Cool me down…

It had not been raining for a long time and it was terribly hot every day so the severe storm a week ago was a welcome relief, never mind that the rain was so heavy, the wind was so strong and the thunder and lightning was quite frightening to say the least. The river and the streams and drains must be bone dry seeing that despite the sudden increase in the volume of water, there was no flash flood. We do get that sometimes in the event of such really heavy rain.

Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived as the very next day, it was hot again…and I thought it was a good time to stop by here (2.302397, 111.842982)…

nica gelateria

…at Wisma Sri Minyak along Jalan Pedada for this (RM10.50, excluding GST)…

nica gelateria pure young coconut sorbet

…their pure young coconut sorbet. We certainly enjoyed it tremendously – the gelato tasted exactly like young coconut flesh straight out of the shell and my girl and the mum loved the peanuts in the topping. They tasted something like Planter’s honey roasted – we can get that at a supermarket here but that, of course, does not come cheap, not at all!

I wanted to try their cheese tarts, all three flavours (RM4.80 each, excluding GST)…

nica gelateria cheese tarts, three flavours

…that have been around for quite sometime now, just that I never got round to stopping by to sample one of each.

The only one that I did not like was the matcha cheese…

nice gelateria matcha cheese tart

Eyewwwww!!! I am no fan of green tea and the combination of that and cheese came across as very odd to me – I shall not elaborate further on that. That was the first and definitely the last time I would ever order it.

The chocolate…

nica gelateria chocolate cheese tart

…was all right, just that the chocolate was so overpowering that there was hardly any hint of the presence of cheese in the filling. Needless to say, chocolate lovers would love this one but for me, my pick of the lot would be the cheese…

nica gelateria cheese tart

My Kuching cousins, when they came to town, did buy me one to try but I did not get the chance till a few days later when I managed to heat up up in the oven and sit down to eat. I don’t know whether it was because I heated it up for too long or what but the filling was solid, not so wobbly or creamy – like chilled cheesecake that has set and I think I would prefer it like that. Actually, I am no fan of those cheesecakes but since the tart is not all that big, I would be able to enjoy it without getting put off by the cloyingly rich cheese filling.

I wonder if those very popular Japanese cheese tarts that people in KL and elsewhere queue up to buy are anything like this one here.

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Cool me down…”

  1. In the last couple of years or so, the climate has been erratic in various parts of the world.

    Was the young coconut shredded into the sorbet or was it jelly coconut? Good sorbet in my book has a soft, smooth finish without any ice crystals or a ‘solid’ texture.

    I have heard of the Japanese cheese tart but I have yet to try it. I prefer cheese tart with a feather light filling.

    Yes, I do prefer the ones my ex-student makes – the filling is soft and creamy too but not to this extent:
    Indeed, the sorbet was everything you describe a good one to be. No, no coconut in it, shredded or chunks or jelly – it was the taste of the sorbet, exactly like that of young coconut flesh straight from the shell. I dunno how they do it but they sure do it very well.

  2. I havent even got the chance to eat those here. The queue is usually very long hence I dont even bother.

    Oh? They’re that popular there, the Japanese ones?

  3. Japanese cheese tarts? Start to pick up over here but I have not yet try it out. Not that cheap for a small tart!

    The coconut sorbet looked so good and cooling. Nice on any hot day.

    Yes, the sorbet was good, nicer than all the gelato they have there. Small, the tarts? The ones here are quite big, maybe bigger than a drink coaster, roundabout but at RM4.80, just try once, ok liao!

  4. These days the weather is unpredictable. Has been raining heavily almost every afternoon follow by thunder, strong wind with howling sounds, so scary. I like the sorbet & cheese tarts provided the cheese tarts are not overly cheesy.

    Maybe you will not like this one then, the one’s my ex-student made would suit you better, not so rich and creamy, just nice.

    No rain here, so so so hot except for the raging storm last night, so scary. Thank God my roof is still there – could hear it flapping in the wind. My potted plants toppled over, my Thai basil uprooted… 😦

  5. Wow. in the whole time i live in SIbu. I never knew this place existed. halal i presume? i would love to try it

    When were you here? This place is pretty new, opened around the beginning of the year or somewhere around there. No food served, just gelato, mille crepe, cheesecakes and drinks…so I guess it is not not halal.

    1. hahaha… i like the way u trying to describe it. not not halal. yea. guess so. fine by me. I was there in 2011-2014. So, if its just open recently thats y haven’t try it. Will drop by if I have the time when going back

      Oh? You were here quite long then. Their sister outlet would be in full swing then but it is not halal – Noodle House. Payung is already around, serves no pork and many of the workers are Muslims…or Hindus – one of a kind that place. πŸ˜€

  6. Chocolate is my all time favourite…

    Go for the chocolate lava cake or the double chocolate mille crepe. This one is mixed with cheese, and I can’t say it swept me off my feet, not at all.

  7. I’d vote for green tea! Weather has been gloomy in Penang with light-med drizzles so the temperature is a little chilly here

    How nice! We had a terrible storm last night out of the blue but come morning, it is so very hot again. 😦

  8. I love green tea! And it has been pretty hot and humid here in Montreal as well. Yes, we did have some heavy rain but since it had been such a long time since we had had rain, it was welcome and refreshing and it cooled down for a day but then the heat humidity came right back again. I can empathize.

    Yes, we had a storm last night, pouring rain but no more this morning so the weather quickly became hot again, not much of a relief…unfortunately.

  9. Eeekkkssss!!! I never like green tea in any desserts. So far I haven’t tried any cheese tarts since I am not so much into cheese. It’s the craze right now.

    See!!! Didn’t I say that we two are the same in more ways than one? I don’t like green tea in anything, cakes, desserts but I’m quite ok with cheese, so long as it is not too rich till I get jelak after a bite or two.

  10. I’d have a problem choosing between cheese and chocolate, I think! Might have both.

    Take the cheese. The chocolate mixed with cheese did not appeal to me much. I would rather have just chocolate, no cheese.

  11. cheese! count me in.. love cheese, except for those overpowering ones like blue cheese and such.

    interesting you would go for these new gen cheese tarts, with unique flavours and all.. give me the good ol’ original cheese tart any day πŸ™‚

    Must try mah! Cannot lah be so kuno, lost in time – at least, when people talk about it, I know what it is all about, not blur blur one. I’m not into blue cheese either and most of the rest – they pair them with wine, just the usual for me, the ones used in cooking like cheddar, mozarella and parmesan…or cream cheese.

  12. As I type this, I can see the sky filled with grey clouds, so maybe we’ll get some rainy relief in kl too today! πŸ˜‰ ooo, gelato and cheesecakes – you’ve hit my sweet spot! Some interesting flavours too πŸ™‚

    Oh? Then this is the place for you. I would not go all that often, I’m afraid – most of everything here is sweet and I’m not all that into sweet stuff. Once in a while is o.k.

  13. Cheese and matcha, what an odd combination and I think that is not a good idea

    Yes, the taste turned out so very odd, to say the least. To me, it was really really awful!

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