Good again…

We were quite put off by the miserable portions of our orders and also the poor service at this very crowded place one Sunday but we did go back again once or twice since and things seemed to be pretty back to normal now.

Yes, there is a notice there now that states their opening days and hours…

Colourful Cafe notice

…loud and clear. Their address and telephone contact number are also provided.

I don’t know if they read my blog or what but I was grumbling about how horrible the coffee was and on one of the later visits, the lady asked me if the coffee was all right. I just said yes even though it wasn’t really. This time around, I decided not to have coffee and asked for the teh-c special…

Colourful Cafe teh-c special

…aka the three-colour tea instead. Nope! It wasn’t any good – it was not rich enough probably because they did not add enough evaporated milk and the tea was not strong enough for my liking as well. At other places, there would be a layer of green – some say that is wheatgrass and others say it is pandan and there is a brown layer of gula Melaka as well but there is neither in the one here or none that I could taste or detect. I guess if you are looking for a place where they serve really nice drinks, this is not the one.

My missus stuck steadfastly to the fried kway teow (RM4.00)…

Colourful Cafe fried kway teow

She would order that most of the time though she may switch to something else time and again. Yes, there was quite a lot in the plate and yes, there were three prawns…

Colourful Cafe prawn

…in it – the other two were smaller and buried somewhere under the kway teow.

The standard practice here is to give three prawns…

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa 1

…no more, no less and so it was with the Sarawak laksa (RM5.00)…

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa 2

…that I had. It was a Friday when we dropped by so I requested for the pulled chicken breast meat to be left out – I am never a fan of that, anyway – and asked for more of the thin strips of sliced omelette though what I got in the end did not seem all that much, not at all.

Yes, it was very nice and I sure enjoyed the bihun eaten together with the sambal belacan

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa 3


All in all, I would say that everything here is good again, except for the drinks perhaps, so if you have been avoiding this place lately, I would say it is quite safe to drop by again to enjoy all the nice stuff that they serve here. For some reason, my girl loves the curry here so I tapaoed two chicken drumsticks, usually served with their nasi lemak (RM3.50 each)…

Colourful Cafe chicken curry

…for her to enjoy when she got home that afternoon.

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19 thoughts on “Good again…”

  1. Why wait and grumble on line about how bad something was? Why not just tell them on the spot? If you let them know in the moment the restaurant has a chance to fix their mistake and a chance to get better.

    They engaged a young guy to make the drinks. I did tell them that he was no good so the next time I went, the guy was no longer there. Dunno if he left on his own accord or they got rid of him. They’re probably still looking for a new guy – in the meantime, one of the lady helpers at the coffee shop is making the drinks. Better than that guy they engaged but not good as well. Even at some other coffee shops where the coffee is not great, it is usually not all that bad.

    Well, this is my review of the place and I’ve laid down the cards – food is really great, serving sizes are ok now, not so small like what some have been grumbling about recently, drinks not so or to me, that is – others may be fine with it…so I would just leave it to the local readers to decide whether or not to drop by here on those terms or go elsewhere.

  2. I am not familiar with tri-coloured tea. A new trend?

    Weighing the portions before they serve at eateries are becoming common.

    I used to eat Jamaican food from a vendor who has been trading in the area for years. His food was nice when he cooked it himself but it was rather salty. Apparently he didn’t cook his food in a pressure cooker but cooked it for many hours till the meat comes away from the bone eg stewed oxtail. I made the point of telling him so if it was too salty. Finally, he took my comments on board. He was the only one who wouldn’t charge me extra if I asked for some jerk chicken and some curry goat. He always had a winning smile.

    I’m not sure about the tea – seems that it is a Sarawak thing. Very nice if it nicely done, thick and rich…and the attraction would be the layers in the making of the drink. When served, you should be able to see all three layers one by one.

    I guess they’re quite different in western societies. Here, some may blast your head off even when you go and ask why it’s taking so long…and you have not even started about the food. That is why if it is no good, you just keep quiet and go some place else. No problem at all here, nothing is that good that you have to keep coming back when the people are not very nice – in one block of shophouses, you may find three or four coffee shops, so many!

  3. why aren’t you a fan of pulled chicken breast meat?

    interesting you will go back to a spot which disappointed you previously.

    It is quite tasteless. They boil it to get the stock for the laksa broth.

