One and only…

Yes!!! I got one…


…and one only.

The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) or the Zhōngqiū Jié, also known as the Mooncake Festival, falls on the 15th of Sepetember this year and already, the shops and supermarkets here are flooded with the much-coveted delights of different flavours and brands including the more popular and of course, more expensive ones.

I did take a look around and I saw some lotus paste ones going for around RM11-12.00 each and those with a single egg yolk, for around RM14-15.00. No, thank you! I can take that money and have a really good meal and derive a lot more pleasure from it.

Well, my niece in Singapore was home for her mum’s birthday that day and I think she bought a tin for the parents, probably from the airport in Johore as it would be a lot cheaper there especially after conversion into the currency that she earns in the republic…and I sure was delighted when they gave us one. I don’t know what brand that was as there was no indication on the wrapper but it was lotus paste, single yolk…

Lotus paste single yolk 1

…and I am pretty sure this was one of the better known brands seeing how thin the pastry was and how fine the lotus paste was plus the good quality of the salted egg yolk used…

Lotus paste single yolk 2

Both my girl and the mum do not like mooncakes with salted egg yolks so of course, I had the pleasure of feasting on it all by myself. Hehehehehe!!!!

Now, how do you cut your mooncakes usually? Normally, I would cut a cross and then cut smaller slices parallel to one of the lines but if there is an egg yolk in it, I would cut diagonally so that each slice would have a bit of the salted egg yolk…

Lotus paste single yolk 3

Ok, now that I have had one already this year, I would not have to burn a hole in my pocket anymore to buy and eat in keeping with the tradition.

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15 thoughts on “One and only…”

  1. Wow!!!so fast eat mooncake already!!! i like mooncake!!!!!yummy~

    You like? I like too…but only lotus paste, none of the other “newer” versions, green tea, coffee, chocolate… No, thank you.

  2. I love mooncakes but not those with fatty pork. I can’t remember the taste of Teochew ??? mooncakes from Kuching (size of a dinner plate).

    How can you tell if it’s a fine lotus paste and quality yolk (orange to red colour and oily appearance)? Do people cut corner and use chicken yolk in mooncake?

    I thought you posted a recipe some time ago on how to make salted egg with chicken egg instead of duck egg but I cannot find the recipe.

    I heard the mooncakes in China are of poor quality. The ones from Hong Kong are the best (too expensive for me).
    I saw on a blog recently that due to the rising costs of ingredients in mooncakes, suppliers are now making mooncakes with jelly fillings instead. Is this the trend in Sibu?

    They do have those jelly mooncakes here, dunno what trend that is – maybe those are cheaper and easier to make…but no, thank you. I’m not fond of jelly and I only go for the real thing – original and authentic, no snowskin for me either and none of those trendy flavours they have these days – chocolate, matcha, durian…sacrilegious!

    No, I do not like those with pork fat or those with nuts as well. Never seen the huge Teochew ones before…and no, never seen chicken yolk being used instead. I guess it will not keep so long, unlike salted egg yolk…and no, I have never made salted eggs, be it duck or chicken or whatever eggs. Whatever would I want to do that when I can just go out and buy, around RM1.00 each, and I know where I can get really good ones.

    There are local-made ones here – not so good the quality, the filling may not be so fine and they do not pick the best salted egg yolk – anything goes, like our bak chang here, so expensive some more. We have black tau sar and white tau sar – I don’t mind those and I don’t even mind when the skin is thick but usually, they are way too sweet. So I don’t bother to buy those as well – over RM10.00 for a pack of 4, I’d rather go and eat some other things that I would enjoy a lot more…or buy those atrociously expensive Scottish shortbread that I enjoy a lot – I would not even buy those, also around those prices here.

  3. I think I have seen mooncakes being old as early as during the 7th month of Chinese calendar. I am also not into mooncakes with salted eggs yolk. I only like lotus paste & hong chio pia. Normally I cut my mooncake like how you cut, isn’t everyone cut like that???

    Yes, they start selling early – I can imagine the preservatives in them if they can keep for so long, no need for refrigeration even.

    I only cut like this if there is a salted egg yolk inside, otherwise, I would cut once across the middle and in straight lines vertically across that one line. Maybe I am the only one doing it that way. 😀

  4. I havent buy or taste any mooncake this year…dont know why. No mood or desire to get one.

    I haven’t bought any either- just ate this one, given to us by my niece.

  5. yes, it gets so expensive nowadays.. even up to rm22 each piece! ><"
    I got mine complimentary from some of the reviews I attended, but they were used by my mum to give relatives, aunties and so on.. some I didn't even get the pleasure to try it myself!

    WHAT??? I wanna be friends with your mum. So very generous, not like the son. Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Moon cakes are too expensive. A couple of years ago, we made our own, using presses bought from eBay. It’s not difficult to make.

    Here, I understand we can go and buy the filling even, Just make the skin and bake. I don’t think I like it that much though – more in keeping with the tradition, to preserve our culture. That is why I do not go for the modern flavours. Those people are really getting a little too carried away – so absurd, absolutely ridiculous.

    1. i82much, apology for hijacking the conversation.

      I understand the effectiveness of the plastic mooncake presses vary. Please, could you give me some advice on what to look out for or a recommendation or a link to eBay on a good mooncake mould (s) you have used, would be greatly appreciated?

      The local mooncakes made in Chinatown, London are expensive and not nice.

      Dear All,

      Can mooncake filling be frozen? What about the mooncake itself?

      Plastic? Not wood? Not that I know much about making mooncakes but I seem to recall the moulds being wooden like those used to make ang koo kueh.

      Dunno bout freezing mooncakes – they get eaten up fast enough and besides, they seem to be made to last, for months without refrigeration – which makes me wonder about the preservatives, whether there are any and how much to keep them good for so long, and they’re not even vacuum-packed, just the little packet of silaca gel underneath.

  7. The other day, while on my way back from my workout, was at a shopping mall, saw they selling mooncake, walk one round, now the mooncake not cheap…

    Unfortunately. 😦

  8. Love your first mooncake pic – golden and glowing! 😉 i’m happy to have that entire mooncake on my own – then I don’t have to slice it at all, I can just bite into it whole, and save the yolk for last 😉

    Somehow, even if I am eating one mooncake alone, I would still slice and go piece by piece till they are all gone. Guess I am more…elegant? Hehehehe!!!

  9. I love mooncakes with salted egg yolks especially those with double yolks. The savoury yolk compliments the sweet mooncake perfectly

    We’re in the same boat…and I sure am glad the ladies in the house don’t share that same taste.

  10. Rm 11- 12 is alright… i saw many selling at Rm 18- 25 at supermarket (those branded ones)….

    I think I saw Yung Sheng or something, did not really take note of the brands available. right now We do get others like Tai Thong, Baker’s Cottage and others, all not affordable for the likes of me.

  11. Lucky! You got one. I hope I have one of those as well, I like them so much but they are so expensive here

    😀 😀 😀 Let us pray!!! LOL!!!

  12. Mooncakes are getting more expensive nowadays. It used to be RM 12-15 and this year is RM 20-22 for normal mooncakes. I bought a Starbucks one for RM 95 for 4 small ones just coz I like the bag. Haha. I also ordered an ice cream mooncake from a Japanese bakery. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow to eat with the kids. Should be good, all the ingredients are imported from Japan e.g. Hokkaido melon.

    Good grief! I’d stick the the old school lotus paste with or without salted egg yolk and even those, I am not keen on buying to eat, too expensive. Can go out and have a really good dinner with that kind of money. Sure makes a lot more sense to do that instead.

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