would be much better now. It was pretty much the same inside – nothing has changed…

Sushi Tie, inside

…and for some reason or other, they let down all the blinds and pulled all the louvres closed so it was so very dark. I wonder why they did that so I asked one of the boys to open the louvres at the window closest to our table to let the natural sunlight in a little bit. That was why the snapshot of the chicken bento (RM16.90)…

Sushi Tie chicken bento

…that my missus had did not come out too well.

The teriyaki chicken…

Sushi Tie teriyaki chicken

…was very nice and they sure were quite generous with the meat. There probably would be enough to be shared by two not-very-big eaters.

My girl had their unagi don, regular (RM19.90)…

Sushi Tie unagi don

…and I had their unagi tamago don, regular (RM21.90…

Sushi Tie unagi tamago don 1

Both were great and came with this complimentary miso soup…

Sushi Tie miso soup

…but if I had known earlier, I would have had what my girl had instead of forking out the extra RM2.00 for an egg…

Sushi Tie unagi tamago don 2

…that was not anything much, just an egg.

I also asked for these side orders, their inari tuna mayo (RM3.70, normal price RM4.60)…

Sushi Tie inari tuna mayo

…and their ebi tempura maki (RM7.10, normal price RM8.90)…

Sushi Tie ebi tempura maki

…that were currently a little cheaper in conjunction with our National Day celebration and we thought both were all right.

The three of us all had green tea (RM4.50) and the total came up to RM74.00 and with the 6% GST PLUS the 8% service charge, the total came up to RM84.90. Ah well! We did enjoy our lunch, not as nice as what we used to have at the since-closed-down place but it was good enough and as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “First…”

  1. The food looked nice and with a price to match. It is all right as a treat from time to time.

    Did they use Japanese rice? Was it slightly sweet, vinegary
    and with a sheen?

    I like Japanese food but I can take it or leave it. The ones that are affordable in London vary from pretty good to mediocre. If it’s a soup noodle, the meat is sliced so thin that it can pass ‘your flying test). 😜 . Often, the rice is not Japanese rice or it is hard with a bite.

    I heard there are Japanese food in Turkey. I never go out of my way to find it. The same rule goes for Korean , Indian and Chinese food. However, I went out of my way for Syrian food in Istanbul and it was so good and cheap. I was the only foreigner there.

    Yes, expensive. I did not mind the GST but the service charge was quite atrocious. Can’t say I was impressed by the service, not at all…and I was wishing the whole time they would not play those Chinese songs…and so loudly too! The ambiance just was not there – way below par compared to the place that had closed down.

    Food was all right, not as good either but nice enough. I think it was Japanese rice – not sure what that tastes like other than in sushi, never cooked it as plain steamed rice. We can buy it here but it is very very expensive. I do think our Bario rice would be very much nicer, if you can get it direct from people up the hills, unadulterated. The business people will mix with other types of rice, not so nice anymore and the ones from the local rice authority will not be as fresh.

  2. Japanese food are not cheap, huh… My girl loves them so I have to go with her once a blue moon… 😉

    Yes, not cheap but not so bad even with the GST. The 8% service charge was the killer, not that the service was good, so special to merit that extra charge – I get much much better service at a lot of places in town and I willingly leave a generous tip to show my appreciation. 😦

  3. That’s a cool name … Though I wonder whether most people would still end up pronouncing them as sushi tie, as in necktie 😉 ooo, unagi don! 😀

    I did! Until I was corrected and told that it was actually a Chinese surname, Tie.

    My girl’s favourite, braised unagi…and somehow, it always tastes nicer at these Japanese places, unlike the frozen ones that we buy home from the supermarkets. Dunno if the surroundings have anything to do with it. 😀

  4. What you have looks good but am not into Japanese/Korean food. Call me typical Chinese.

    Not my favourite but I do not mind Japanese – milder and lighter than Chinese…but I am really not into Korean.

  5. The inari tuna mayo looks interesting – is the casing sweetish? I’d probably like a little less mayo, but I think I’m an oddity amongst the crowd. 😉

    The casing? Looks like fried tau kua (bean curd cake) to me, the inside removed. It was kind of sourish sweet – I do enjoy it but yes, I am not into mayo too but I am quite ok with the Japanese kewpie ones.

  6. We prefer to go to here as they have more choices. Sushi King’s queue is ridiculously long nowadays. When you are dining at Sushie Tie, go to their fb, like & share their free sushi & you’ll get 2 pcs free. They have different sushi free every month.

    I only went to Sushi King once when it first opened – not nice and expensive. My girl has been there again a few times but she does not really like it – she prefers the outlet of this one at Wisma Sanyan.

    Yes, I saw the ad on the panel beside the table – that day they were giving away two salmon rolls. A friend of mine did mention it too when I shared a photo of what I had on Facebook. I did not bother. With the 8% service charge for the not-too-impressive service, I surely will think more than twice before I would want to set foot in that place again. They did not even have the banging on the table and the chanting lima puluh sen or whatever sen when we walked in, they used to do that before.

  7. Someone told me the “tie” pronounced as “teh” as in BM. ^^

    Anyway I have never been there.

    It’s a Foochow surname – after the owner at the time, I heard he passed away in a road accident, very long time ago.

  8. Ah I love Japanese food. But they are so expensive, have to limit eating it. Or try to make on our own, which will taste differently. Ahaha

    Yes, so expensive. Once in a long while, ok lah…buang gian. We do make our own sushi quite often, not bad also.

  9. Now this is my kind of meal, I know Japanese is expensive but its even more expensive here

    It was o.k. I miss the old place, the food was much nicer – not all that cheap either but we enjoyed what they dished out there a lot more…and service, place, everything was a class above this one. This one – let’s just say that I’m in no hurry to go back there again.

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