Gimme a try…

That night, at our dinner at my friend/ex-classmate, Robert’s house, they were talking about the tod mun pla or Thai fish cakes here and I kept forgetting to order those past few times I was here so the other morning, I made it a point to drop by.

I loved how they rolled the serviettes and had them standing in a glass like this…

Flavours Thai Kitchen serviettes in a glass

Very nice!

Of course, I had to have the tod mun pla (RM10.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen tod mun pla

…according to plan. They were quite big, around the size of a drink coaster and yes, we did enjoy it very much. I could detect the nice taste of the fish and I did not think there was much flour, if any, as the texture was very different from those regular fish cakes or fish balls, definitely not so soft and wobbly. I loved how they were bursting with flavours, all the herbs that went into the making but if you are no fan of daun ketumbar (coriander leaves), then you should ask them to leave those out.

This special dip…

Flavours Thai Kitchen tod mun pla, special dip

…that came with the fish cakes was really good and sure complements them so well.

To go with those, I ordered the pad thai, small (RM13.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad thai 1

…which we had had a few times before and loved very much and actually, the serving is always so very big, more than enough to be shared by two…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad thai 2

…and that would have been quite enough already for our brunch but I really wanted to give those fish cakes a try.

I wonder if there’s anything on their menu that I haven’t tried yet. I hear the tom yam goong‘s good and I can’t remember having that before – I only had the white tom yum or tom yum pla, with fish so maybe, I’ll have that next time.


Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Gimme a try…”

  1. The Pad Thai looks so gooooood! Small yet is big enough for two? I like! Bring me here if I ever fly over there k?

    When? When? I am waiting….but I guess nobody wants to come here, would much rather go elsewhere. I’m so sad. Sobssss!!!!

  2. Drooling!

    Was there no Thai red curry paste in the fish cakes?

    Oh? Was that why they were rather red in colour, quite unlike those that I had had before? I had to edit the pic to tone down the redness.

  3. I am sure the fish cake is super tasty the way you described it. I would like it as I like the taste of spices and coriander.

    Yes, that’s the very reason why I love Thai food, exploding with flavours and also mostly very spicy, exactly what we like!

  4. Tom yam goong! I would want that once I am fully recovered. Hehe.

    Tod mun pla. Fish cakes. Hmm. Dont think I tried Thai fish cakes before.

    I’ve had that at a few Thai places, usually like the fish ball type of fish cake with added ingredients so more flavourful, some more, others not really – this one is different, the texture and can taste that it is all fish.

    Feeling unwell still? Oh dear! Take care, get well soon!

  5. i always liked pad thais.. similar but so very different from our local char kuey teows.. yum yum πŸ™‚

    have a good friday sir!

    You too!

    Yes, it’s in a class of its own, I love it!

  6. Pad Thai looks like the local koay teow? Not the authentic, chewy and resilient Pad Thai?

    You can tell just by looking at the photos? Amazing!

    The fact is it’s the packet pad thai – we can’t get the fresh ones here and OUR local kway teow (not YOUR local kway teow, not the same either) is far from anything like the real thing. My friend did tell me though that some customers request for our local kway teow – to them, it is nicer.

    Like I always say, to each his own…and to me, it is the taste that counts – as long as it does nor taste like your Penang char kway teow nor like our local fried kway teow and has all the exotic Thai flavours, I love it!!!

  7. Though I am not into Thai cuisine but the fish cakes & pad thai look great to me. Yummsss!!!!…Another week, school holidays is here. Hoorayyyy!!!

    Where got? Still got one more week to go! 😦

  8. That’s quite a generous portion of pad Thai for a small … This dish is my weakness though, so I could finish it all on my own in five mins πŸ˜‰

    I wonder how big the regular is. I ordered wrongly, said I wanted the regular thinking that there were regular and large sizes…and my friend asked me whether I was sure I could finish so I settled for a small instead. Enough for two servings, the usual size of char kway teow, coffee shop standard.

  9. Have you tried the oyster omelette? It’s really good. They are very generous with the oysters. It beats the Kuching version of Or Chien anytime. And this is coming from a true blue Kuchingite. πŸ˜‚

    Oh? You’re from Kuching? I loved the Kuching or chien…until somebody posted a video of somebody cooking it. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. And I love the West Malaysian ones too. The one here, I had it twice already, is very nice but no cornflour so none of the nice gooey bits like those over there – just omelette with all the fragrant herbs added plus the oysters.

  10. Must be very spicy. I’m not into Thai food. hehe.

    No, not spicy at all. Here, you can ask them to tone down (or up) the level of spiciness…and even ask them for the sliced cili padi to be served separately and those who would enjoy that can add their own. You know lah…Sibu people, Foochows, not really into makanan yang pedas. My missus lain, the hotter the better!

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