Up early…

I get up very early in the morning, way before the crack of dawn but people say that’s a sign of old age – early to bed, early to rise. Well, say what you want. I remember the verse in English that goes like this, “Early to bed, early to rise…makes a man healthy and wise!” and some people would add in “wealthy” as well, “healthy, wealthy and wise“. LOL!!!

I do not venture out of the house and go anywhere though unless there are things I would need to buy at the central market (I hate going later as it gets so very crowded and noisy and hot) but on Sundays, I would make it a point to go to the petrol station to fill up the tank, never mind even if it is not really running on empty – blame it on my OCD but I would feel more comfortable going on the long drive to send my girl back to her school in the jungle with a full tank.

Usually I would go before 9.00 a.m. I’ve noticed that the Sunday crowd would not make its appearance that early and last Sunday, I decided to drop by here

Friends Kopitian

…to buy the fried or koi and chiew chu koi (tapioca cake)…

Or koi and chiew chu koi
*Archive photo*

…and tapao their mee mamak (RM4.00)…

Friends Kopitian mee mamak
*Archive photo*

…and fried pek koi, dry (RM4.50)…

Friends Kopitian fried pek koi, dry
*Archive photo*

…home for the ladies in the house for breakfast and I did say the other day in this post that I would like to go back there and give the kampua noodles a try.

Oopssss!!! I was so eager to dig in that I forgot to take a photograph before I did that so I had to put everything back together again and this was the best I could do…

Friends Kopitian kampua mee

…and I would say the actual presentation looked a bit better with the sprinkling of fried shallots and spring onion on top. It was all right, pretty much the same as many elsewhere…

Friends Kopitian 2

…though to me, it was not quite as nice as some of the notably better ones that we have in town.

Personally, I would much sooner go for the piansip

Friends Kopitian piansip, dry 1

…which I enjoyed very much more.

This is the dry version…

Friends Kopitian painsip, dry 2

…and yes, it was very nicely done – not oily, not wet and I did enjoy it very much, what with all that meat…

Friends Kopitian piansip dry 3

…in it and its very thin translucent skin. Having said that, I think I liked the soup version that I had previously a lot more.

Well, I came, I saw…and I tried. I probably would drop by again one afternoon one of these days to try their deep fried stuffed kompia next. Hang around, I’ll be back!