    The food here was very very good, nicer than many other places in town and everyone was singing its praises. My guess was that we caught them on a wrong day, Sunday, too crowded, too many people and they could not cope…but still the taste of the food was good, just the servings were extremely small…and service was so terrible that I would have blown my top if my girl had not been around, frowning away. She does not like me making a scene.

    When they started, there was a Malay couple making and serving the drinks and they were running the shop as a “serve no pork” place. The couple left, the sign has since been removed and since then, they have yet to find someone who can make nice drinks. I guess in future, I can just ask for iced water or mineral water or one of those packet or canned drinks. It’s the food that the guy dishes out that is the main draw, very nice – once the executive chef at a leading hotel in town and later, at one of those upscale franchise places – now doing it on his own. If not for that, they certainly would never ever see us again.

  4. Of course they read and follow your blog! You are the de facto celebrity blogger in town!

    Not too sure about the general public here. Maybe somebody read and went to tell them to get them to improve.

  5. The CKT has lots of taugeh in it..I quite like it since the kuay teow not much texture.

    Have you tried our kway teow on one of your trips here? Different, has more bite to it but I prefer the thinner, finer and smoother kway teow over at your side.

  6. The prawn quite big ya…

    One very big one, the other two very small, hidden in the kway teow.

  7. All looks good though the CKT looks messy. He/She should have dished it out properly. Love it lots of taugeh.

    Coffee shop, RM4.00 only so as long as it tastes great, that’s good enough – can’t expect much presentation especially when business is so good, have to fry so many dishes quickly, no time to bother about such things.

  8. The chicken drumsticks look good and I love the yellow chair!

    Pretty common here at all/most coffee shops. Plastic chairs of vibrant colours.

  9. The curry chicken attracted me the most! Dont know why, usually I would crave for those spicy food while recovering from cough or sore throat. Lol.

    The taugeh in the kway tiaw almost dropped off the plate. Haha.

    I only facing one place in Kuching that serve the 3 layers teh c peng. Just nice. Not too sweet and overpowering with that butter tea taste. Other places I have to specify the normal teh c peng.

    So far the best that I have had was at SCR Xpress but then again, I do not order that all that often so I dunno if there are other places here that serves really good ones. I always go for kopi-o-peng kao kao kao!

    Dunno but my cousin in Kuching, every time she has flu, she will go for laksa. I think there is a need for stronger tastes, everything so bland when one is sick.

  10. It’s good that they have improved except for the drinks. So your revisit was worthwhile.

    Yes, now that it is back to normal, I can bring visitors to town to come and eat here, very nice…as long as they are not kopi-o-peng kaki like me.

  11. The 3-layered tea didn’t look ‘kaw’ too.

    They need to find somebody good to make the drinks. There is a “senior” helper – she used to help make the drinks and she did it quite well but these days, she is helping the boss in the cooking area. One young guy taking orders and collecting payments – the two chicken drumsticks, RM3.50 each, they told him and he wrote down RM6.00 in the bill. I had to correct him and get him to write RM7.00. Haizzzz!!!! I wonder where they find these people, dunno the relatives or what.

  12. I love Sarawak laksa but three prawns, I just wish it has at least double the amount of prawns

    There is one place in town, you can order the special – lots of prawns, double the price – RM10. That one is quite good too, the favourite of many…or you can go for the one with the giant freshwater prawns, dunno how much and dunno if it is any good. I have not bothered to go and try. Perhaps I should do that oen of these days.

  13. I’m actually not a major fan of prawns – so I’d prefer three cockles in that kuey teow instead of three prawns, hehehe 😉

    I love cockles…and prawns but owing to the bad press cockles have been getting, I am quite happy to go without them these days…plus cockles go with curry mee, don’t think it is a standard condiment for Sarawak or Kuching laksa.

  14. Why didnt tell her the kopi is not alright? At least thwy can learn and improve.

    Missed drinking 3 layer tea

    No need lah, later they say this old man so fussy, 1 something also want to make so much noise and if they stop there not so bad, later on, tambah lagi sampai I seven years sial.

    If I go there to eat the nice food, I will just drink water lah – cheaper and healthier too…or better still, I just tapao, my house just round the corner. Can save money on drinks. No point ordering any, obviously they are not willing to employ one who really knows how to brew drinks – all made by one of the lady helpers/waitresses.

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