Up early…

I get up very early in the morning, way before the crack of dawn but people say that’s a sign of old age – early to bed, early to rise. Well, say what you want. I remember the verse in English that goes like this, “Early to bed, early to rise…makes a man healthy and wise!” and some people would add in “wealthy” as well, “healthy, wealthy and wise“. LOL!!!

I do not venture out of the house and go anywhere though unless there are things I would need to buy at the central market (I hate going later as it gets so very crowded and noisy and hot) but on Sundays, I would make it a point to go to the petrol station to fill up the tank, never mind even if it is not really running on empty – blame it on my OCD but I would feel more comfortable going on the long drive to send my girl back to her school in the jungle with a full tank.

Usually I would go before 9.00 a.m. I’ve noticed that the Sunday crowd would not make its appearance that early and last Sunday, I decided to drop by here

Friends Kopitian

…to buy the fried or koi and chiew chu koi (tapioca cake)…

Or koi and chiew chu koi
*Archive photo*

…and tapao their mee mamak (RM4.00)…

Friends Kopitian mee mamak
*Archive photo*

…and fried pek koi, dry (RM4.50)…

Friends Kopitian fried pek koi, dry
*Archive photo*

…home for the ladies in the house for breakfast and I did say the other day in this post that I would like to go back there and give the kampua noodles a try.

Oopssss!!! I was so eager to dig in that I forgot to take a photograph before I did that so I had to put everything back together again and this was the best I could do…

Friends Kopitian kampua mee

…and I would say the actual presentation looked a bit better with the sprinkling of fried shallots and spring onion on top. It was all right, pretty much the same as many elsewhere…

Friends Kopitian 2

…though to me, it was not quite as nice as some of the notably better ones that we have in town.

Personally, I would much sooner go for the piansip

Friends Kopitian piansip, dry 1

…which I enjoyed very much more.

This is the dry version…

Friends Kopitian painsip, dry 2

…and yes, it was very nicely done – not oily, not wet and I did enjoy it very much, what with all that meat…

Friends Kopitian piansip dry 3

…in it and its very thin translucent skin. Having said that, I think I liked the soup version that I had previously a lot more.

Well, I came, I saw…and I tried. I probably would drop by again one afternoon one of these days to try their deep fried stuffed kompia next. Hang around, I’ll be back!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Up early…”

  1. That was a mighty good breakfast ☺️.

    What is fried pek koi? It looks like rice noodles. Do they add sweet soya sauce?

    What is kampua noodle?

    Kampua noodles or kampua mee is the Sibu must-eat delight when in town. It’s the Foochow tossed noodles in fragrant shallot lard and seasonings and garnishing. Not the same as wanton mee or Kuching kolo mee or Sabah’s konlou mee or Seremban’s Hakka mee. It has its own uniqueness in texture and taste and like all the rest, must know where to go for the really good ones. This one was just ok, did not sweep me off my feet.

    Pek koi is rice cake – sold in slices in packets, made in China. Will have to soak in water overnight to soften before cooking. There are freshly made ones too – I did feature those in my blog before, would be nice with dark sweet soy sauce but generally, I prefer kway teow. My girl loves pek koi, for some reason.

  2. interesting. this place would get me out from bed early in the morning =D

    Not me, too lazy to go out though I get up real early. I would just see what is in the fridge and cook something for breakfast using what I can find in it.

  3. I also the same. Never leave the tank to “E”, must fill whenever I could. Otherwise I feel uncomfortable and keep looking at my fuel. Lol.

    One of the old coffee shops around
    Think I saw it before. Not sure I have been there or not but I think I never did.

    We’re birds of the same feather. Maybe around a quarter still, according to the meter, I would go and top it up already. Some people can go on till the red warning light comes on – still good for quite a distance, they said. Shudders!!!

    This place is a few doors away from Thomson Corner – never went here, usually to Thomson Corner. I did try the kampua long ago, different people, was not induced to come back again after that. This one too, not so great but the piansip is nice and the fried stuff from the back, we like!

  4. Just curious, your Early to bed, early to rise, how early is the early that you went to bed, and how early do you rise?

    9.00 p.m. but I can stay up later should I have any reason to do so but I will wake up around 5.00 a.m., sometimes 4 something – my bowel movement is very regular. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Me too. Early to bed @ 9.30pm & early to rise @ 5am…get ready for jogging @ 5.15, ends @ 6.30 am, that’s my daily routine. very obedient, never failed to miss unless weather didn’t permit. I prefer the pian sip than the kampua.

    My missus says the same thing too and her favourite piansip (soup) in town is one place near our house – my girl loves the ones here too but she prefers the dry version. I used to blog about it but have not done so for quite sometime now. Maybe I will drop by one of these days – about time to refresh to memory of those who, like me, have not been there for a while.

    No jogging for me, no tai chi either…and definitely no zumba! LOL!!!

  6. I too like to have my petrol tank topped up – the moment it drops below half, I start to look for the cheapest petrol station. Not my wife, she drives till nearly empty.

    Hahahahahaha!!! I don’t know if it is the same with my missus but I think she is quite happy to just drive and leave the filling to me. Hmmmm!!! 😉

  7. I agree with you on the crowds, the heat and the noise. I try to do my grocery shopping outside of the weekends because of that. I don’t like huge crowds or noise, I prefer to shop in peace and to take my time and choose wisely.

    For this reason, I would avoid a lot of things like the recent food and cultural festival…and if one has to queue and wait to buy or eat something, forget it. I sure can live without those.

  8. I’m an early riser too and I like it that way. I find that I get more things done.

    I guess we’re morning people and yes, I do get a lot done by around 8 or 9. Nicer and cooler to be up and about doing things then.

  9. Kampua noodles again!! Yes, indeed a nice breakfast to have again and again….. yummy!!

    More coming up in the next few posts – we’ve been going round trying some places to see if there are any good ones that we do not know of or have heard about but have not tried.

  10. Wake up early healthy and wealthy ar? Wah…now can gly everywhere and travel lo ..wealthy ma

    Fly, you mean? Can, no problem at all…but got my two very old parents at home, gotta visit them every day and be around to keep them happy and chauffeur duties on weekends. There was my mother-in-law too, missus had to go every day, bathe her and what not, but she just passed away.

  11. The tapioca cake, here we called ‘chai tao kuih’, very famous one, must dip with their homemade sauce.
    Got chance come Taiping and try la! 😉

    Chai thow is carrot and Chinese carrot cake or chai thow koi is made from white carrot/radish. We have that here too, a favourite at the dim sum places. These are or koi, made from yam. Same recipe, similar in taste. We also make this kind of Chinese kueh using buah sukun (breadfruit), not too different as well…and some use pumpkin – that one is not quite the same but very nice too.

  12. Is that a key lime on the side of that one plate!? I LOVE Keylimes!

    We call that calamansi lime here, dunno if it is the same thing or not. They do give it with some noodle dishes here – a squeeze of the lime would bring the taste to a whole new level, very nice. They use those to make ice cold drinks too, sour like lemon juice but it has its own taste.

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