Still going strong…

We go back a long way to way back in 2009 when I was still using my cheap handphone camera to take photographs for my blog and they were just a makeshift stall by the roadside at Bandong here at the time. Now, the authorities have given the place a facelift and constructed proper stalls along what they call the Bandong Walk and they are occupying two of those, one for the foodstall…

Malay foodstall at Bandong

…and the other for the son who barbecues stuff…

Son's barbecue stall

…for sale. We love the sardines, RM7.00 each…


…or perhaps that might depend on the size of the fish. The grilled chicken is very nice too.

Note how all the dishes are placed in covered containers, not all exposed like what I have seen elsewhere with all flies flying all over like war planes. You will have to open them one by one to see what is inside like this ayam berlada, for instance…

Bandong Walk ayam berlada

…and decide what your picks would be. Of course, sometimes, you will be drawn to so many that you just can’t decide which ones you want. Do take note also that they are using those environment-friendly cardboard boxes for their nasi campur takeaway, not the banned-in-Sibu polystyrene containers. I definitely would boycott the stall if I had seen them using those.

My missus had picked what we would have for dinner that evening but I went and opened a few of the containers just to have a look and lo and behold, I saw this!!! Liver…

Bandong Walk chicken liver

…and of course, I just had to buy that, RM3.00…

Chicken liver, RM3.00

…for that much, no need to over-indulge plus it was chicken liver. Personally, I prefer beef liver.

My missus bought the fish, RM2.50 each…

Bandong Walk ikan goreng

They always marinate their fish elaborately and I do enjoy eating them a lot more than those at the Chinese chap fan stalls where they would just rub with salt and deep fry.

She also bought the masak lemak

Bandong Walk masak lemak

– pumpkin and cangkuk manis, RM3.00…

Masak lemak labu dan cangkuk manis

…and we sure enjoyed our dinner that evening.

The food here is consistently good – choices are more or less the same every day though so that is why we do not frequent the stall that often anymore, unlike before especially when my missus was still working. Yes, we do drop by time and time again and there may be a few not-so-regular dishes that would make their appearance once in a while. Go ahead! Do drop by to check it out – a wide selection of very nice home-cooked Malay delights, you will surely come back for more!

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19 thoughts on “Still going strong…”

  1. Wow! I am sure I will come back for more with food such as these. I am the only one who eats liver at home 😀

    My missus eats pork liver but this chicken liver, she does not touch, not sure about beef liver. I just eat bit by bit myself, a little every meal…so very nice.

  2. love walking around these stalls. lovely delicious cheap food.

    Yes. There are one or two other stalls too, the food is also nice but they do not give so much. Here, we can buy and eat for two meals while at the others, for that same amount of money, there would be enough for one meal only. That is one reason why we keep coming back here.

  3. That fish reminds me of how they cook sardines in the south of Spain. There are stalls everywhere, especially on the beach selling them. The more I travel the more similarities I see across cultures rather than differences.

    Oh? I think there was one place serving very nice grilled Spanish sardine – have not been for a long long time and at the time, I thought the fish was from Spain. Hmmmm….looks like it was a reference to how they grilled it then. Never too old to learn! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Such a nice selection of food. I wonder if it’s possible to have a bit of everything except for the grilled food.

    Yes, you can buy RM2.00 of each, dunno if anybody buys RM1.00 or not – a bit of everything unless it is one whole chuck of meat or egg or fish, then you would have to buy the whole thing.

  5. Fish is really cheap and you seem to love innards a lot?

    RM2.50 each cheap? Was RM1.00 at the start, then 1.50, then 2.00…and now 2.50. Well, most importantly, it is nice. Innards, I do enjoy them…once in a long while and a bit at a time. We do not cook those at home.

    1. Easily Rm 4 to Rm 8 here… for the fish, depending on the size.

      OMG!!! That is so expensive! And Penang is all surrounded by sea, the irony of it all!

  6. It seems that there are a lot of choices. I love how they keep the food in covered containers, unlike the stalls I saw in Sg. Petani, food leave uncovered and gosh!!!!…all the flies landed on them. Yucksssss!!!….

    Yes, everyone should follow such good example. Some keep the food in cabinets with mosquito netting and they keep the door closed – that is good also.

    The roadside stalls opposite the teachers’ institute in Sg Petani were terrible – more flies than people but they say those people were Thais, dunno how true. All of the insects lined up nicely on the rim of the trays. I told my girl to eat only the freshly cooked stuff from those stalls, never eat the nasi campur. That is why she is not into fried rice these days – every day fried rice there.

  7. I love nasi campur stalls like this. So many dishes to choose from. Oh yes, I love hati. I would always make a beeline for that 🙂

    We have so many things in common…other than the shape and size. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. If i go, i will have a hard time choosing what to eat as so many variety to choose from…

    Sibu very small and this place opens every day so can drop by and buy two things each time, that way, we will not be eating the same things every day. Otherwise, we’ll get sick of it after a while.

  9. My kampung… Used to be nothing at this place instead of Bandong Seafood at night. Now, they are very different and so happening.

    They have renovated the MUC place nearby, all the food stalls, looks nice from far. Have yet to drop by and check it out. I hear got karaoke. Hehehehehehe!!!

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